Saturday, February 23, 2008

L change the world

L Change The World!
Yesterday after my work, come back home, take a bath and my dinner...
den, went to watch 'L change the world' movie wif my friend jh and ty... them @ 8pm lao di fang as usual...

'L change the world' this movie dam nice!!! the story end as L rest in peace after the 23day...
middle of the movie...L vs K brain fight!!!!
although 2hrs+ movie but was full of people watching this movie...lucky brought this ticket 1day the last roll 'N' and its middle! nice place this time.


功夫灌篮 - $9.50
长江7号 - $9.50
老师嫁老大 - $7.00
JUMPER -$7.50

Total $ spend for the movie in feb 2008- $43

next movie coming up...
will update soon when it had release. xD

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