Saturday, October 25, 2008

About My New Header

Blog new header,
Happy Birthday To ShiYa

Hi everyone, Good morning/afternoon/night. Here some introduction about my blog new header which I had uploaded this morning 10am. This post will also describe the process while doing this new header and the ideas came from. Well, look at next paragraph onward to know more.

This Header created Yesterday (24/10), by using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Well, it took me almost 8hrs to complete it from 4.30pm to 12am. Some of the words such as Facebook, I had changed to Personal Life and Hpility Production had added into this header. Next gonna write about the ideas came from.

As this picture is took by my cousin (Qingyi) since last few week ago when we were at marina square superbowl. Thus, I had totally edited this picture through photoshop. This time, I dye my hair to evil purple blue to show the evil side of me and by enchanting its appearance, I had added some effect on it. Here my 灵感 to create this header.

来之周杰倫新专辑魔杰座的一首歌 [龍戰騎士]。歌里提到魔的危险,如有,[放手一搏令谁都惭愧],[对敌人的谦卑 抱歉 我不会],[冲破这一场浩劫],[那些仇恨已形成堡垒],[城墙上我在等魔坠] 和 [摧毁却无法击溃]。

来之朋友。Well, Living in this world, you can have a lot of friends but which one is truly trusted and which one not? We human make friends to cure our loneliness as well as share joy with our friends. Sometime, we might face difficultly on facing our friends or even betray our friends inorder to reach certain aim. However, this is worst than evil which cannot be forgive forever.

来之日常生活。相信大家在日常生活中会遇到许多挫折,而人性格分两种,有善有魔。In life, we face problem but we also solve problem at the same time. However, don’t give up your life so easily and cheer up your life every moment everyday.

Alrights, tats all the ideas above for my new header.

continues post @ 10.30pm:
Well, today, was a great and fine day. lols mircale to say that today no rain! yay, weather was hot in the afternoon but i like it. haha, My new header nice? Had release since morning, hope u all like it. xD Today didnt went out, haa taking a rest at home, therefore was looking through some ppl blog as well as chat with some friends on msn. Haa, nuffnanger, i dont mind u all adding me on msn! If u wan me add or link ur blog, pls kindly drop a link inside my chat box. haha

End here, Have a nice day everyone! xD
Take Care peeps =D


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