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Friday, July 25, 2014

Domino's Pizza is now Hiring!

Hello all people who finding a job! Domino’s Pizza is now hiring!!! Are you guys interested to be part of the career? Domino’s pizza is offering fun and attractive career opportunities for people who are interested to embark on an amazing and rewarding pizza career. The position offer includes ‘Delivery Experts’, ‘Pizza Chefs’ and Management.

Every time when you step into Domino's Pizza, have you ever wondered one day to step into their kitchen to see how the pizzas were made?

In addition, Domino’s Pizza promises to give their employee the best benefits which include the 13th month salary bonus, medical benefits and employee insurance, thus also flexibility in arranging working hours and attendance.

To further motivate Domino’s staff, the company has also launched an incentive program called the ‘Rolex Challenge’. The rewards include a specially customized Domino’s stainless Rolex Watch which will be given to store manager who are able to complete 4 weeks of sales above the fixed appropriate targets as well as achieving outstanding performance through report.

Bloggers taking pizzas photo! 

As a pizza chef, you need to prepare and deliver the pizza order within 30 minutes to your customers. 

Visit their website to see more information now!

                                        Great Career Opportunities Await with Domino's Pizza! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Song Seung Heon in Singapore for Obsessed Movie Gala Premiere

Obsessed movie gala premiere will be held at Vivocity golden village this coming Friday. Korean Heartthrob actor’s Song Seung-heon will be coming to Singapore for his movie promotional tour this Friday at City Square Mall and Vivocity Golden Village.

Superstar actor’s Song Seung Heon will have his Meet & Greet session held at City Square Mall, Level B1 at Fountain Square at 7.30pm and followed by making his special appearance at vivocity golden village at 9pm.

Fans of Song Seung Heon may take this opportunity to visit City Square Mall and Vivocity Golden Village to catch him in person. Hence, you can also be the first few to catch the Obsessed movie together with Song Seung Heon.

All you have to do is to 
purchase the Obsessed Gala Premiere Tickets 
at this link: http://goo.gl/hWPP4Z
Tickets for GV members will cost at S$40 and S$50 for the public.

The movie opens in Singapore on 31st July and is distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

Obsessed Movie Synopsis:
A war hero falls into a forbidden but irresistible love affair risking everything that he has accomplished so far which can only end in tragedy.

From his commander father-in-law to a beautiful wife, decorated war hero Colonel Kim Jin-pyong is the subject of envy and jealousy, and about to be promoted to general. But in truth, his affection for his ambitious wife had subsided a long ago, and he suffers from post-traumatic disorder after Vietnam War.

One day, Captain Kyung Woo-jin is transferred to Jin-pyongs army and moves in next door with his wife Ga-heun who is unlike all the other officers wives. Jin-pyong falls in love with her at first sight, confused with a feeling he never felt before. And when Jin-pyong saves Ga-heun from a life-threatening incident, she also opens up to him. And while her career driven husband has always been more like a brother to her since she was adopted by his family and raised together after she lost her own, Jin-pyong is the first man that she ever let in her heart. The two meet in complete secrecy and indulge themselves in their desire, but the secret is eventually revealed which can only bring tragedy to everyone involved.

VietJet Introduce In-Flight Duty Free Shopping

VietJet has launched a duty free service on its international routes from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Singapore and Bangkok (Thailand), offering all passengers premium duty free shopping options on board international flights.

To celebrate the launch of this new service, the new age carrier is offering a 30% discount on all in-flight purchases from Tuesday, 22 July to 22 August 2014, Friday. Passengers who purchase items from VietJet's in-flight duty free shop will also have the opportunity to win wonderful VietJet gifts.

Passengers will be able to browse VietJet's duty free catalogue and view hundreds of items and luxury goods including, cosmetics, perfume, wine, spirits and jewelry. Customers can purchase items by cash in US, Singapore, and Taiwan dollars, Vietnam dong, Thai baht, and Malaysian ringgit.

For more information, do visit: www.vietjetair.com.

Monday, July 21, 2014

NDP 2014: Happy 49th Birthday to Singapore

Hello everyone! Singapore National Day is around the corner, have you guys gotten your national day parade 2014 tickets? ^^ Couple of weeks back, together with a group of lifestyle bloggers, I am lucky to get invited to the see the National Day Parade (NDP) 2014 combine rehearsal at Marina Bay Floating platform and concurrently we also visited their behind-the-scenes preparation for this big event.

