Monday, November 17, 2008

Miracle Lecture

Picture Taken on Sat (15/11) @ FoodFair Sing Expo
JianHao, Me and Nath

432 post,
Miracle lecture,
Practical assignment 1.

Tired of studying in school today. From morning 9.30am till 5.30pm in school today, eye slpy mouth yawning...Intake alot of networking and visual basic information. Morning was having visual basic lesson and lecturer called us to create a program on calculator...omg, everyone go blank in their mind, cos suddenly got to use visual basic program to create a calculator. Haiz, so nvm, we created a simply cacluator design as well as work with program it.

Afternoon was having practical assignment 1 on networking. Suddenly PA1 came out and everyone was stock cos haven prepare. But nvm, Its simple, somemore do in pair...haha...So, overall the test look easy and fine to us. xD During our networking lesson at Lecture Hall, everyone started to listen the lecture so "carefully" lols, why? cos finally changed a new lecturer and this time everyone understand well. lols, After so many week, this the first time whole class "pay attention" on it. bleah~ anyway fun yea~! haha, we finally learned how to change the subnet mask on our internet IP address. hahaha. Home ended 5.30pm...straight to home.

Alright, here i stop for today. haa, tml my lesson is like wtf lor...? 10am to 11.30am,latest 12pm...Is like go school for 1hrs plus lecture and go home. lols, Anyway, Me,QiaoEr and Darshini had plan to go to the FoodFair after our class. haha, Tml Last day of FoodFair! xD

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Have a nice day! xD


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