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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 Press Conference

Skechers Sundown Festival, an iconic music festival is back again to bring Asian artistes and fans onto one singular platform, celebrating and bridging the diverse Asian culture through music and food. This year, the festival will be featuring artistes from 11 countries.

Apart from getting to enjoy music from the various countries, fans also get to relish popular street food from the different Asian countries at the food stalls set-up on the festival grounds.

Hpility SG attended the Skechers Sundown Festival Media Conference with majority of the line up artistes making their appearance at the conference.  The artistes are asked to autographed on the Skechers Sundown Festival T-Shirts and these will be available for sale.

Shigga Shay from Singapore
Cross Gene from Korea
Weaver from Japan
Weaver shared that their purpose of studying in London, is not just to pick up English, but also to learn about the music and culture in the Great Britain.
Regina Lin from China
A popular DJ based in Guangzhou, Regina Lin is well versed in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.  She also do hostings for shows as well.

S.O.S. from Indonesia
Kanika Kapoor from India

It is hard to believe that this elegant lady (Kanika Kapoor) is a mother of three!

Pupil from Philippines

Kate Tsui from Hong Kong
For a moment, the temperature in the conference room raise too high the moment Kate Tsui stepped in.
Olivia Ong from Singapore
Chang Chen Yue from Taiwan 
With rumour that "I Am Ayal Komod" may be the last album of Chang Chen Yue, he shared that he may be looking to become an independent artistes, sharing his music on the internet instead. 

The Programme Line-Up for the Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 as below:

Other performing artistes include:
Singapore  - Jeremy Teng 丁文淞
Malaysia - Shila Amazh
Thailand - BIG ASS
Taiwan - James Yang

Wanna catch them live?  Head down to the Skechers Sundown Festival @ Marina Promenade!

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014
CAT 1 : $138 | CAT 2 : $118
Date : 22.NOV.2014
Venue : Marina Promenade, F1 Pit Area
   (Next to Singapore Flyer)
Time : 4:00PM - 11:00PM

Tickets available here.

BRAND'S Chicken Essence Gift of Health

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jabra Evolve Headsets Series Launch

For those who depend on mobile communication for leisure, business or social, should be no stranger to the Jabra, a world leader and award winner in innovative audio products.

On 18 November 2014, a new product series, Jabra Evolve was launched in Singapore. These professional headsets are aim at the needs of knowledge workers where 69 percentage state that disturbances in the open office have a negative impact on their performance. With Jabra Evolve, it provides a personal “concentration zone” and thereby increases workplace productivity through personal device connectivity and a music-grade audio experience.

There are 5 models in the series namely, 20, 30, 40, 65 and 80 whereby model 80 is the flagship product of the Jabra Evolve series.

Key Benefits:

  • Made for voice and music
  • Passive noise cancellation ( Protect you from high frequency noise )
  • Easy call management
  • Busy light ( In an open office environment, the red light on the headset let people know that you are busy on the phone )
  • Discrete boom arm
  • Works with all mobile devices
  • Active noise cancellation ( Protect you against low frequency noise )
  • Listen-in ( Allow you to clearly hear your surroundings while wearing the headset )
  • 30 metre / 100 feet wireless freedom
  • Tap-to-connect (NFC)

The Speakers at the Launch

Mark R Leigh, President, Jabra Asia Pacific 
Mark Leigh joined GN Netcom in August 2010 as President of Asia Pacific (APAC). Based in Singapore, his key responsibilities include strategizing and driving the expansion and growth of Jabra, GN Netcom’s flagship brand, in the APAC region.

Saurabh Singhal, Head of Marketing & Alliances, Jabra APAC
Saurabh joined Jabra in June 2014 as the Regional Marketing Director for Asia Pacific. He has over 14 years of experience spanning across various functions, sales, business development, product management and field marketing leadship positions.

Wayne Lee, Head of Product Management, Jabra APAC
Wayne joined Jabra in Oct 2007 based in Melbourne, Australia. He has held various positions within the company and now resides in Singapore as the Head of Product Management – APAC.

About Jabra
Jabra is the brand of GN Netcom, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S (GN) – listed on NASDAQ OMX. Jabra employs approximately 850 people worldwide and in2011 produced an annual revenue which amounted to DKK 2,106 million. She is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of hands-free communication solutions.

Editor: Derrick See

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fly with Scoot to Bangkok (BKK)

Let’s scoot to the land of smiles! Woohoo! Last month in mid-October, Together with my two good friends, we travelled to Bangkok for our overseas trip. In the plan of our travel itinerary, we decided to fly with Scoot Airlines to our destination.

