Monday, August 25, 2008

This week

This week
my 347post,
Retake English O level oral today.

Well, For today, didnt go school for today, cos i'm retaking my english 'O' level at coral sec. So, 1.30pm, met rose (my classmate) outside the coral sec school bus-stop and den we went into the school together. For the retaking O lvl feeling this year, not much nervous but everything go smooth and fine! Reading, Picture and Conversation were pretty good! haha.

Alright, This week Tues to Thurs time are pack! Cos these 3 day got class test. I hope this week can fast fast go lor... Cos after this week, den no nid go school le, due to study week! haha...
Anyway, PC show coming! IS THIS WEEK! HAHA... END of Year PC SHOW! gonna buy something this time during the PC show, haha. Ok, update my schedule now (might be change due to some reason)
Schedule From: 25/08-30/08
25/08 - English Olvl oral exam
26/08 - CMOS online Exam
27/08 - Java Theory Class Test
28/08 - LLA Deadline and CMOS Class Test 2
29/08 - Flash Website Project Deadline
30/08 - maybe going PC show


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