Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Chalet

Family Chalet @ Downtown East.

first: congrat to those secondary student having their 1mth holiday now..
second: was having fun on my family chalet for the whole day..
Chalet Host: My Er Jiu
here it goes like this...

Early Morning, Meet my grandma, jiu mu, xiao yi, qingyi, yongxin and yong xiang at pasir ris interchange...
they reached pasir ris interchange @ 8.45am..
and next, we take bus 354 to downtown east...

We reached at the chalet blk around 9.15am like tat,
haa.. thing goes on.. blah blah...
setting up BBQ item
Prepare Food and so on...

After tat, Me, san jiu, jiu mu, wai po and my cousins, we went for cycling...
haaa... all my jiu mu treat... lol...
we cycle round the pasir ris park! for 2hrs!
TIME Start From : 9.45am to 11.45am
cycling was fun! enjoy the wind! yay...
lot of things happened lor.. likes?
- some of my 表弟“飞车”。
- keep stopping
- we lost in maze
- saw the NS man guarding the sea side

lol... some photo i had taken down... but i will post up when is ready...
we total cycle 3big area at pasir ris park...
sooh... we went back to return our rent bicycle @ 11.30am.
after all, walk back to our blk again...
start bbq some food to eat... lol..
wherelse all my cousins went for swimming...
i? i didnt swim... cos lazy to change... haha..
so i enjoy my bbq! blah. *smile*

After BBQ some food, i accompany my san jiu and jiu mu to E-hub NTUC to buy some bbq item..
haha... short walk in E-HUB!
den, everything had brought, walk back to chalet blk again...
haazz... haha..

Today, BBQ food taste nice! i liek prawn, satay and orta..
eat alot of these 3... gonna 发热again.... nid drink lot lot lot of water!!!!! arh...
okok.., after tat, my er jiu mu relative there also came le..
we bbq together till after 2.25pm like tat,
my cousins they all wan go acarde play.. so me and san jiu bring them along...
joke happened in between... cos my jiu mu want yongxin and xiang be back before 4pm..
blah blah and blah..
acarde time! play play and play!
Time pass super fast!... few game finish... the time 3.30pm liao..
no choice for my cousins.. haha... nid to walk back to chalet again...
haa..tried but happy! :)

Overall for Today were FUN wif family gathering! haha..
we didnt went to wild wild wet and escape theme park.. cos found out, wont worth it just for short hours enjoying the fun... haha..

well, tats all for today;
photo will upload soon
under "Photo Gallery" .


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