Yay! It’s my second time flying with Scoot this year!!! Due to evening flight, I am glad that we were arriving on-time at Singapore Changi Airport and had a smooth check-in at the Scoot airlines counter before entering the departure area.

My scoot air-ticket to BKK! 

Time passed, we onboard the TZ 302 Scoot airplane and prepare to take off to our destination. Well, if you guys have read my previous Scoot Article Review, you will realized I did mention about Scoot plane interior, Scoot seat arraignment, Scoot entertainment and Scoot services. Hence although our flight distance from Singapore to Bangkok was a little short but I still managed to catch a peaceful rest before reaching Bangkok Don Mueang Airport.

To thumb up their professional services, Scoot had always made a friendly safety precaution and instruction to the on-board audiences before scooting off the land. In addition for Scoot customers, you may feel free to bring up the armrest and try to sit in different positions with your partner!

Photo with my 2 travel buddy's William and Kevin! ^^

Looking through airplane window in the mid golden evening hour, our soft and horizontal flight has allowed us to catch the beautiful brilliant sunset. It was the best moment to see natural landscape as the scoot wing turning toward a curve direction.

Enjoyed a safe flight to BKK! Thank You Scoot! ^^

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Food Review: SYNC Korean Tapas Bar in Singapore

Nestled in Maju Avenue in Serangoon Garden estate, SYNC Korean Tapas Bar offers a cosy environment where groups can have a relaxed time chatting, and imbibe the Korean culture. The bar opened from 3pm till 12am daily. Plans to provide lunch and weekend brunch menu will follow.

The owners of SYNC, Brian and Lisa wanted to bring the Korean Tapas to everyone, making it affordable, without imposing a service charge. Their first outlet, a Korean bistro at Westgate, currently sits on the apex of Burpple’s hot 100 in October list.

The Korean-inspired tapas menu is the brainchild of both Consultant Chef Edwin Lau, 32 and Head Chef Calista Ong, 26. Both have extensive chef experience especially Edwin Lau. Calista Ong graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

Here are dishes that I have tried. 

Toppoki  : S$9.90
Traditional rice cakes covered with sweet and spicy sauce. In addition, sausages added with melted cheese. Very soft and sauce is awesome. This is a mouth-watering dish.

Sogogi Jowl : S$10.90
Char-grilled beef jowl in hoba & garlic confit. The beef is tender and tasty. In addition, the garlic completes the full taste. How do you eat this? Simply pull out the stick and wrap the beef / garlic with sesame leaf and put it whole into your mouth. Highly recommended.

Ssam : $40.90
This dish is very similar to the Chinese cruise, belly pork with bun. But instead of belly pork, pork ribs replace it. The bone can be easily removed. Wrap the meat together with bun and vegetable. Simply Delicious.

Dak-Kang Jung : S$9.90
Deep-fried sweet and spicy chicken bites, ricotta chili tempura. I find this dish slightly salty. Very similar in texture to the Chinese cruise, sweet and sour pork. It may appeal to others but this dish is not one of my favourites.

Crackling : S$9.90
Crackling of umani cod chips. This is definitely my favourite dish among all the dishes tasted. Unlike the usual crackers, it is soft and tasty. You will not be disappointed with this dish. Remember to order this dish when you are at the bar. Another highly recommended.

Dak Gar-Bi : $39.90 (2-3 Shares)
Spicy chicken paella with onions, mushroom, cabbage, sausage, kimchi. Quite a large portion. It has many ingredients. You need to mix it well. There seems to be many flavours such as the sour taste from the lemon, spicy taste come from the chicken and kimchi. According to waitress, this is popular main dish.

Misugaru : S$8.90
Misugaru lavacake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries & lime compote. A popular dessert. When you cut the cake, “lava” started to flow out. The concept is unique and refreshing. The cake combine with the “lava” sauce, produces a moist warm cake. Not forgetting the vanilla ice cream to cool you down from the “hot lava”.

Hotteok : S$8.90
Pan-fried chewy sweet Korean pancake with banana foster. Deliciously done pancake which was torched by the chef. You can smell the aroma when dish was served. Same goes for the banana.

Soju Mojito : S$9.90
A minty lime drink. Very refreshing. Some may not like the minty taste. As the ice melts, it tastes much better.

Soju Peach Shot : S$7.90
This is my favourite drink. Drink it together with a piece of peach does make a difference to your taste bud. Very satisfying… more please.

