Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lucky today just tuesday

Still under recovering
Lucky today just tuesday.
my 321 Post,

While blogging, at the same time also conferening with fazil. haha, today fazil msg me tat he will not be able to attend the class lesson. Due to his sickness... haiz, my class ppl including me nowadays got bad flu and cough. Ok..., today lesson was such a short lesson, arh..boring~

Talk about fazil didnt attend school, this was his first time didnt attend! lol, lester and jackie was wondering round... lol, nvm, forget it! xD, Break time, break damn long, 2hrs plus... same thing, nothing to do, sit down there and drink plus chat. We chat about the taiwan show we watch, zhiyong watching 黑糖群俠傳 and for me, i am watching 篮球火. Discussion about this 2drama! haha...after long chat,bleah bleah.... den, went for multimedia lecture. However, school end around 4.45pm today, and overall was tiring day...

Money Not Enough 2 MUST watch!!! haha, past 10yrs, when i was in primary 2, i watch Money Not enough 1, NOW, 10yrs later, in upper secondary, MUST watch part 2! haha... well, i will write more about it when i watch this movie! haha...

Cast: Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee
Director: Jack Neo
Genre:Comedy/ Drama
Language: Mandarin
Release Date:31 July 2008
Running Time:126 minutes

End here!~
thank for viewing :)

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