Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Week My Day My Time

My Week My Day MyTime

End of August 2008!
F1 Race Coming!

一直都在新加坡。。。 。。。Bleah~
氦~星期天,看今天写写什么呢?。。。 。。。

今天,算是我的休息天吧。忙碌了一正个礼拜,看来总算可以好好地休息。现在也正好是我的study week,下个礼拜要回校大考,接着就放大假了!yay~ 哈哈。。。BTW, 我也正在寻找part-time job. 如果有lobang的话记得通知我!。


Well, nothing do much on today, afternoon time, clearing some of my internet favorites link. lol, and also watch some taiwanese drama, but most of the time was on resting. haha, yesterday went to comex fair for 1whole day and today is time for rest!~
Tml, also plan to meet joanna and kirby to go back ccss and get our testimonial. lol, testimonial out for so long and we now den go take. haha, i scare my testimonial book got dust liao lor....
ok, i shall conclude with goodbye August! xD

Event been went to in August:
COMEX SHOW [IT fair] - 30/08
[收藏] 萧敬腾音乐会 - 10/08
NDP - 09/08
NDP Preview - 02/08
F1 roadshow - 02/08

Movie Watched in August:
Death Race - 29/08
$ no enough 2 - 01/08 & 08/08

Things been doing for today:
Watched [黑糖群俠傳]第6集
Listen lots of Chinese song
Friendstering and facebook
Designing Something through photoshop


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