Yup! Not to mention that it was my first and last time watching National Day Parade at Floating Platform @ Marina Bay. As the new stadium had constructed, the following upcoming NDP will be held at there. With this golden opportunity given, I managed to catch behind-the-scenes of NDP 2014 rehearsal, from air force to Navy and followed by Army. Three combinations of Air, Land and Sea performance had gave audiences a spectacular view of this year NDP. Check out the video below here and continue reading my post! ^^

Had a Joyful RHIB ride with the Navy Team!

Yeah! Cool pose at NDP Behind the Scenes!
Thanks for the photo-taking opportunity with the operators!

War Zone ~! xD

Getting ready for command

Without further a do, let's proceed on to the actual NDP 2014 Combine Rehersal 3!

As time passed under the hot sun and we were directed to collect our NDP goodies bag and followed by entering the floating platform. It was super crowded because the combine rehearsal 3 (CR3) was open for invited guest too.

Photo with DK while waiting for the NDP show to start.

Audiences were curious about this year NDP performance too.

Kids stand and sing along with the melody~

This year’s NDP Show celebrates the can-do spirit and caring attitude of Singaporeans through vibrant multimedia and lively mass displays in four acts – Celebrate it!, Love It!, Live It!, and Be It! – that are creatively juxtaposed with stories of five everyday Singaporeans told in a short film. 

Resonating with Singaporeans will be the warmth of our home and neighbourhood, the concerns and challenges Singaporeans face, and our strength and determination to never give up in pursuing our dreams. This year’s Show also features mixes of familiar songs Singaporeans have grown up with and popular hits that will engage both spectators at the Float and home-viewers in sing-a-long sessions.

I am so excited! Finally the NDP show started!!

Salute with honor!

Soldier marching with respect!

Red Lion landing from the sky ~

Every national day, you will see this scene! ^^

Singapore Navy team in Action! Fire!

Get ready your lightstick to wave along with the crowd tune ~!

My mood got spark up as the theme changes from one to other, four different types of NDP ACT from the pre parade where by formal military marching into the floating platform to talent performers on stage till fireworks performances, each of this segment had gave audiences a wild spectacular view.

Likewise, I am amazed by the stage performances which remind me of my childhood times. The whole performance was very meaningful, memorable and interactive. As a farewell to NDP at Marina Bay Floating Platform, this year fireworks were complimentary with our Singapore landscape building.

This is awesomeness!!!

I had an enjoyable evening at the NDP 2014 preview. 

Photographs Credit to Derrick See
Collaboration with Note Passion Photography

Friday, July 18, 2014

24 Hours Spa in Singapore: Le Spa Review

It’s time to pamper myself on my BIG DAY! First of all, I would like to say a BIG Thank You to The Influencer Network (TIN) and Le Spa for the sensation birthday sponsored for the full body massage treatment. Le Spa is one of the top 24 hours Spa in Singapore located at 14 Gemmill Lane!

This was my first time visiting Le Spa and I felt amazed by its dynasty Chinese-style decoration at the reception area. Thus, as I stepped into the narrow path leading the way to my massage room, my feeling started to transit and blend into their smooth and peace ambience.

The shower room...

Yes! I totally love the ambience at Le Spa! The place itself provides an individual room and couple room with soothing environment. They combine traditional oriental therapies and modern technologies with a new perspective. Hence, it is cozy and quiet and definitely gives you a perfect massage experience. Likewise, the place is recommended for all range of age-group people regardless male or female.

I’m lucky that I got myself a couple room (huge space) for my 1.5hrs body massage session. The massage therapist was well trained and experienced. After my 1.5hrs massage session, my body felt super relaxing and also I am glad that the masseuse had pointed out the part of my body aching problem. Awesome!!! They are really professional! ^^

Now it’s time for you to visit and experience a sensation body and foot massage with LE SPA! It operates 24 hours in a week which means that you may even do your massage at the middle of the night. Yes, the LE SPA massage place is 100% clean and safe! NO NEED TO WORRY!!!

Smile for a greater day ahead! 

For more information about Le Spa massage services and prices, 
Do Visit: 

Facebook Page: 

LE SPA Location Address:
14 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069253

Contact 6222 6803 to book your appointment!

