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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Perfect Digital Duo for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This annual romantic affair is a celebration of things that go well together in pairs - the pairing of lovers, good food and technology. At Parallels, we know a thing or two about creating the perfect digital match. Here are just a few more digital ideas to help you put bits and bytes together and create the perfect Valentine's Day.

4 Perfect Digital Duo for this Valentine's Day:
  • The Perfect Night Out (Foursquare + Uber)
  • The Perfect Stay-in-Date (iMac + Windows 10)
  • The Perfect Mood (Spotify + Chromecast Audio)
  • The Perfect Post-Celebration Workout (Apple Watch + iPhone)

Foodpanda Night Bazaar at CulinaryOn

I am sure by now everyone has heard about Foodpanda! Basically, Foodpanda is an online food delivery portal which delivers food from various local restaurants, right to your doorstep! They also offers a wide variety of cuisine. They are currently operating in 30 countries worldwide.

Last Thursday, I was invited to Foodpanda Night Bazaar Event at CulinaryOn Singapore.
Over at the night bazaar, a numbers of restaurants was showcasing their best sellers and signature food. I am just so lucky to taste all of restaurants signature food at one go.

First food I tried out was the chicken wings from Two Wings. The chicken wings they used was from Brazil. The chicken wings was larger than the usual chicken wings that we had it somewhere-else. The wings was deep fried still golden brown! It was crispy on the outside and tenderly sweet and juicy on the inside! It goes well with their homemade chili sauce too. Remember “One wing is just not enough”!!

Two Wings
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Singapore 151119
Contact: +65 9667 0368
Opening Hours: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm (Closed Monday)

This awesome satay was one of the best sellers at Nara Thai Cuisine. Nara Thai Cuisine was named in Singapore Tatler’s Best Restaurant List 2014 and also Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurant List 2007-2014.

This satay was really flavorful and meaty. I can have a dozen for myself!! Boat Noodles and Stir-fried Softshell Crab with Yellow Curry was their signature dish so you must really try it out yourself! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Nara Thai Cuisine
Ion Orchard, Westgate

This kimchi soup was from Ajumma’s! They served really good korean food at affordable price. This kimchi soup was full of kimchi aroma. It goes well with Korean ramen. Their signature beef kalbi was another must try dish!

The Cathay #B1-23,
2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233

Are you hungry now after seeing so many good food? Just go to foodpanda page and order it now!! Thank you foodpanda for the invitation and hosting an enjoyable mouth watering food tasting session. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Cheers!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Greeting from Hpility SG

Hpility SG wishes all readers and friends a prosperity and happiness Lunar New Year! May this New Year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and turning all your dreams into reality & all your efforts into great Achievements! Happy Chinese New Year! Huat Ah!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

10 Spectacular Lantern Display at River Hongbao 2016

My annual affair - The River Hongbao returns at the Float of Marina Bay this year with the ‘Journey to the West’ themed to usher the year of the Monkey Lunar New Year celebrations. 2016 is a significant chapter for River Hongbao as it is turning 30th anniversary.

This spectacular event has comprised a range of fun activities and lanterns display photo opportunity for visitors to enjoy a joyful Lunar New Year from 6 to 14 February 2016. More than 60 pieces of dazzling lantern display! Here are the 10 spectacular lantern you can see at River Hongbao 2016.

1. The Monkey Walkway
A great welcome to all visitors this year! Step into the entrance from the main arch, you will see an array of cheerful Monkey hanging along the walkway leading you to the exhibition.

2. River Hongbao 30th Anniversary Exhibition
This is something new at the River Hongbao as part of 30th Anniversary celebration. This exhibition allows visitors to have a better understanding about River Hongbao and its past 30 years milestone.

3. The 12 Zodiac
Want to know how good your luck is for this year? Hop onto the 12 Zodiac display section at River Hongbao to know more about your fortune, health, career and love prediction this year.

4. God of Fortune
The annual gigantic display at River Hongbao – The God of Fortune! This is everyone favourite as it gives everyone a good fortune to kick start the new year. Huat Ah!

5. The Compliant Gold-Banded Rod
A historic display captured from the novel of ‘Journey to the West‘西游记孙悟空闹东海龙宫。 Visitors can easily recall the story of Journey to the west in this Year River Hongbao exhibition.

6. Heavenly Peach Banquet
Heavenly Peach Banquet (蟠桃宴) is also part of the story captured from the ‘Journey to the West’ novel.

7. The Wishing Well
Make a wish by tossing a coin to the wishing well and if your coin successfully rings the bell, hope your dream will come true this year. The collected coins will be donated to the charity.

