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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Popular Artistes at a-nation Singapore Concert

Japan's largest music festival has made its debut in Singapore right last Saturday! Bringing the best of Japan's music and festival, a-nation has just completed its tour in Taiwan in September and now right here in Singapore at the MasterCard Theaters, Marina Bay Sands. 

Traditionally, a-nation concert is held at various cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Hokkaido and many others. It is great that Singapore is chosen as the first place to come in South East Asia. The Singapore stop of a-nation features artists from not just Japan, but Taiwan and Singapore too!

I was quite excited as the performers line-up include Ayumi Hamasaki ! She is the legend of JPop! So we went into the MasterCard Theaters. The seat we got was at the first row of the viewing gallery so we have a clear sight of the performers!

Stella Seah was the first artist to perform. One of the songs she sang and I like is her rendition of the 新瑶 (xin yao) 我们这一班 (wo men zhe yi ban). Her voice is pretty good!

Next up, Wagakkiband took the stage! Featuring traditional Japanese instruments, the band uses them in their performance and rock the stage! The band members wore costumes that feature Japanese motifs which were beautiful! A mixture of music and fashion indeed!

Aaron Yan from Taiwan also brought new songs like 一刀不剪, 多余的我 from his latest albums Drama and Cut to serenade his fans! I could hear fans shouting his name when he was performing. 

Sonar Pocket, a trio from Japan also performed four of their songs! They brought up the mood in the hall with their ソナポケ Disco (Sona Poke Disco), a fun dance song.

The fashion show featured Japanese models Alissa Yagi, Lena Fuji, Michi Omori, Nicole Ishida, TACHIBANA ERI, Yui Sakuma, and Yuuka Suzuki on showcase. Kawaii ne!

For those who know EXILE TRIBE should know GENERATIONS. With an average age of 20, they brought youthfulness to the stage with their carefully choreographed dance moves and beautiful voice. Some of the songs they performed include english versions of HOT SHOT, Love You More among others.

m-flo came as the second last performers for the night. With their music such as gET oN!, ALIVE, they got the audience all warmed up for the last performer of the night.

That is right! Ayumi Hamasaki! Even before she took the stage, her fans were chanting ayu~ ayu~. We waited a while for the stage to be setuped but that is all worth it! When she came out, all the fans screamed! She began the stage with STEP you, and brought some of her best songs such as XOXO, A Song for XX, Memorial address, Love Song,  Lelio, You & Me, SUR ~ evo ~ SUR. and ended with how beautiful you are. She had an encore of Boy & Girls. A total of 10 songs! I guess the fans here are thrilled with her performing so many songs at a-nation!

The concert ended after her stage. It was a present evening with a mix of Japanese music and fashion, not forgetting Taiwan and Singapore music too! It was a lovely concert that I hope it will return again to Singapore!

Photos of artists credit 
RE:MAKE Photography 
(for Sonar Pocket) 
Lenne Chai 
(all other artists)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ricciotti Singapore 10th Anniversary Media Party

I attended Ricciotti 10th Anniversary Media Part with a feast last Thursday! This year, Ricciotti Group went about with a rebranding to match the outlet’s Italian facelift. This means, a revamped to their menu with premium Italian dishes. In MD Ottavio Gori words: “The new Ricciotti will offer experiential dining, bringing together Italy’s lifestyle, art, music and other cultural experiences. We welcome a new cultural dimension for Italian dining.”

This is where the MAGIC happens whereby everyone is waiting for! First we started off with appetizers dishes consists of Carpaccio Di Polpo, Asparagi Alla Griglia, Polenta Herb Fries and Nizzarda Salad.

I love how the appetizer is being presented. First off, the vibrancy on the platter is Instagram-worthy! Did I also mention that it’s insanely flavourful too? Love how the Fresh Tuna Loin and Parma Ham wrapped with grilled asparagus is being prepared. MUST TRY!

Pasta with chilli and Crab Meat – WHATS NOT TO LOVE!? Think Spinach Paste Dipped in Melted Gorgonzola Cheese. Presenting - Spinach Gnocchi. Also on the platter was the Risotto Al Frutti Di Mare- Arborio Rice with an assortment of seafood to compliment together.

PIZZA! I’m head over heels with the line-up already! The Tartufo pizza had black truffles. YES, black truffles – and it taste so good; combined with quail eggs and mushroom. Cod Fillet – I SWEAR by it! You have to order this! MUST! The Grilled Pork Ribs were no less than perfect. I’m a HUGE fan of ribs, and I think – I just found a new favourite joint!

