Friday, August 8, 2008


Time Now is : 08pm 08min 08sec!
Happy Birthday To ZiYun!
Few more hrs to National Day!
BeiJing Olympic Grand Opening Day!

Oh ray! The Time for now is 8pm 8min and 8sec, haha, Today was the preview or "so called" the advance celebration on singapore birthday! [National Day]. haha, i guess many primary,seconday and upper secondary school had done their celebration in the morning. wow, quite exciting today arh... haha... Feel The 'FUN' of it :P

Well, Reach School today with fazil, QUITE early in the morning and so on, we help lecturer carry something for our classmate. So we waited till 9am, den went to the classroom together with the lecturer. Few mintues later, we went to the dunno wad Hall to 'See' some national day 'Performance', well, got abit boring, So didnt stay in school for long today, Met jerome around the school area and went back home together. But before i went home, i got a singapore flag from shirlyn! haha, Sometime, i hope i was in secondary school, cos during that time, celebration was fun and cool ! haha...

Reached Home around 11am, take a rest for awhile den went to buy movie ticket for my family to watch at century square there. Watched [Money No Enough 2] again but this time with family. lol, movie started at 4.30pm till 6.40pm end. After tat, went to look for my new shoes but didnt buy today cos cannot find the style i like...So,we went to eat our dinner after the movie. haha... Anyway Enjoy my day today! :)

Tml National Day Celebration and lester will be playing for singapore in WCG 2008 competition on COD4. All the best Lester! Fight For Final! haha...

Here the website for 2008 Olympics - Competition Schedule:

Ok, End here~
Thank for ur viewing!


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