Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Weekend


yay, weekend finally here.

Finally, i got a day release early for this week. This was Today, Friday! past few day, had busy on my asian compeition thingy and flash website designing. Today, finally got a good rest although my flash website project still under processing...
So Far, created background layout and few icon (Button). Quite diffcult to do lor... i dunno overall file will be corrupted anot... Using Adobe Flash is sickening, one layer wrong plus forgot to save and tats it! file corrupted! zzz.

Today, in school, lecturer just let us do our own flash website till 12pm, school release. lol, Fazil quite "sway" ar, kena called to meet so many "de" for today, there are, 'Chester','Victor','Director' and addition 'Lester'! LOL, fazil nid to see so many ppl today. Lucky i no nid, if not i now still in school ar... haha...

HELLO 大家好!,这几天好忙!学校功课上越来越满,Project 和测验的schedule也排到满满,24小时的时间不够用啊!!!今天星期五,终于是慨休息了!

Cast: Qi Yi Wu, Liu Ling Ling, Mindee Ong
Director: Royston Tan
Genre:Drama/ Romance/ Musical
Language: Mandarin
Release Date:14 August 2008
Running Time:121 minutes
Continues From Afternoon Post:
Around 4.15pm like tat, went down to tampines CC to meet lester,derek and fazil to play badminton. lol, the shuttercock today like fazil very much! He kena 2headshot from the shuttercock...lester and derek smack keep aiming fazil but even though i team with fazil and when i smack, also kana, Overall, we played till 6pm and nice game with you guys! haha.

Continues Post at 10.56pm:
Yes! finally finished designing my Icon_Button on my flash website!
out of 100%, 20% had completed! still under processing... ... ...!

The End~
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如果想再挑战 随时都欢迎
不过你要再努力 努力一百年才可以

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