Wednesday, May 28, 2008


well, here another wednesday for today.
Easy Come Easy Go.
My Blog Url:

Sometime, things can go easy as u think...
just for today!, during our MME flash lesson.
lesson end super

do wad?
just instead a sound into a video and make the video soundable..

lol.. is a dam easy job lor...
but me, lester and shirlyn take it a joke!
1,2,3 click again! lol..
A job which can finish in 2min time, but overall we take 5-10min..
but nvm la...we still the fastest among our classmate...

ok now...
is 10.25pm... and i had just finish my lifeskill homework(project)..
took me few minutes to write finish...
haa.. but overall still quite good ar.. haha.. time to talk about recent update:

Today, my url link had changed!
From : [no longer use]
To: [now use]

Hpility this word idea come from flexibity,factiliy.....
and i put my name HP+ ility behind form: hpility.
i got this idea because, during the MME lecutre, me and frazil were chatting about the company name ... blah blah... from our ex-teacher DON.
suddenly, this hpility came into my mind... and therefore, i wrote it down somewhere in my book and decided to use word as my blog url link..
i will create a logo for this also...haha..
and keep it more look like a company name..^^
blog background will also recreate as well as some text will change in my layout..
all these changes i think nid around 1week like tat...
but the link( now is offical!
pls relink it for those ppl had linked me before..
and to those new viewer, u are welcome to link me... xD
thank to all first :)


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