Soffiato – Looks exactly like your average lava cake, but do not be fooled.  The Soffiato is good to the last drip. Moist on the inside and fluffy on the outside! I was WILLING to pay just to get another serving!  Canella Sweet Pizza is Pizza on Sugar Steroids! Raisin and Cinnamon Sugar – THANK GOD FOR SWEET TOOTH!!

Overall, the revamped menu was extraordinary and no less than perfect! Living up to its logo origins – To bring three distinct cutleries which represents our specialties in Italian Cuisine, while the red symbolizes a contemporary, rustic and industrial design look – a concept that is wholly Italian, steeped in warmth, comfort and stylishness. Indeed warmth and comfort is key as it gave a sense of belonging and warmth to ‘travellers’ who wish to experience the Italian cuisine. Wait no longer and be immersed with all things Italian whilst paying homage and appreciation to such fine and delectable culture!

Article Written By: Sam Wee

Sunday, October 19, 2014

In Search of Incredible ASUS

ASUS, an innovation company with a world-class R&D team of 3,800 engineers, is the top three consumer notebook vendor in the world. During the event, she introduces 12 new products which include three key Hero products in Singapore. They are:

Transformer Book T300Chi – slimmest 12.5 inch ultraportable

ROG G751 – feature the latest NVIDA GeForce GTX970/98M dedicated graphics

ZenWatch – first ASUS wearable device. Powered by Android Wear 
and features the ASUS ZenUI user interface.

The remaining new products are Zenbook family - UX303, NX500

Gaming notebooks and desktop - ROG GX500, ROG G771, ROG G551, ROG G20

2 in 1 Transformer Series – T300FA

EeeBook X205

PadFone S ( a two-in-one smartphone and tablet )

My Opinion
ASUS, a multiple awards winning company which excel in innovation for the past 25 years. As one of the industry leader, it leads, improved and meets the needs of our today’s digital home and office which include wireless devices, motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, desktop, notebooks, smartphones etc. I hope to see ASUS make a big leap in innovation in the coming next 25 years.

Article Written By: Derrick See

Friday, October 17, 2014

Korean Haemoo (Sea Fog) Movie Review

Haemoo (海霧) Movie Review:
Haemoo (Sea Fog) is definitely a movie not for the faint-hearted as the storyline progresses, the movie-goers are in for a thriller roller-coaster ride.
The movie do started off pretty jovial and innocent, showcasing the daily lives of the South Korean fishermen out at sea, working hard for their survival & hope of getting big hauls from the sea every time they were out fishing.

Set in the year of the 1998, when the Asian countries were hit badly by the Financial Economic Crisis, earning a decent living was challenging then. In dire state of desperation, Haemoo presented the ugly side of the truth in human nature where selfishness & greed reigns at the expense of the lives of others.

Lost in direction amidst the mysterious Sea Fog, the dark unknown lurks in the background, just like the dark evil persona of a human.

A fresh approach on criminal thriller, expect heart-wrenching scenes as the storyline flows with thought provoking ending that leaves you guessing the different possibilities for the outcome.

HAEMOO Movie Synopsis:
Based on true events, is the story of a group of fishermen who are driven into madness when their attempt to smuggle illegal migrants ends in a horrible tragedy.

Six crew members –led by the captain, is the kind-hearted chief engineer ‘Wan-ho’(Moon Sung-geun) who had an eventful life and lives hidden on the boat. To the naive and youngest crew member ‘Dong-shik’(Park Yoochun) who just started working aboard the ship recently– begin their dream of having their boat with a full load of fish. However on the open sea, they are transporting something, it is not meat but human beings!

To protect the ship and their livelihoods, Captain ‘Cheol-ju’(Kim Yoon-seok) suggests to his crew members the job in helping to smuggle [stowaways]. Numerous of stowaways who risks their lives and comes across the sea, and the six crew members who are on board a fated boat. Amid that, an unknown ‘sea fog’ to which they cannot see what’s in front of themselves comes down and they become swept into an uncontrollable accident…

Article Written By: Crane Han

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oishii Japan 2014 Opening Ceremony in Singapore

Oishii Japan exhibition is back this year with its largest and widest range of Japanese F&B products and technology at Suntec City Singapore. The new J-Sweets collection is one of the highlight at Oishii Japan are bound to delight those with a sweet tooth or simply love comfort food. Next highlight is the new co-locating themed of J-Food Street, allowing visitors to experience and purchase a variety of Japanese food delights.

