Friday, January 2, 2009

Life is just like walking

Let get ready for coming Chinese New Year,
Happy Birthday To ZhiYong!

Hi everyone, here come to the second day of 2009. AND Firstly, wanna say Happy Birthday To Zhi Yong! haha, 2009 just came and here your birthday. My wishes on ur birthday: Hope u have enjoy ur birthday and all the best in 2009! haha...Ox Year! No matter ur work or study result, must be as strong as Ox strenght! lols...looking forward CNY to ur hus..hehe xD

Today, ASKED zhiyong for any plan for his birthday celebration, THEN he replied anything, simple will do...walk walk can le. I was like......okay...So, went out with zhiyong for a mini celebration on his brithday. Met him in the afternoon and den we went to alot of places...Took Mrt down to raffles place and from there we start our 'joruney'.

As we 2 are "noobies" at raffles places, walked here and there got jam...lols, nvm, we continue walking straight and till we saw a house like in [little nyonya] show. lols, So i took a picture on it and continue walking straight...OMG! guess wad? lols not lost! In fact we reached CHINATOWN! hahaha...Heng ar...

Well, reached chinatown, then i went to OG people park look for some of my working friend, After tat went to have some dessert at nearby hawker center. Soon later, we decided to go vivocity to shop. Chilled at vivo for 2hrs like tat and have our dinner there, den overall, we went straight back to home! haha...

Wow, after countdown on 2009 new year celebration, here come to our chinese new year. lols, i guess most of the chinese are looking forward in. Yay! haha. Alright, Hpility blog in 2009 will have some improvement as the time come by... New background still under creating as well as side bar advertisement.

Well, Kinda Tired now...tml post will be somehow like a review on things...hehe wad things? just wait and see for tml post!
will stop my post here, thank for ur visiting ^^


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