Thursday, May 22, 2008


A short Post For Today,
Listening To Song[听见幸福]
by; 林俊傑 & 林宇中.

A smile, funny, laugh lesson for today...
all created by us...

Recevie a programe called as adobe Dreamweaver from frazil..
This programe is to help in creating webpage layout..
at first, there some problem using it...but soon later, it became ok le..
alot of code lo...
but i think is easy to edit... xD
nvm, will much more on it..

i will be creating more background nowadays...
to choose the best to put into my web...
music? i will create myself too...
so far did 1 sample background le...

k, dunno wad to write le..
just keep it up! xD
Smile ur day! :)


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