Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of 2008 Beijing Olympics

South Korea Firework at Marina Square 23/08
Photo Credit: My Cousin

Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony Photo
Nice Ceremony!
Yao Ming and other Athletes

London To Beijing To London
Passing olympics Flag to London!

Closing Ceremony Firework!
ALL Olympics Photo Credit to: Getty Image Photographer!

Miss the Olympics This Year 2008
End of 2008 Beijing Olympics!

Blog Post Part 1 @ 7.45pm:
Today Morning, wake up very early to watch 黑糖群俠傳(The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalry)第五集. So, watch for 1hrs and 15min drama before having my breakfast. After having my breakfast, Follow by, Went to my grandma hus together with my parent and sister at around 11.15am. Reached there 11.45am, and so on, had my lunch and chat with my relative and my cousin. Few min later, went down to AMK hub with my cousin (qingyi) for walk walk. Actually today plan to watch movie at AMK hub cathay, but due to the olympics last match gold medal basketball match, we didnt watch movie for today! However, we went to NTUC to buy some snack and drink for the basketball tournament. So, as the basketball match start at 2.30pm, we shop till around 2pm like tat, den went up to hus. Overall we brought Orea chip,pepsi bottle drink,large fried and more.... haha...

Well, 2.30pm time, me and my cousin setter down and watch the basketball match!. haha, This year olympics final basketball match was awesome! USA (United States) vs ESP (Spain)! Overall match, USA won in this final olympics basketball match and gotten Gold medal! The score was 107 (spain) and 118(USA). Cool! haha, I like Kobe BRYANT (No.10) 3point shooting lor...and No.9 (WADE Dwyane) scoring also not bad! haha... Overall, Kobe Bryant and his team did the best team work in this final game! haha. Afterall, had my dinner and back to my home around 6pm plus to catch olympics [Live] closing ceremony at 8pm.

Blog Post part 2 @ 10pm :
Oh yay! Just watch finished beijing olympics closing ceremony on channel U! wow, zhang yi mo 大导演太厉害了!He direct the every movement of those thousand of performance audience and lighting effect as well as colour changes plus firework! All are awesome! Too nice, Too touch to watch it! haha...However, 4yrs later, olympics will be held in London in year 2012! haa, miss the 16days of olympics! xD Anyway, Enjoy the show just now! hehe... gonna upload some picture for today post. Tats End of my post for today!

My Schedule For This week
25/08 - GCE 'O' level English Oral
26/08 - CMOS final online Test
27/08 - Java Theory Test
28/08 - LLA reflection Deadline
29/08 - CMOS class Test 2

歌名:难说再见 (奥运会闭幕式歌曲)

习惯幕起幕落 总以为明天还很多

习惯一起走过 没想你不在的生活

眼是心的守诺 我和你不逃过

难说再见 你的微笑遗落在我眼前
难说再见 永远不忘转身瞬间


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