Sunday, October 19, 2008

HSM3 Gala Premiere

plan changed,
High school musical 3 gala premiere,
The choice is decided by u.

Hi everyone, did u saw me at vivocity golden village today? If YES drop a tag before u leave my blog! haha. Well here my blog for today goes... ... ...

Today, Went to my grandma hus first in the morning for a visit. After my lunch at my grandma hus, proceed to meet kirby yeo at vivocity. Well, met him 2pm at vivo to catch the gala premiere on high school musical 3. Haha
why i suddenly meet kirby?
why was him the chosen one?
Read further down to know more.
Those ppl i asked excluding my cousin and they couldn't make it for HSM3 gala:
Nath (blues)

Actually, today watching with me HSM3 is my cousin but he suddenly not free due to his badminton outing, therefore, i changed my plan to call kirby watch with me. Well since he and me had watch HSM1&2 before, and HSM3 confirm sure watch one! haha. I choose kirby to watch this movie because, During my graduation last year, he my classmate graduated with me and we were buddy since sec 4. haa, Therefore, he the chosen one. PS, i only got 2 ticket.

So, met kirby at 2pm in the vivocity. while waiting for the ticket to be release, we went for shop in vivo for certain min. Went into pet shop in lvl 3 and saw 3 Chee Wa Wa Fighting. lols cute dog fighting sia, and lots of ppl were seeing it. xD After that, went to Action City and Cannon shop. As time goes by, nearly 3pm, we went and wait at golden village for the nuffnang staff to release the ticket. While waiting, saw one nuffnanger, see him so familiar but dunno who is him but nvm in the end we still make friend. haha, xD

10min later, Nuffnang staff start to release the ticket. Ppl were Q-ing for the ticket and i saw so many familiar nuffnanger faces but dunno their name only...lols. Guy/gals, if u saw me, pls kindy drop a comment inside my tag box. haha.

After got a pair of FREE gala ticket on HSM3. AND the ticket was free seating, this mean that, first come first sever, therefore alot of ppl holder the gala ticket was rushing up to the hall but too bad everyone nid to Queue first before going in the hall. Few min later, went in le, haha, took middle back seat. Nice View, hehe... HSM3 started and end, and my comment on this movie are, this movie damn nice! Those who watched HSM 1 and 2, u all sure will watch HSM3 but for those who didnt watch HSM1&2, u all still can go catch this HSM3 movie. Their graduation was awesome! I would wish my graduation was like tat too lor. So fun yea!

PS: I didnt write much more review on this movie (HSM3), becos it haven officially release, The thing i can said that was, this movie i rated as 5 star. xD, Me and kirby were enjoying this movie.
Gala Premiere:
Well, ppl who won the Gala Premiere ticket were counted as lucky ba. Cos gala ticket normally not easy to get and its also known as VIP pass. Still remember last year, watched the 不能说的秘密 gala premiere, the ticket cost $50, but lucky i got for free due to lucky draw event, so this save up my $50! lols. Gala premiere ticket holder, advantage was, u can watch the movie in advance one week than other.

After watching HSM3, we went to bunger king to had our dinner. Ate Cheese and Ham trendergrill. It taste really nice lor, u all should go try it! haha, kirby also found a "long" fries as it has the same height as his hand. lols However, after eating, shop awhile and went back to home. haa, nice outing with kirby today xD. Not much picture taken...

Thats all for today,
Take care and have a nice day peeps! xD

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