8. Journey to the West
As the themed of the River Hongbao 2016 is “Journey to the West”, the whole interior and ambiance of the exhibition are excellently design. Visitors can easily recall the “Journey to the West” story plot while walking along the exhibition area.

9. Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Show
One of the highlight at River Hongbao 2016 is the fireworks and pyrotechnics show. This is one of my favourite segments as it will showcase a 360 degree fireworks performance around the floating platform in line with the God of Monkey King and God of Fortune in the spectacular background. The fireworks and pyrotechnics will be showing at 9pm nightly from 6 to 14 February 2016. Don’t miss this!

10. The Monkey King
Nestled directly at the floating platform of Marina Bay, the gigantic Monkey King are ready to welcome you to the River Hongbao 2016 to celebrate a magnificent Chinese New Year. It is a good photo opportunity for everyone to keep as a memory. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Huat Ah!

The River Hongbao 2016 opens to the public from 6 February to 14 February 2016, from 2pm to 11pm daily at The Float @ Marina Bay.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let’s Eat 《開飯啦!》 Movie Review

Let’s Eat 《開飯啦!》 Movie Review
Hong Kong comedian actor’s Chapman To (杜汶澤) make his first directorial film debut – Let’s Eat onto the big screen in this Lunar New Year festival. It is a comedy movie that comprises a meaningful yet inspiring which teaches a life moral lesson. Well, from the movie title “Let’s Eat”, we can relate the title immediately to ‘Food’. Yes it is! A range of yummylicious food dishes will be showcasing in this film and director’s Chapman To has added his very own taste of comedy to make the whole movie look captivating and mouthwatering.

The cinematography contrast of Let's Eat 《開飯啦!》 was satisfying and the story hold an interesting twist in its ending. Thus, a wave of comedy and heart-warming moment is expected as we screen through the movie. The moral of story behind Let’s Eat movie had also teaches us a valuable life lesson which is to stay originality and creativity.

Overall, I rate Let’s Eat 《開飯啦!》 movie 3.5/5 star. The LETS EAT! 《開飯啦!》 opens island-wide in Singapore cinema theatre on 5th February 2016 this Chinese New Year! The casts from Let’s Eat includes Chapman To (杜汶澤), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬), local comedy's Patricia Mok (莫小玲), C-Kwan (C君), Tommy Kuan (關棟銘) and Daphne Low (劉倩妏). The original theme song 《幸福的美味》is sang by Singapore singer-songwriter Chriz Tong (湯薇恩).

Let's Eat 《開飯啦!》 Movie Synopsis:
Ah Yong Café, a reputable cafe famous for its Hainanese Chicken Rice, has been a popular eatery since the 80’s. While business now is nowhere near its heydays, it still attracts a steady flow of regular customers. Showing signs of dementia, restaurant owner Ah Yong (Lo Hoi Pang) decides to retire, he entrusts the café to his apprentice cum head Chef Dai Hung (Chapman To) and his daughter Rosemary (Aimee Chan), who has just returned from Europe.

Rosemary is adamant about revolutionizing Ah Yong Café to cater to a younger crowd and has no qualms about using lower-grade ingredients to bring costs down. This infuriates Dai Hung, a principled chef who only serves food made from the freshest ingredients and focuses on keeping the tradition of the café. The two soon becomes loggerheads as they disapprove of each other’s style of working.

Initially, the revamped Ah Yong Café bustles with business with the newly introduced menu and gimmicks, however, the lack-lustre food soon causes the business to suffer and draw flakes from customers and critics. One particular harsh review from the infamous but anonymous food blogger Michelin caused the dwindling business to suffer even further. The regular customers stop patronizing the café and the new customers are turned off.

Indignant and determined to save the reputation of Ah Yong Café and revive its business, Rosemary decides to enter a cooking competition organized by a regional television channel. In the face of predicament, Dai Hung and Rosemary make up and join forces to create a dish for the competition. Rosemary finally understands the true meaning of good food and love, yet, Dai Hung goes missing on the day of the competition…

Friday, February 5, 2016

6 Chinese New Year 2016 Song that sounds better than Traditional CNY Album

Usher into the festive season, we are just 3 days away from the Chinese New Year celebration! 新年就快来临了! Woohoo! Understanding some of us (including myself) may go online and search for the Chinese New Year songs to spice up the lunar atmosphere. Hence, here are the 6 recommended Chinese New Year 2016 songs produced by the professional young talented artistes that sound better than a traditional CNY CD album.

1. 新年的来临 (新加坡过年歌曲2016) - Nelsontyc
新年的来临 - A warm and blissful Singapore Chinese New Year song produce by the team from | 100% made in Singapore.

