Thursday, April 24, 2008


woo great!
Today lifeskill lesson was fun! haha... was having a fun day wif my classmate although someone not there...
lifeskill? learning about personal profile thingy today...
and after today, i sure most of the classmate noe each and everyone strenght and weaknesses.
as usual, my group got 1 sea
lester become lobster...lolzz
no la..jusk kidding...

ok now... today, we are tested on our characterise by using personality profiling system...
my result came out was normal compare to other..
i got I and S which are influencing/inspiring and stable/steady... which really true in my personal life...
i think my group most of them got this result..
and this show is normal
but for lester, he got only S...
do any thing all steady one... haha
make fun of him most of time today... but all just kidding arh...haha..
dont take it into heart...

After school, went home to do something...den around 3.30pm, meet nicholas at my hus bus-stop here, and accompany him go TM buy things...
he brought lot of thing loh...haha...
well..tat all for today...xD
enjoy ur day! haha..

well... let me write out the meaning of 2 characteristics.

Influencing / Inspiring

General Characteristics
  • Enthusiastic
  • Trusting; Optimistic
  • Persuasive; Talkative
  • Impulsive; Emotional

Value To Team

  • creative problem solve
  • Great encourager
  • Motivates others to achieve
  • Positive sense of humor
  • Negotiates conflicts; peace maker

Possible Weaknesses

  • More concerned with popularity than tangible result
  • inattentive to detail
  • overuses gestures and facial expressions
  • trend to listen only when its convenient

Greatest Fear


General Characteristics

  • Good listener; Team player
  • Possessive
  • Steady; predictable
  • understanding; friendly

Value To Team

  • Reliable and dependable
  • Loyal team worker
  • compliant towards authority
  • good listener; patient and empathetic
  • good at reconciling conflicts

Possible Weaknesses

  • Resists change
  • take a long time to adjust to change
  • holds a grudge; sensitive to criticism
  • Diffculty establishing priorities

Greatest Fear
Loss of security


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