About Le Spa:
A soothing and enchanting oriental arena for relaxation therapy, spa, massage and rejuvenation of your body and senses for you and your loved ones.

Monday, July 14, 2014

My 24th Birthday Celebration at Yum Cha Restaurant

Happy 24th Birthday to Me!!! I had a fabulous birthday celebration last Friday evening at Yum Cha Restaurant at Serangoon Garden Country Club. First of all, I would like to thanks William Tan from TIN for taking up his time for organizing this Birthday celebration for me. I really appreciated for all his hard work in planning out the schedule and also a big thank you to Yum Cha for the special made unique birthday buns and 8 delicious course dinner sponsored for my invited guests.

We were waiting for our foods to be serve! ^^

While waiting for the rest to arrival, I was looking through the menu of the night and realized the dishes were self-customized according to my favourite. Thanks to William idea and Yum Cha for the well-preparation dishes.

Woohoo first dish served on the table!!! And the next second guess what!? Everyone just automatic took out their phone and camera to take the photo of the dish! LOL life of blogger ~

Our first dish was Steamed Birthday Bun! I really appreciate and touch by their effort for this specially made Birthday Bun by Chef from Yum Cha Restaurant. Cute little pink bun was well display with meaningful wishes beside. The birthday bun was filled with soft texture for easy bite and savoury flavourful sauce in it. Delighted soft bite for the start-up dish!

蟠 桃 賀 壽 (Steamed Birthday Bun)

Next, Deep-Fried Scallops in Golden Sauce Served on Lettuce! Some of my friends love this dish because of the golden salted egg sauce topped on the Deep-Fried Scallops. A crispy bite of the scallops will lead you to the next sensation moment. I love it too!

流 沙 翠 盞 玉 帶 (Deep-Fried Scallops in Golden Sauce Served on Lettuce)

Pomfret Tapino was one of my favourite dishes at the celebration night. It was the signature dish of the night too! From the first look, you will know that the chef must be skilful enough to prepare this dish. Likewise, I believe the chef had spent quite a lot of efforts in slicing the fish into pieces and times to prepare the fish soup.

Hence, the scrumptious fish soup was filled up with tender and chewy fresh sliced fish, it was well-prepared with no fishy smell, and in fact it gave me a nature sweet heavenly taste. Awesome!

招 牌 鯧 魚 爐 (Signature Pomfret Tapino)

Yes! I am a PRAWNS LOVER!!!  I am glad that there was this Stir Fried Prawns and Mushroom in Chilli Sauce dish which brighten up my wonderful day. The golden prawns were well-seasoned covered with spicy chilli sauce taste delectable. One of the must try food at Yum Cha Restaurant!

老 干 媽 碧 綠 炒 蝦 球 (Stir Fried Prawns and Mushroom in Chilli Sauce)

Pan Fried Pork Ribs with Pomelo Sauce

Poached Seasonal Vegetable with Mushroom and Tomato - Using the side of slice tomato, the chef had come out a creative idea of making this dish into a lotus look. Look clean and appetizing!

瑤 池 仙 景 (Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Mushroom and Tomato)

After having so many delightful dishes, here come the last dish of the day; Fried Mee Sua with Assorted Seafood! The Mee Sua was cut into small pieces, not too oily and taste yummy. It’s one of the recommended dishes I could say especially during the celebration day! ^^

海 鮮 桂 花 炒 面 線 (Fried Mee Sua with Assorted Seafood)

A surprise Birthday Cake bought by CK Chai and Tselyn! Really a big thank you!!! 

Lastly, I would like to thank my guests who took their precious time travelling all the way down to Yum Cha Restaurant at Serangoon Garden Country Club for my birthday celebration. Although, it was a rainy night but I believed that everyone had enjoyed the quality time moment, having fun at the round table and enjoyed delicious meal prepared by Yum Cha. And also a BIG THANK YOU for all the Birthday wishes on my social site; Instagram, SMS, Whatsapp and FB!!! THANK YOU (Y)

Yum Cha Restaurant Serangoon Outlet Address:
22 Kensington Park Road (Serangoon Garden Country Club)
Singapore 557271

Tel : 6343 1717
Email : garden@yumcha.com.sg

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 9am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Closed from 3pm-6pm daily

Website: http://www.yumcha.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yumchasg