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Oreo Cookies and Nokia 5800

Oreo Cookies and Nokia 5800.
I will not let this blog die for no reason!

Hey people! welcome here once again! hehe, today post will be kind of random! haha, My days went bored recently...But today, i had tried my very best to come up with this Oreo Cookies and Nokia 5800 post, one is food another is phone. I know there no link in it, it just a title yea. haha...Anyway both are just a Review on it! xD Read the next paragraph now!

Review On Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Well, As u know, i dont simply post review on phone unless that phone has good looking in its design. For today, i will write a review on Nokia First Touch Screen also known as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic! This phone in singapore, it haven release yet but one of my friend, Fazil had brought through online, whereby import from oversea to singapore. He brought it at the rate of $600 and i can said that is cheap because, usual price was $800 to $900 plus. There will be 2 type of colour, Red and Blue whereby will be release in singapore this year 2009.

As we know, Nokia phone always User Friendly, therefore when i first used this Nokia 5800 (Touch Screen), i was able to know the function well and the accessibility to different menu was easy than other touch screen phone. However, with the 8GB of external MicroSD card, you will be able to store more than enough of music and other data as well.

I played Nokia 5800 game today, using the Stylus plectrum in wrist strap and pen stylus, i found out that using stylus plectrum will be good in doing small thing like gaming,camera,video or calling. On the other hand, Pen stylus will be more on taking Note,SMS or internet. Overall, it make this phone look cool with the 2 stylus attach to it!

However, This Nokia First Touchscreen phone was very successful because of its solid case whereby it have water proof on it. You Might wanna visit this website to know its Full Specifications :

Some share after using this phone
Fast in bluetooth connection and internet accessing speed
Superior Sound
Can Store up to 16GB of information
Support Real Player
Smooth video recording,Camera support dual LED flash and 3D image.

By reading so much, you might not feel the Nokia Touchscreen Effect, IF you are a Nokia Fans/Supporter, this phone [Nokia 5800 XpressMusic] will be a good recommanded phone for you to change now. Heard the latest news said that this phone will be release after Chinese New Year in singapore! Anyway, Fazil, you had make a right choice in changing ur old phone to this Nokia Touchscreen phone.

Next topic...Oreo cookies...lols, you all might be thinking...why i wanna post a review on oreo cookies, whereby this cookies is very common in everywhere nowdays. haha, Read further down to know more about it! xD

My Review on Oreo Cookies
Oreo Cookies, A common cookies nowadays, u can see it everywhere supermarket...lols, i have been eating this oreo cookies for the past 3 Chocolate Creme and Normal Oreo, somehow i mixed them up when eating and guess wad? The taste No different at all! lols, no matter how, it still a oreo cookies...haha..But people, which u prefer the most? Chocolate Creme Oreo Cookie or Normal Oreo Cookie? Do drop a comment inside my [Tag-Chat Box].

Haha, here come to the end of my phone and cookie post for today... I hope tml will be a interesting post ^^ TakeCare peeps! xD
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