Friday, November 14, 2008

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Food we Ate Today

Truly said that...
went to Temasek Poly (Tp),
Happy 18th Birthday To Kirby Yeo

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Yea~! Is weekend time. Today, one of my secondary school friend had finally turn 18th this year. Haa, Happy Birthday to u Kirby~! Well, know him since secondary school time as we were classmate during that time. Today, He turned into 18th and become the real man! haha, Kirby, dunno why today friendster keep maintaining...but nvm, i write ur birthday wish here:

To Kirby Yeo: Happy Birthday to u~! 18th oready lor...haha, wish u, all the best in ur studies and success in ur drawing design. Well, i know nowdays will be quite busy but when there a free time, must meet up for drinks! haha, All the best yea Yeoster~!

Alright, let me write things that happened today in the morning and afternoon...

Morning, was having my networking class. Lesson in class was quite boring yet learned something important on network. haa, Note taken down as to revise for coming exam...Good news to say that my computing maths lesson for next week tuesday will postpone to next week friday. Haa. Overall, today lesson quite fun and i am straight to home after school.

Next, reached home, go online awhile to chat with kirby. After that, went down to Tp to meet kirby and his friends for lunch as to celebrate kirby birthday *mini* hehe...Was crowded in Tp today due to some event happening there...well, still manage to find kirby and we went for lunch together. Haa, after eating, accompany kirby and his friend up to the IT lab as they both wanna finish some of their assignment. After all, took bus and back to home around 3pm plus.

Truly said that...
Me and Kirby, we both miss the secondary school time, the game we commonly played and fellow friends commonly joke...
5 years past so fast and now we were in upper secondary...

Heard from kirby said that the drawing had finished 80% oready. haha 20% more to go...*wondering* haa. Ok, i stop here for today. Gonna write more on tml FoodFair.
New song will be upload soon here...
TaKeCaRe ! xD
PS: Forgot to take the Birthday Boy Picture, argh *Wasted*


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