Thursday, May 1, 2008

EHUB visit



First week First day of MAY 2008!
The first place went just now: E-HUB (EAST HUB)!

Today, the 1st day of MAY,
meet thiam you in the afternoon at tampines mrt station around 1pm and we went to the paris ris interchage den, take SBS bus 354 to,
new shopping at downtown east there... [E-HUB]
This shopping center was full of entertainment!!! xD
size of the shopping mall was huge!
reach there around 1.45pm!
den, went in and shop inside the mall...
lot of new thing didnt see in tampines mall appear there...
and one thing!, there no foodcourt! only fastfood and "high class food"

i was hungry and searching for foodcourt....but in the end ended up eating at downeast foodcourt...
so, ordered duck rice( $3.50)
eat le, den me and ty went back to tat EHUB again!
oh ya, forgot to said tat, today TY really "给面子" ar...
he see anything free thing to eat, he just take... somemore more than 1time lor...haha...

but 1free thing sure must take!, is a dessert from [TI Amo Cafe Bistro] also known as [level 2BAR]
this dessert cost around $3.00 plus... but since is free, so we take!
we notice this BAR becos, during when we enter the shopping mall, got 1ladies pass us the flyer and say: "You are the grand opening of [TI Amo Cafe Bistro] & [level 2BAR]"
so we searching for this place for 15min and in the end we found it at the first floor {outside} beside the pastamaina...
singapore weather is getting hotter and hotter nowadays.!!!!!

TI Amo Cafe Bistro BAR

The Free Dessert (before)
(After) 1min
Food we order again =$4.20 but after 15% discount= $3.90
we went into the TI Amo Cafe Bistro and order the food...
food taste nice ! so we order another food, the price me and ty share half half..
bo bian ar... too expensive there...
bah bah bah, after eating, is bill time,
T.Y : hello; can u give me the bill list.
wow, ty say untill like so formal...
no choice; high class place must act like high class person...must be poliet enough...

After Paying up the bill, walk out and take bus back to tampines..
overall, 我们没有白去一汤! 哈哈。。 
and here, the first of MAY in 2008


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