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Indulge Christmas Desserts at MEDZS Restaurant

MEDZS Rainbow Log cake is part of MEDZS’s Christmas menu and is now selling at the price of S$46.90 and is available at any of the three MEDZS restaurant outlets.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Eyes Diary Movie Review

The Eyes Diary Movie Review:
To fear out your soul with panic visual, The Eyes Diary is one of the worth watching romance-horror movie released today. The Eyes Diary directed by director’s Chookiat Sakverakul, telling a story of Nott (Punjan) losing her beloved girlfriend’s Pla and with the abomination curse happened between them during the accident, he was unable to see his girlfriend again. However, Nott never give up in finding his way to see his girlfriend again...

The Eyes Diary movie has a good storyline and smooth cinematography. The climax of this movie is unpredictable and it contains of fear and good humored mix feeling which give audiences a balance sentiment. Hence, I rate The Eyes Diary movie: 3.5/5 star. The Eyes Diary movie will be releasing in Singapore in Cathay Cineplexes movie theater from 27th November 2014.

The Eyes Diary Movie Synopsis:
Three months ago, a couple, Nott(Porama “Panjan” Imanothai) and Pla (Focus Jeerakul) gets into a fatal motorcycle accident where Pla died. Feeling guilty and despair over his girlfriend death, Nott tries to find ways to meet his Pla again, even if it means seeing her as a ghost.

The young man sets out to find a way that will enable him to open his eyes to the realm of the dead. He finally joins a body-collecting unit – a volunteer work that deals with picking up the corpses. Nott secretly collects personal objects of dead people who die of violent deaths, in the hope that they would help him to make contact with the spirits – and thus he would be able to see Pla again. Meanwhile, his friends who share the house with him encounter creepy incidents that prompt them to move out. Only MODTA (Chonnikarn Netjui), a female friend, understands Nott’s suffering and tries to help him.

Nott’s close friend, JOHN (Kittisak Patomburana), who works at the body-collecting unit with him warns Nott to stop trying and quit all the dark activities because they’re too dangerous. Nott doesn’t listen to him, and instead he intensifies his efforts to contact the world of the spirits. All he wants is to confront the most vicious ghosts since he believes it’s the only way he’ll be able to talk to Pla again.

Love and guilt drive Nott to take the most dangerous step. What he doesn’t know is that Pla has been watching him from the “other side”. The fate of the two young lovers are forever entwined in life and in death.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Soft Touch with Samsung GALAXY Tab S

Sponsored Post

Welcome back my readers! Have you read my previous article about the Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE Review? Today! I am going to share with you guys few more features which can be found in this powerful gadget. Yay!

One of the reasons we get a gadget is to enhance our daily usage by upgrading with technology because we want our living lifestyle to be convenient and comfortable. Hence my favourite inbuilt features in Samsung GALAXY Tab S was the “Adaptive Display” as it helps to optimize and give me the best viewing experience of photos and videos.

In the mood of viewing E-Book, Video and Photo, ‘Adaptive Display’ will automatic adjust the colour gamut, sharpness and contrast according to your usage. Therefore, you are also able to choose screen mode between the AMOLED Photo and AMOLED Cinema as well as the Basic Mode.  #SuperAMOLEDtablet

Next, the SideSync 3.0 feature is one of the cool functions which enable you to view your phone screen on the tablet to transfer files and data, copy and paste text or even receive calls*/messages easily. *Do note that Call Forwarding feature only supports GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 with LTE. More devices to follow!

To add on exclusive goodies for Samsung users, Samsung GALAXY Tab S come with apps called ‘GALAXY Gifts’ and ‘GALAXY Life’. They are premium content, rewards and services from Samsung to their customers. With these apps, you are able to enjoy local and international content such as Toggle, SPH Magazine, GigOut! PLUS and etc… #seeittobelieveit

My favourite premium app found in the GALAXY Gifts was the “Hancom Office.” Reason because I am a workaholic who requires me to do article write up and presentation. With the “Hancom Office”, it has made my life much easier in my write up and creating slides for presentation. Likewise, this app is definitely recommended for students!

My verdict for Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE
From the size to the weight, from its inbuilt features to its exterior functions… After using Samsung GALAXY Tab S for about a month, I would say that this quality gadget had enhanced my living environment and brighten up my lifestyle by bringing me into a handiness technology. #GALAXYTabS

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Indulge Christmas Desserts at MEDZS Restaurant

Indulge your sweet tooth desserts craving with MEDZS Restaurant in this year Christmas season. MEDZS restaurant unveiled their signature rainbow log cake features seven layers of flavored cream. These seven layers of flavored cream are made up of cream cheese, orange cream, caramel, blueberry, peppermint, chocolate chips and almond to represent seven wonderful colour and taste of the Log Cake.

My first impression of the MEDZS’s Rainbow Log Cake is that it looks stunning and tastes as delicious as like chewing a soft cotton candy. And with the seven layers of flavored cream created, it definitely boosts up the cake sweeteners. For sweet tooth lover, you will love it!

