Wednesday, July 9, 2008


2more day left to 18

Was Raining in the morning, but when i wanna went out to school that time, it stop! haha.
Screw up with java lesson Today!. We are given a DIY task on how to control the Clock by using java programe. OMG, at first quite blur, but slowly understood. Clock Clock Clock, My Brain Lock Lock Lock.
Teacher today use so many example to explain the java sentence, lol, Used Shoes box as an example. Teacher said, Shoes box inside put wad? of cos put shoes right? could not be ice-cream. lol, Lesson Today was fun and nice! Everyone laughting but they learned. Our teacher damn funny guy, haha, but is good that, having fun in class is the way of learning.

During Multimedia lesson,
was teaching on Adobe Premiere Pro, same teacher again and as usual laughter came. LOL, Learning basic thing on adobe premiere pro for today, well, easy ar... i cant wait to learn adding effect on video. haha...

Some Update here:
- 北京欢迎你 MTV release
- 丁当 (我爱上的) album release


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