Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here the blog for today,

Since wednesday, so here my morning java lesson again. Was lucky today, java lesson still understandable through out whole lesson. if not, my brain will gone crazy ar...
lol, lunch time, ate some cheap food together wif my group of mate. and oh ya, forgot add one more sentence in which lester keep saying recently,
He said : "I love pink, becos it make me feel more gay~"
LOL, joker lo... :P

Afternoon, was having our multimedia class, teaching on how to make credit at the end of movie. Oh god, its easy man! xD haha, i gonna create one credit for my group, haa, so far under planning,free time den create. Adobe Premiere Pro Make me Pro! LOL, this wad we keep saying today :P haha, Nowadays, school release early due to some changes of lesson.

Ok here, i wanna thank to all the viewer and reader who visit my blog, cos recently my blog view are increasing! Keep Viewing everyone! haha, very thank for all ur support! xD

Some update on the autograph session this coming saturday:

[林宥嘉 & 刘力扬] 神秘嘉宾 我就是这样 签名会
This coming Saturday at bugis square level 1 @ 3.30pm!


叶乃文 [舞是刀] 签名会 at bishan J8 @ 5pm


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