2. 新年新的好 (大马 High 翻新年歌) – ChiliTomato
新年新的好- A comedy, creative and cinematic Chinese New Year 2016 song produce by the ChiliTomato team from Malaysia.

3. 新年歌曲2016 - 福气灵门猴犀利
福气灵门猴犀利 – from the word ‘猴犀利’ in Cantonese, this is a recommended song to listen to bring you good health and fortune. Cheers!

4. Aifm 2016贺岁歌曲《相约在新年》
相约在新年 – a cheerful and modern Chinese New Year song by the Aifm team.

5. 迎新送旧 - Q Genz Girls
迎新送旧 - A sweet and delight vocal from Q Genz Girls with traditional element produce by Angeline 阿妮 (M-Girls). Let their song transit you from the old to a present Lunar New Year.

6. 嘻嘻哈哈过新年+祭祖先 - M-Girls 四个女生 2016 贺岁专辑 (年来了)
嘻嘻哈哈过新年+祭祖先 – a remix of traditional and modern tune with the cheerful artists including all-time favourite M-Girls usher you into the year of the Monkey Lunar New Year.

Hope you like those Chinese New Year songs above! Wishing everyone a blissful, good health and prosperity Lunar New Year! Huat ah!

Photo credit: Click Here

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Travel Smart with The Influencers

[January Blogger - Joey Ong]
Get rewarded by Travelling Early! Lifestyle blogger's Joey Ong will tell you the 5 reasons to travel during Off-Peak Hours in Singapore! Let's have a comfortable ride from today! Read More:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Smart Nation Talk by Acronis Serguei Beloussov: Backup to The Future

Hi readers, want to learn how to create an eternal copy of yourself? Founder and CEO of Acronis – Serguei Beloussov will be sharing a series of data protections with you on 17 February 2016, 6pm to 8pm at NUS School of Computing.

This event is co-organised by IDA Singapore and Acronis, and supported by the National University of Singapore, Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SITF).

Free registration at:

Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 For 1 Full Body Massage and Foot Reflexology at Skin Miracles

Are you looking for a relaxing therapy place to pamper yourself before the festive period or any other special occasions? It’s time to hop on to the Holland Village for some exploration! Introducing the Skin Miracles, an ‘All-in-ONE’ beauty salon nestled at 10a Lorong Mambong, a conveniently 5 minute’s walk from the Holland MRT Station.

I was recommended by a friend to visit the Skin Miracles for the full body massage and foot reflexology massage. Hence, my first visit was satisfying with the warm greeting by their friendly masseur and I like the cozy interior ambiance. After the brief introduction, I was then referring to the masseurs for the Full Body Massage and Foot Reflexology session. FYI, both masseurs have more than 10 years experience in this trade, and it is definitely trustworthy with their expertise skills.

Deep Tissue Massage is a way to help improve mobility and physical performance. Hence, while going through an hour of full body massage, I am satisfied with their professional masseur skills and also clear explanation about my body problems. Thus, a little knowledge gain during my session was amazing.

Give your foot a delight treats! Feet Reflexology is an ancient massage art that will helps relax and refresh the mind and body from the foot to the head. The masseurs will be able to tell you more while undergoing this relaxing activity.

To add on, Skin Miracles beauty salon provide a range of relaxing services such as Foot Reflexology, Dr. Fish Spa, Full Body Massage, Slimming, Facial and Waxing that will keep you look smart and refresh at anytime and anywhere!

In celebration with Skin Miracles one year opening anniversary, here are the good deal for you and your friends or loved one. From today till 29 February 2016, simply quote ‘Mr YHP Blog’ with any purchase of their service, you will be entitled for one more absolutely FREE!!!  NO GST!!!

*Which means example if you chose a Body Massage, you will get the same service for FREE!

Skin Miracles Location Address:
Holland village, 10a Lorong Mambong Singapore 277675 
Above coffee bean.

Opening Hours: 
10.30am – 11pm (Monday to Sunday)

Call / SMS Appointment: 
6219 7225 / +65 9844 4708

Facebook Page:

Pictures to guide you along to Skin Miracles!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Singtel celebrates Lunar New Year with FREE unlimited mobile data and Singtel TV previews

Singtel is ushering in the Year of the Monkey with a goodie bag of treats for its customers. All Singtel postpaid customers will enjoy two days of free unlimited mobile data from 12am on 7 February to 11:59pm on 8 February while Singtel TV customers will be treated to free previews of more than 150 channels from 6am on 5 February to 11:59pm on 14 February. Customers can visit for more details.
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