Friday, March 14, 2008



My 180 Post For Today!
Sunny Day at Tampines For Today...haa..

went to nicholas, aloysius hus early morning! to play cabal online...
but 1 thing is tat, nid after 2pm den can play...argh..!haa...
Today actually got the sentosa presen thing one...but due to just came back from camp and too had cancel week den...
lunch time, order KFC and den play PS2 game till 2pm...
haa..2pm, i try create my very first character in cabal online, well, i chosen blader as my first character...haa...blader is something like assassin in RO! attack speed fast and high! xD haha...
cabal online is the new international, catch on to cabal! but in singapore and malaysia, we called it cabalsea! hehe...dont mess up! xD
k den, tat all for today, i dont write much nowaday, cos dunno why my blogger so lag!!!
maybe when fine le[non-lag] den write a long post...
tats all, bye and cya! xD


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