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Class Chalet

Class Chalet

First week First Day Of July
10more day to my birthday!
Topic : Class Chalet
Notice: ALL Class Chalet Photo will upload to another post.
Happy Birthday to Jason and Shirlyn!

Hoho, Class chalet Yesterday,Today and tml. Let talk about Yesterday.
Blog post on Class Chalet on 30/06/08. (Yesterday)

Yesterday was the First day of my class chalet. Firstly First, I met zhiyong at the jurong east mrt station, but we were too lucky to see another, cos we board on the same train.. haha..well, reach jurong east about 11.15am, so by waiting for lester to reach, me and zhiyong went to KFC to have our lunch first. we order buddy meal and ate. After eating, went up to the Zone-X aracade and play. Played Street basketball and we tag team play broke the record! haha... 469 only la...

After playing few game, Lester came and together with magdalene (Mag). hoho... This time we got 4ppl. but still nid to wait for qiao er group to come. So we went up to the aracade and play again...we play till around 30min like tat, mag received qiao er call and said they were going by taxi! MAG say to us:
Mag: We got a good news and bad news! which news u wanna listen first?
Me and Lester: There is bad news or good news, there only news!
Mag : They were going by taxi, which mean we nid to go ourself!
Me and Lester: Oh, Tats bad news!
ZhiYong: Keep Laughting! haha
LOL ! hahahaha... watch kungfu panda till siao liao...:P

Well, we walk back to jurong east mrt station to meet jia li and we walk to chalet places together.
On the way to chalet... joke created and somemore, lester trying to litter lor (Photo taken).... haha... 10min walk to chalet and met kenneth group. Kenneth asking ppl around for $50 (Share)
to deposit for the chalet. blah blah blah, after everyone came and setter, we walk to our chalet room. WoW, the chalet room was very **BIG LOR** lol... BTW, yesterday my group got Me, Mag,lester,ZhiYong and JiaLi.
Once we walk into our chalet room, setter our things down and get to know some of friend like Wilson(Terrence classmate). LOL this guy, he damn funny, another joker same like lester...
Many interesting thing happened yesterday, so i will use photo to represent! haha...

So, After things setter and ready, My group plus lee yi went out to walk walk around the chalet. Swimming pool was nice, So called Mag help us (Zhiyong Lester Me) took a photo at swimming pool. haa, den, we went up to the 4th floor to play bowling. But not open for public yet, nid 5pm den open. So lee yi, mag decided to play pool first, Rest stay a side watching... haha...
While they were playing, Me and zhiyong took a walk around the area. From 4th floor to 1st floor, took some photo and den, lester they all come find us and we went to the chalet acrade. blah blah blah, after playing, walking, we brought drink/food to eat and rest. den we walk back to our chalet.

At First, we tot was BBQ time, keep calling wilson to start fire... BUT they forgot to buy the BBQ important thing! TATs was CHARCOAL!!! No Charcoal how to start Fire?? LOL... so, kenneth group quickly went to IMM and buy... left my group inside the chalet watching TV.... so sad...
5.30pm, Mag,Jiali, Lester,Zhiyong and Me went to the bowling place, Jiali in the end went out wif her friend, well left we 4 went to bowling place to play bowling. I can said tat overall Mag win lester in bowling. haha... Went back to chalet again at 7pm. But BBQ Time! haha, wilson start fire and start bbq. However, Me and Lester was the Photographer on tat Day!
Below here were the credit among us:

Me- PhotoGrapher A (My Phone Camera 5.0 mpx)
Lester- PhotoGrapher B (Qiao er digital camera 6.1 mpx)

-Wilson (BBQ)
-Shirlyn (BBQ)
-LiJun (Shirlyn Friend) (BBQ)
-LeeYi (BBQ)
-Jason (BeeHoon)

Food Tester:

Food Condition:

Things Transport:

Me and Lester went around the place to take everyone photo! haha... everyone had capture!
Everyone eating, funny, joking, BBQing, taking things, chatting, and so on.... Enjoyed a day under the moon. Well, Nearly 9.30pm, we started to celebrate jason birthday! Birthday cake taken out, candle lighted and we gather around and sang Happy Birthday Song! LOL! fun sia.. haha...
After singing Birthday cake, jason make a wish and slided the cake. *Photo Taken* everyone taken cake and ate. haha... afterall me, lester and zhiyong nid to go, cos we dunwan to miss the last bus... haha...
Tats all for Yesterday!


Blog Post For Today Chalet.
Happy Birthday Shirlyn

Today met Terrence and Lester together, had our lunch and went for Zone-X look for free game. LOL! have lor.. 1 free game on basketball street. After playing, we went to the chalet. Went there, everyone was slping... I heard from wilson said that, last night most of the ppl were drunk... lol... left some awake ppl. So, we intend to keep the noise softer. but after 30min like tat, everyone wake up le! loud noise came back again! lol due to wilson and lester, haha...
well, nothing much to say about today! basiclly stay there chat and watch tv...
Me, terrence and lester went off at 5pm cos lester nid go for his game competition. Den, me and terrence took MRT back to tampines...

Reached Home le, Do wad?
of cos compile all the chalet photo into one album! haha...
but still got alot photo inside qiao er camera.
Some of the photo will be choosen to edit in photoshop format. haa..
i think is photo editing time! haha... 62+96= 158 photo!
lol, so many! haha... but only choose 40 out to blog, The rest will put into an album.

Tats all For Today!
Have a nice day to all reader and viewer :)


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