Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SOMEone yet DUNNO who

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Life like black pepper
Dunno "WHO"

lol, today lester reached school damn early man! lol, well, today teacher didnt come again, so me and fazil said tat, story change again. Lesson normal today. Lunch time, ordered black pepper chicken rice! damn nice ar! haha... Since to the 2hrs 30min break, after eating, started talk crap lo... haha, and of cos, my group including me created some new quote to counter back ppl again... haha... but today my group shoot conversation among ourself lo...We show no mercy to our member today, likewise, i used my quote alot time to counter ppl in my group! haha... read down to noe more!

After lunch break, went for multimedia lecture class. Quite a short lecture yet fun! haha.. Cos today lecturer teach about RASTER and VECTOR. then, me and fazil keep saying, RASTER "LESTER" LOL, sitting infornt the qiaoer also keep laughing... hahahaha.... "RASTER" "LESTER" sound nice! :P lala~

Well, lecture end early but still got an assignment after the lecture. Its on printer. Thoery for the test is quite easy BUT the problem come to the printer! cannot share print!... wasted so many time at there! argh!!!~~~ no choice, just do some small little trick to pass this assginment~
After the test finish, class end. As usual went home. during on the way to bus stop, some joke created by lester,me,fazil. its a Hao lian Joke:
Lester: haiya, my phone iphone sia, argh, see see see....
ME: haiya, my phone got 5mpx argh.....
Fazil: haiya, these 2 phone only...wanna see mine anot...
Lester: Oh better not,if not more worst Lol....
Jackie this innocent guys, do nothing but also drag him down to the conversation... haha....
lalala~So on, back home around 5pm.

Tats all, End here.
the "SOME"one! :)

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