This exhibition target to showcase Japanese F&B products from 266 exhibitors, Japanese Wine, the healthier choice of Japanese foods, Tips on Cooking Japanese food at home as well as the latest Japan F&B technology. A lined-up programme has scheduled for visitors and traders to enjoy the highlight of activities at the MAFF booth from today to this Saturday, 18 October 2014.

Try out the yummy store at Oishii Japan 2014! 

The pears from north part of Japan is bigger than my hand!

Snow Strawberry Dessert

Fresh Japanese Seafoods

Hello Kitty, popular theme of Japan at Oishii Exhibition.

Photo with the Kimono Girls from Japan

Oishii Japan will be held at Suntec Singapore, Halls 404 - 406, 
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593.

Opening Hours
Trade: 16 and 17 October 2014, 10.00am to 5.30pm daily
Public: 18 October 2014, 11.00am to 5.00pm

Public: $4 per person. Admission is free for children 12 years and below.
Tickets can be purchased @ http://oishiijapan2014.peatix.com

Photos Credit: Derrick See

The Golden Era Movie Review

The Golden Era (黄金时代) Movie Review
For those who have watched The Golden Era trailer, you guys may be thinking that this might not be your type of movie. Initially, I have this feeling too but after watching the movie, I would say that The Golden Era is really a good movie. It is a well-made three hours film by director’s Ann Hui, showing the miserable life in the early century. However this is not something majority will appreciate, especially with its unique back-to-back style of filming.

The Golden Era movie consists of Friendship, Relationship and Family element. I like this film because it teaches me about the philosophy of life and also tells about how the authors translate their life experiences into literature.

Hence, if you’re a person who love poems or who like to discover the life of philosophy, The Golden Era is sure a recommended movie for you to watch. I rate 3.5/5 stars in its good scripting and cinematography. The Golden Era Movie will be releasing on 16 October 2014 in Singapore Cathay Cinema.

The Golden Era Movie Synopsis:
Xiao Hong was born into a land-owning family in Manchuria. Her mother died when Xiao Hong was young and her estrangement from her tyrannical father sparked a long quest for an independent and emotionally satisfying life. She was rescued from destitution by hard-drinking fellow writer Xiao Jun, but their fraught and competitive relationship brought her more heartache than joy. She found a kindly and considerate surrogate father in the great writer Lu Xun.

While evacuated to safer inland areas to escape the Japanese invasion of China – and on the rebound from what turned out to be the definitive break with Xiao Jun – she married another novelist from the North-east, Duanmu Hongliang. They fled together to Hong Kong in 1940. A month after Hong Kong, too, fell to the Japanese on Christmas Day of 1941…

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thai Horror Laddaland at Sentosa Spooktacular 2014

Indulge in Thai horror action at Sentosa Spooktacular this year with the newly featured haunted island – Laddaland, which offers a terrifying yet intriguing experience for visitors at Fort Siloso.

During the media launch, the bloody village was crowded with harmful murders. Countless of visitors were invited to walk in the lonely Laddaland from the entrance to the haunted houses. Hence, the unpredictable fright journey took us about 2 hours to complete.

Want to rent a house? ;)

Want some meat for dinner? ;)

The highlight of the three haunted house this year featured the Thai horror adapting movie concept from “Countdown”, “Alone” and “The Swimmer”. The pathway of each individual haunted house had extended and the interior layout structure was well-organized by the quality and time control to give a standard measured for visitors to experience the thriller moment.

You walk pass here... And you will come back again ~

“The Swimmers” is one of the best yet my favourite haunted houses at Sentosa Spooktacular this year! I made my first astonishing jump in ‘the swimmers’ distance as I walked into the deeper roadway which brings me to a different tone of scare level. Be worry! It’s endless road…!!!

Do spot the Thai Horror “ALONE” twins at the Laddaland village!

To conclude my fear experience, I would say that Sentosa Singapore and GTH had produced a great job on Sentosa Spooktacular Halloween this year. It was an eye-opening when I saw Fort Siloso transformed into a twisted thematic haunted village. Sentosa Spooktacular Halloween this year is definitely worth the price tickets. Awesome!

Tickets can be purchased from the Spooktacular website (www.spooktacular.com.sg), or from Sentosa ticketing counters.