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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Taiwan Travelogue: Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) in Taichung Xinshe

Satisfy your hunger at Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) nestled in Xinshe District. If you direct translate from the word ‘菇神’, it means God of Mushroom! As Taichung Xinshe is famous for its mushroom, therefore this is a MUST place to visit for your lunch, afternoon tea and dinner delights.

Welcome to Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神)

The exterior of the Master of Mushroom Restaurant was surrounded by the magnificent Mountain View and their interiors was a relaxing and home-feel ambiance and give the space given, it allows guests to feel the natural breeze while having a delectable meal.

黑木耳 vs 白木耳

Mushroom Hotpot is their specialty cooking style in Master of Mushroom Restaurant. Hence, the organic mushrooms in the hotpot reveal its true mushroom sweet taste to savor guests’ appetite and it is recommended to pair with fresh meats and vegetables and bowl of rice.

The boss of Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) 

Take a few minutes of your break time to enjoy the most wonderful scenic view right outside the window. It keeps you refreshing and may helps to ease your bloat moment too.

清凉的风景 ~

Before leaving the Master of Mushroom Restaurant, do visit their adjacent store, a one-stop place to for you to shop for souvenirs and varieties of dried packet mushroom, mushroom merchandise, mushroom toys and stickers.

Mushroom Cookies! 

A one-stop mushroom store.

Yup! We spent a great time at Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) in Taichung Xinshe.

Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) Location:
No. 287, Xiezhong St., Xinshe Dist., 
Taichung City 426, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10am - 9pm
Weekends/Holiday: 10am - 10pm



Celebrate 28th SEA GAMES with 100PLUS Gold

Singapore is the centre stage host for 28th edition of Southeast Asia Games (SEA GAMES) this year! This largest sport event will be held in June, hosting over 7000 athletes and officials 11 nations across 36 sports.

In celebration with the 28th SEA GAMES, 100PLUS launches limited edition Gold Cans to support and recognition of greatness of our athletes as they outdo themselves in making Singapore proud. Each limited edition 100PLUS Gold Can embodies the nation’s voice of support of Team Singapore as they strive for gold.

100PLUS is pleased to be official isotonic drink of 28th SEA GAMES to rehydrate and empower all the athletes in the Games Village as they fight to overcome themselves. The 28th SEA GAMES bears extra significance as Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee year.

With Singapore athletes gearing up to excel themselves in attaining at least 50 gold medals as a gift to the nation, 100PLUS SEA GAMES campaign rallies fellow Singaporeans to unite and cheer for Team Singapore. 

In addition, members of public are also in for a treat at the 100PLUS Roadshows on the weekends leading up to the GAMES where they can participate in a sure-win lucky draw for consumers who purchase $8 worth of participating products.

100PLUS Roadshows Schedule:

23 MAY 2015
9am – 7pm: Sheng Shiong 7 Jurong West Ave 5
10am – 8pm: Giant Vivo City

24 MAY 2015
9am – 7pm: Sheng Shiong Jurong West Ave 5
10am – 8pm: Giant Vivo City

30 MAY 2015
9am – 7pm: Sheng Shiong 845 Yishun St. 81
10am – 8pm: FairPrice Ang Mo Kio
10am – 8pm: Cold Storage Jelita

31 MAY 2015
9am – 7pm: Sheng Shiong 845 Yishun St. 81
10am – 8pm: FairPrice Ang Mo Kio

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Taiwan Travelogue: Tourists Attractions in Taichung Xinshe

Welcome back readers! As promise from my previous article (Introducing Xinshe District in Taichung City), and today Taiwan travelogue, I will be sharing the tourist attractions in Xinshe District (Part 1). Earlier, I did mention about the ‘Happy Seven Lines’ (彩虹七線), this article will bring you around the 7 colour lines as part of Xinshe tourist attractions. Thus, I shall start from my vocation stay nested in Xinshe, GREEN LINE.

If you are travelling in Taichung Xinshe District, one of the best options for your stay will be at The MDSS Vacation Villa (木佃軒南洋渡假休閒民宿). Yes! MDSS Vacation Villa is the tropical themed homestay in Xinshe. The exterior of the villa was surrounded by the greenery secret garden and the room interior was filled up with exquisite European style with sufficient facilities.

My room with exquisite European interior!

Staying alone like a boss! xD

Living with the nature was one of the luxury experiences in life and I am happy to fulfill in MDSS Vacation Villa. During my stay, the surrounding villa had peace me into most comfortable zone, furthermore, every morning I love the feel of nature atmosphere from the view of my corridor. Their service was excellent and efficiency, I enjoyed a healthy breakfast prepared by the Villa owner before heading off for my attractions tour in Xinshe.

Healthy and warm-hearten Breakfast! 

Soften your foot steps and follow the concrete path to bring you to their other lovely room. In MDSS Vacation Villa, there are several valuable room options for couple and family traveller choice. Especially those couple who are on-board for honeymoon period, this is definitely the best place to impress your loved one.

Couple room for honeymoon

Our first wefie photo! 

