Monday, August 4, 2008

Hard decision

Hard decision to be Make
Happy 18th Birthday Marcus!!!

Once again, another monday here, Today was a boring yet relaxing day. Lecturer didnt come today but we in school do some online test. haha. However, lesson end at around 12pm today but me and fazil was called by our multimedia lecturer for discussing about the Asian competition.
lol, chat alot on tat, the lecturer keep 'persuaing' (begging) me and fazil to join. haiz... its a hard decision for me, cos if we join, we nid to give up alot of things, including some of our 'free-time'. But top prize was cash $3k plus Dell laptop. Well, prize was attractive ar, but after lot conferening with fazil, we decided to join. Btw, for ur more information on asian competition, its is a competition among asian area and its is on [MS office application].

Awaha? should i stop my blog for today here? haha, dont think so. Morning, me,lester and jackie discuss about the movie [Money No enough 2]. lol, keep using inside some sentence to joke with jackie... i think will be contiunes till tml ba...haha... JACKIE U EAT OREADY? LOL!


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