Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say what you want

周杰倫 Album win 五月天
My Breakfast and Lunch For Today! xD
2 more days end october 2008,
Say What you want and Do what you want,
Happy Birthday To YanZhuang

Great, is wednesday again and my lesson today start in the afternoon. haha, woke up quite early today but nothing to do. well, let me write something before i go for my visual basic class. Haa, 2 more days will be end of october 2008. Lets wish yanzhuang a happy birthday. xD

Morning, quite a sunny day, haha compare last week, this week i think better. At least sun is coming out to do his job and not rain. haa, well, i had my breakfast, den heard from matthew that his msn and friendster got hack by someone. But he re-created his both msn and friendster account and is back to normal now. Do re-add him if u know him.

Had been listening to Jay Chou and Wu yue tian album since last week. lols, AND i'm practising their song for the next K-Box session. xD haha, one of Jay Chou song [兰亭序] is currently under practise, hehe.

Continues Post @ 8.01pm:
Haha everyone, i am back! Today my lesson on visual basic was such a wasting of my time lor. Go school finish one labsheet and go home. Total took me less than 1hrs lor. -.- lols, but nvm, quite fun today cos me and zhiyong finished the practical in shorter time. haha. Well, although since this is the slacking lesson, therefore i went home early lor. lol, i was first one who walk out the classroom today. xD

Next, went home rest awhile and was called by jerome, asked me out for drink. So, i also invited jianhao come for drink. Met them at 4pm brought drinks and chats along. lols, discuss alot of things, bleah~ and after all, came back at 6pm.

Alright peeps, I am staying in the mood of happy cos i'm looking forward this coming weekend! haha, This Friday is end of october and i think i will be watching [ The Coffin ] with zhiyong. well, anyone wan join us can drop a msg on my tag-box. xD

haha, End here today. Thank for ur viewing and reading!
Have a nice day peeps! xD


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