Just a few distance away landing on the YELLOW LINE. Garden Life Bed & Breakfast (花田民宿) is the alternative garden life homestay suitable for family vocation. In ‘Garden Life Bed & Breakfast’ guesthouse, the warm gardening exterior has blend in with the adorable room interior bringing kids into a fantasy world. Both parent and kids will love this relaxation moment while enjoying a cup of coffee at their mini home café.

Welcome to Garden Life Bed & Breakfast (花田民宿)

Garden Life Bed & Breakfast (花田民宿) room interior

Grape Farm right beside 花田民宿!

Group photo with the owner of Garden Life Bed & Breakfast (花田民宿)

Well, let’s move on to our first tourist attractions in Xinshe District! In BROWN LINE, we visited the most well-known Mushroom Garden (百菇莊) in Xinshe. This is the place whereby you are able to see and learn all kind of mushroom in one place. For mushroom lovers, you will in love with their mushroom growing process as well as activities such as plucking the fresh mushroom from root.

Understanding of Mushroom, explain by the boss of Mushroom Garden (百菇莊)

The expensive mushroom!

Let's have some plucking activity!

Mushroom Farm

Plucking fresh mushroom from root is fun!

Do not hesitate to try out their tasty mushroom dishes such as mushroom soup, fried mushroom, mushroom sausage and mushroom ice cream. The Mushroom Garden also sells a series of mushroom allowing you to purchase your favourite pack of mushrooms before leaving the place.

Chance upon captured this shot outside the Mushroom Garden (百菇莊)!

Next, we make our way to CH Garden Restaurant (千樺庭園餐廳) for our lunch. Yes! Dining in the garden may be the most beautiful moment in life. CH Garden Restaurant has a cozy and elegant restaurant interior giving customers an exquisite dining experience.

With the season changes, CH Garden Restaurant has infused this concept into their menu. The menu will change according to the season from summer, spring, autumn and winter. This concept also allows customers to try out different food in different season.

Selfie while they still choosing their food! lol

CH Garden Restaurant service is excellent and they do served really healthy foods. Tasted zero MSG, every savory dish in CH Garden Restaurant is fresh prepared by their professional chef. Slow down your dine to enjoy the fullest taste of foods and dessert here!

After dining, you may also want to take a slow walk and enjoy a light breathe at their greenery garden. Thus, this fantasy garden is also good photography opportunity too.

Photo with Malaysia prominent travel blogger SockPeng Ng from 蓝天白云数格子! 

Group photo taken outside CH Garden Restaurant (千樺庭園餐廳)

Moving on to our next destination, we are back to GREEN LINE to visit the Xinfeng Plantation (新峰農場). We had a warm welcome from the farm owner to print our first step on his spectacular fruit farm. Reason why you only see peach here is because the day I went to visit was the sweet peach season! Hence, it was also an amazing experience to pick fruit directly from the free.

Row of Peach Trees ~

Peach Fruit! Picking it! ^^ 
Guess which is 甜蜜桃 and 水蜜桃? xD


Hopping onto the BLUE LINE and indulge with our dessert craving, next we visited the Mori Prince Café (森之王子)! It is located right at the top of Xinshe and is the best place to experience panoramic view of sunrise and sunset across the entire Xinshe district.


This way to the cafe...

Pamper myself with their signature ice-cream waffles and while having a peaceful and delightful high-tea session with friends, concurrently I am able to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Taichung Xinshe landscape scenic.

Best ice cream waffles at Mori Prince Café (森之王子)

Gorgeous nature


Into the wood!

What’s up for dinner? Yup! Just a short distance away from Mori Prince Café, we arrived at Cooking Smoke Restaurant (又見一炊煙) for our dinner. The philosophy of Cooking Smoke Restaurant has blend in with the theme of “Mind Cleansing, eating at ease and deep mediation”, and it is the recommended landscape restaurant in Xinshe.

Serenity ~

It makes me feel like dining in the palace! The surrounding atmosphere of Cooking Smoke Restaurant was decorated in Buddhism style in Han and Tang Dynasties, with a touch of Kyoto style. Standing at the outdoor space of the restaurant, I am able to see the mountain scenery and night views of Taichung city.

For the hygiene cleanliness, guests are welcome to clean their feet before entering the restaurant! 

Apart of good photo opportunity in its exterior, I was surprised by the bright woody interior conceptualize with its elegant and peaceful ambiance and this give me a maximum serenity dine experience in Cooking Smoke Restaurant.

Eating with satisfaction, Cooking Smoke Restaurant provide excellent customers service and high quality and fresh food ingredients are used to create health-preserving and innovative dishes to their guests. Hence, this restaurant also adopts a menu-free dining theory.

Group photo at Cooking Smoke Restaurant (又見一炊煙)

Stunning Sunset Moment view from Cooking Smoke Restaurant ~

My first impression of Xinshe District in Taichung City was gorgeous and marvelous! I still got many interesting places to share with you guys! Haha… As this is the part 1 of my Tourists Attractions in Taichung Xinshe, I will be sharing my part 2 soon…! Stay tune for my next Taiwan travelogue article. Cheers!