Sunday, April 20, 2008

New background

YAY! my new background finally release le! xD
so happy! haha...

went to AMK hub to wif jian hao and terrence...
this all becos of accompany JianHao to nebo for interview job..
during the interview, lot of interesting funny thing happened...
me and terrence keep laughting non-stop..haha..
however, the person through jh reply, just wait for call...xD

back to my blog background,
this few day, thinking how to change(upgrade) my blog background...
and i decide go wif easy peace background...
relaxing colour through text...
i use around 1hrs plus to complete my background..
and its look cool ! XD
btw, all the background on friendster or created and edited by ME !
dunno how u all will think...
so i nid all ur comment...xD
haha...maybe can improve it much more better! haha xD

how can you learn,
when u already know so many things

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