MEDZS Rainbow Log cake is part of MEDZS’s Christmas menu and is now selling at the price of S$46.90 and is available at any of the three MEDZS restaurant outlets. If you want to place an order, a delivery charge of $30 will apply per order. Alternative, you may collect the Rainbow Log Cake at your preferred outlet. Happy Holidays ~!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Casio Exilim Unveiled EX-TR50 Selfie Camera

Casio Singapore unveiled the new Exilim EX-TR50 series, the next generation addition to its revolutionary TR range of compact digital cameras. Casio EX-TR50 is designed with the TR range’s signature 360° rotating frame and 270° rotating display for users to take perfectly framed ‘selfies’ even without a ‘selfie’ stick. Likewise, with the inbuilt enhanced Make Up function, users now can choose from 6 different variations to whiten or darken their skin tone.

The Casio EX-TR50 is available in three colours (Champagne Gold, Rose Red and Sapphire Blue) at all authorized Casio camera retailers at retail price of S$1,299.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn Hotel Review

Taking a short break travelling to the nearby country in this windy summer, my friends and I touched down the land of smile - Thailand, Bangkok. It was my virgin trip to Bangkok and I am excited to explore the attraction places in Bangkok (BKK). Hence, together with my two good friends, we decided to stay in Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn for our 5D4N BKK trip.

We check-in our room for the very first time at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn and I pretty love their exquisite and elegant hotel lobby. The sense of feeling given me was comfortable and refreshing. Likewise, the direction of Holiday Inn Express in Bangkok Sathorn was convenience and its only 3 minute walk from the Chong Nonsi BTS station.

The interior path of Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn 

Walking along the path of Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn, you will realize the wall were decorated in a series of art paining designed by their local artist. Each of those art painting hanging on the wall representing the edge and life of Bangkok. I took a visual imagination while admiring at the art masterpiece, concurrently it makes me realise the happiness of Bangkok living.

The interior room at Holiday Inn Express in Bangkok Sathorn was wide and cozy. It comes with comfortable queen size bed, flat-screen cable TV, password locker, electric kettle and fridge, shower facilities and free toiletries. Likewise, it also comes with free Wi-Fi access in all areas and provides facilities for disabled guests.

Comfortable Queen-size Bed

well-preparation of their facilities and is user-friendly

Holiday Inn Express in Bangkok Sathorn upholds a conference room for you and your clients to have a delighted business meeting at your convenience time.

Visit their 24 hours fitness room

Indulge with your local taste bud, restaurant at Holiday Inn Express in Bangkok Sathorn serve a la carte cruise from Thai to International flavour.

Our Complimentary Breakfast! ^^

Street view outside Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn Hotel 

My Verdict:
Holiday Inn Express in Bangkok Sathorn is clean, convenient and affordable hotel for vacation and business trip. Their staffs at the reception desk were very friendly and provide excellent in services. I love the hotel elegant interior as well as the facilities. Hence, it also offers easy access to the city. It is definitely one of the recommend hotels to stay in Bangkok. Awesome!

It's time to explore Bangkok! Stay tune for my upcoming BKK Post! 

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn Hotel Address:
51 Soi Pipat, Silom, Bankgrak, 
Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Book online or call:1800 787 1221 


Kpop Cross Gene at Skechers Sundown Festival Singapore

Kpop Cross Gene makes their first debut live performance at Skechers Sundown Festival Singapore. The Korean Boy Band landed on the spectacular stage and performed a series of stylish, catchy and craziness song to showcase their best moment toward their audiences. To highlight that, Cross Gene flash out their beautiful high-pitch vocal and stunning dance choreography, thus it was an amazing concert present by Cross Gene from Korea. Awesome!

Photos Credit: Jeremy

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 Press Conference

Skechers Sundown Festival, an iconic music festival is back again to bring Asian artistes and fans onto one singular platform, celebrating and bridging the diverse Asian culture through music and food. This year, the festival will be featuring artistes from 11 countries.

Apart from getting to enjoy music from the various countries, fans also get to relish popular street food from the different Asian countries at the food stalls set-up on the festival grounds.

Hpility SG attended the Skechers Sundown Festival Media Conference with majority of the line up artistes making their appearance at the conference.  The artistes are asked to autographed on the Skechers Sundown Festival T-Shirts and these will be available for sale.

Shigga Shay from Singapore
Cross Gene from Korea
Weaver from Japan
Weaver shared that their purpose of studying in London, is not just to pick up English, but also to learn about the music and culture in the Great Britain.
Regina Lin from China
A popular DJ based in Guangzhou, Regina Lin is well versed in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.  She also do hostings for shows as well.

S.O.S. from Indonesia
Kanika Kapoor from India
It is hard to believe that this elegant lady (Kanika Kapoor) is a mother of three!

Big Ass from Thailand

Pupil from Philippines

Kate Tsui from Hong Kong
For a moment, the temperature in the conference room raise too high the moment Kate Tsui stepped in.
Olivia Ong from Singapore
Chang Chen Yue from Taiwan 
With rumour that "I Am Ayal Komod" may be the last album of Chang Chen Yue, he shared that he may be looking to become an independent artistes, sharing his music on the internet instead. 

The Programme Line-Up for the Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 as below:

Other performing artistes include:
Singapore  - Jeremy Teng 丁文淞
Malaysia - Shila Amazh
Thailand - BIG ASS
Taiwan - James Yang

Wanna catch them live?  Head down to the Skechers Sundown Festival @ Marina Promenade!

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014
CAT 1 : $138 | CAT 2 : $118
Date : 22.NOV.2014
Venue : Marina Promenade, F1 Pit Area
   (Next to Singapore Flyer)
Time : 4:00PM - 11:00PM

Tickets available here.