Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wasabi Nothing to me

Wasabi Bunger
Grandma House Visit,
Wasabi Bunger nothing to me.

Decided to go to my grandma hus for a visit. Therefore morning 10.30am, i started leave my hus and took bus to my grandma hus. Well since was 40min trip, on bus very boring, thus listened to mp3 along the way. Reached there around 12pm and since was lunch time, i also had my lunch there. waited for my cousin to arrival home and finish up this homework.

After he finished his work, we went down to mcdondal to try the latest meal, which was Wasabi Fish Bunger and wasabi fried. Me and my cousin share money to buy the wasabi meal. LOL, Wasabi? nothing to me man! dont think i dont dare to eat it. Actually Wasabi in mouth not hot de, is only ur nose will feel the bite pain. Aiya, anyway just eat it but overall i still prefer the original fish bunger ar. haha, But the Wasabi fried taste not bad, maybe will eat again. XD ohya, this meal so expensive ar, only 1large coke, 1wasabi fried and 1wasabi bunger, And it cost $7.15

After eating, walk around in the AMK hub and den back to my grandma hus. Few min later, go online awhile and waiting for dinner to start. while waiting dinner to start, i also teach and introduce my cousin the blogger advertisement community which was nuffnang. haa, he created an account there and successfully put it on his blog. haha. After introducing, we procee to our dinner. well, got toasted duck today, haha, taste nice xD. hehe... After eating, i went back home lor, and again 40min trips. However, reached back home around 7pm plus. xD

Msn Email recently something wrong? why i cant open and delete my email...
Thats all for today, Thank for ur viewing,
Free time go try the wasabi meal, haha. Dont cry when u are eating.
Take care peeps! xD


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