Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lets Talk About

Yesterday was....
Today was over.

Finally the lesson on yesterday and today is over. ohray! hahaha, Every monday and tuesday was like very stressful so many thing at onces. Alright, i write something about happened on yesterday.

Yesterday (3/11) Post:
Yesterday, went to school in the morning and my lesson started at 9.30am. Since visual basic lesson again but this time we created something like Dice game. Overall was fun during the creating processing and result and lesson end pretty early. Too bad fazil was sick and he cant attend this lesson. oh well, rest well fazil. xD, Networking lecture in the afternoon. lols nothing much talk about this lesson cos my class including me skipped the lecture yesterday. wahahha but the news i heard from other class was that, ytd got 4 ppl from my class go for lecture only. xD hahaha. As soon as i reached tampines interchange, it rain so heavy man! while walking almost whole body wet when i reached home. Anyway, quite cooling haha.

Today Post:
Talk about today now. Today, morning went for lecture on networking. Bleah~ In school many people was sick today. Thank god, dont pass those flu to me please! hahaha, I fine right now xD Next, afternoon time. Was having a small test on computing math this afternoon after my lunch break. haa, during the test, i think i did pretty well. All question seem to be easy to me and hope that i can score well ba. haha...After the test, went straight back to home lor...

Haha, Lets talk about recently now.

Recently, was thinking of upgrading my blog header. Haha, But this time i wanna play with adobe premiere pro. Well, The CS4 version still not release yet...argh... Faster release CS4!!! Alright, next product on my photoshop design will be releasing soon and if adobe premiere pro is ready, i will combine all my file together and make it into one full video.

Always look forward on the next day...

I end my post here...
Take Care peeps! xD
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