Bar Details
SYNC Korean Tapas Bar
12 Maju Ave, Serangoon Garden Estate
Opening hours : 3pm to 11pm (Sun to Thurs), 3pm to 12am (Fri, Sat, PH and eve of PH)
Phone Number :6282 9612
Facebook : facebook.com/syncbistro

Daily 3pm to 6pm ( starting from 3 Nov to end Dec )

  • Free coffee/tea with any order of dessert
  • S$5.90 beer
  • $9.90 beer + Tapas of the day

3pm onwards, only on Weekends (Starting 8th Nov)
Family Set Meal at $63.90 with 4 Tapas and
1 Paella / Budae Jigae (U.P. $72.80)

My Opinion
It is only when you try it yourself, you will know the taste of good food. In my opinion, this is modern Korean foods with a twist. Food design and probably fusion of various Korean, European cuisine and even some influences of Chinese cuisine make this bar a must try restaurant in Singapore. The decoration and environment were well coordinated with its food theme.

Editor & Photo Credits: Derrick See

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eddie Peng (彭于晏) at Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2014

Taiwanese Canadian prominent actor’s Eddie Peng (彭于晏) in Singapore as Longines ambassador today. To kick off the gorgeous Sunday, Eddie Peng made his appearance at the Longines Singapore Gold Cup as an ambassador at Singapore Turf Club to present the latest Longines watches. Together with the invited guests, Eddie Peng had witnesses the Longines horse racing at Singapore Turf Club Racecourse.

Wongamania The First Modern Financial Card Game

Are you sick of playing Monopoly card game or any strategic mind game? Well, introducing you guys ‘WONGAMANIA’ the first modern economic card game in the world. Since a month back, I have been playing this Wongamania card game with my group of friends and I find it very useful when applying the game strategic into the real life situation.

So what does Wongamania means?
Wonga is a British slang for money and the origin of the word can be traced to ancient Roman period. Mania stands for an abnormally elevated arousal energy level. So if you put them together, it stands for "Money Mania" or "Excited Money". In any case, Wongamania sounds much cooler than Moneymania anyway.

I was born with no financial background but investment is one of the interesting activities I wanted to try out in life. Despite of having a reality action, why not try out the basic skill in virtual situation by using Wongamania card game?

The objective of Wongamania is that it created as a financial education game that helps adults to understand more about economics and how various economics events will affect them and their investments. The game is designed in such a way, that participants without any financial background can play and enjoy the game.

After leading off by the creator of Wongamania, I could say that this card game were user-friendly and straightforward to the players. Wongamania card game is design for 2 to 6 person per game, there are total of 13 Professional Cards, 27 Incident Cards, 26 Global Cards, 54 Asset Cards, 13 Trust Fund, 4 Market Cycle, 6 Bank Instructions , 1 Economic Token.

Everyone started off with a BANKER CARD on Set! 

With the rule and procedure set in this game, everyone will be starting off with a BANKER CARD on set, follow by having ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Trust Fund’ Cards. The winning rule of this game is very simple as ‘8 WONGA’ is equivalent to ‘1 Trust Fund’ card and first player to obtain 3 Trust Fund Cards wins the game!

This card game will help build up your thinking skill!

Wongamania card game make you focus on your decision making.

What is the Education Value of Wongamania?
"One of the main feature of Wongamania is the economic cycle. The economic cycle is divided into 4 phrases: Recovery, Growth, Stagnant and Recession. In the game, the players' fortunes are heavily influence by where the economy is heading towards. Likewise, in the real world, the rise and fall of the global economy will affect the investments and incomes of individuals. Through Wongamania, we hope to educate the public on how to recognize the phrases of an economic cycle, and what are the financially sounds decisions to make at any point of time."

Wongamania card game relates to reality situation.

My friends and I had a few round of Wongamania card game during our leisure gathering. Throughout the game journey, it has improved my financial decision making expertise as well as experiencing the virtual direction of 'property' and 'stock' investment. Hence, playing Wongamania card game will make you realise that "Fate lies in your own hands" and the only way to outcast your opponents is to think SMART and be DARING!

Seem like caught cheating? xD

Getting trust fund card to win the game!

Either you kill your enemy or your enemy kill you.

But sometimes helping your friends is helping yourself too.

I love Wongamania because it is an interesting and addictive financial card game in the world! Despite of winning or losing the game, every round of game was an experience to me in gaining a certain level of my financial skills. PS: I WON a few round of Wongamania Game within this ONE MONTH!!! ^^

To know more about Wongamania, do visit this website: 

Photos Credit: The Influencer Network