Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holiday left 4days

Holiday left 4days,
Another basketball day,
My 390 post.

Hey Hey Hey, Here my 390 blog post. 10 more post to go 400. Haha, So far, this few day post will have less picture cos recently staying at home, if not, went out with friends to play basketball. Didnt went to far places such as cityhall, orchard or jurong. Well, my holiday 4days le and i really nid to stay at home for these few day. But i will go out to far places on this coming friday and saturday. haha, This because due to Ezlink card and Pocket money reached the limit. lalala~

Ok, Post for today. Today, met terrence in the afternoon because he wanted to play basketball. So after lunch met him and we went to play basketball. We played for 2hrs and den we went to tampines mall to meet Thiam You as to accompany him go popular buy empty disk. Reached Popular and since Derek was working there, While Thiam You was searching for his empty DVD disk, i went over and chat with derek. lols, Few min chat only and got to go after Thiam You had brought his disk.

After Thiam You went home, Me and Terrence waiting for JianHao to come. So shop shop inside tampines mall awhile till JianHao came. Next we decided go play basketball again. haha, Whole day playing basketball today. well, we played half way and is raining, so find shutter to avoid the rain and after rain we played again. Overall we played till 6.30pm den went back to home.

Lol, For the past 2day i was going out playing basketball with friends, So for the next few day, no more sport le, haha. 4more days left till school reopen!!! omg, holiday become shorter and shorter. What should I do next? Continues going out or staying at home resting? lols

Alright peeps, thats all for today. Thank for ur viewing and keep viewing also. I dont mind you one day view my blog 10 time or 100 time. haha, Continues support!
More wishlist item coming up, buy for me if u can! Haha
Take care peeps! xD


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