Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Computer recovery

This the adware Virus! KNN!

ALL data Not Deleted
Blog post for: 19/08/08
- Com Virus removed!
- So Many Test coming!
- Happy Birthday To Hiu Kwan!!!

Well, past 2 day have not been posting due to my com kana SOME STUPID virus! So, just now, call my com assistance come to my hus and check for it. I can said that he was professional! cos he remove the virus manually without using antivirus scan!. Yesterday in school, i told my com situation to lester,fazil and jackie and they came out a result:"must reformat my hard disk cos the virus were adware,spyware plus malwar". True la~
Oh well, heard that not surpise, cos seriously, my com contain alot alot of file lo... haha... sometime might lag and sometime also think about reformatting my harddisk.
But nvm, since the person had help me remove all the virus in my com, i shall now be peacefully using the internet. BTW, some of my data i had delete away, such as Msn chat box, picture and song and internet cookies. blah blah blah, screwup with my com virus during the past 2 days!!
Since my com just recover from SOME "sickness", i will do a final scan later during my sleeping time! xD

Ok now, i will post my blog about Yesterday and Today. Yesterday, in school, during CMOS lesson, in fact today, we were having a practise on our this coming friday practical exam, well, the exam look quite simple xD haha. Today, Multimedia change lecturer le... class become slient... LOL... Anyway, multimedia class test 2 is on this coming friday! argh sia, This week for me got so many test! :
Tml Wednesday (20/08): JAVA practical Test! (confirm dead!)
Friday (22/08): CMOS and Multimedia Class Test 2 (work hard on it!)
see see see! Friday 1shot 2 test! argh! bullet pain! lol. Anyway, this few day will focus more on my test and project thingy...

ok now, put aside about my study matter first. Drama-篮球火越来越好看啊!东方翔超Cool! Happy Birthday to Hiu Kwan (my oversea friend!) haha... that time she wish me a happy birthday on msn, since she not online now, i wish her back here! 生日快乐! *smile*

Well, i stop here for today.
Thank for ur reading and viewing,
Have a nice day !


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