Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of July 2008

End of July Post.

HoHo... here, the end of july in 2008. haha, Morning having lesson teaching on creativity. So, some game are played. My group topic was on toothpick. lol, toothpick? we think VERY creativity! haha... So, when presentation tat time, lester said out the ans. lol, whole class laught lor...haha... of cos man! xD, our ans always funny but meaningful and make sense! :P
Well, u all might wanna noe toothpick can do wad right? here i list some below.
Toothpick can defend urself against enemy!
Toothpick can be used for the budget car's speedometer.
Toothpick can build a hus like 3 little pig hus.
Toothpick can be used to expand the life for fire. the few...

Nothing much to talk about today... but 1thing to noe is tat, chinese 7mth coming le... nid be more careful.. haha... Well, Tml morning got adobe premiere pro test, nid to do well on these test.. haha...! xD
k den, end here.
Wanna noe more about tml? just keep viewing my blog and u will noe ;)


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