Monday, January 19, 2009

I am not cheating

2 class test coming up,
JayChou MTV album releasing tml (20/01) !

After doing SOME review survey on the other class which taking the computing maths today, Me and fazil found out that most of the people cant finish their paper within 1hrs...Therefore, I instead of studying, prefer blogging now...and me and fazil had planned to study tml morning...Somehow i dont think this person fazil will study because his mind now is thinking FAIL! LOL! seriously say, this time the c.maths class test really diffcult...

So, we came out another plan which that get some familiar answer which other class did but most of them cant remember the question well...i think this time really jialet la...One of my friend matthew said that, ' if u stop half-way while thinking the solution on the question (not even a single second), you comfirm cant finish the paper'. wtf? so diffcult ar...omg, nvm cannot score 'A' at LEAST must score 'C'. lols...

As i said, many other people couldnt remember all the question. So, we had decided to go school in the early morning and ask them one by one through the GUIDE book. BTW, we get question from other class but we not cheating....WE JUST COMPARES THE ANSWER and WAS about to WRITE. LOL! Pls....dont let the lecturer see it...

Alright, i hope tml test can fast fast over, so tat can prepare for wednesday Visual basic test...kinda programming test again...nid to design and key in alots of code...*white hair plus stun* but nvm...cos this will be an open book just try my best will do ^^ *smile* 2 test before "LUCKY" am I. LOL...Talks about CNY header i released few day ago, i had recevied alot of comment from different blogger and classmate. Overall, 90% of them had given a good comment....Therefore i wanna thank all the people had commented in my tag box and i will try improve on it in my next coming header! xD see below if ur name are listed!

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Well, Looking forward on JayChou MTV album which will be releasing tml! gonna buy it! inside got 20MTV sia...and and and....the First MV, Dragon Rider was so cool! i was pretty surpise after watching the preview! Alright, will blog more about when i buy it! xD

My post end here for today! Enjoy and takecare peeps!
Thank For ur reading and viewing! xD
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