Friday, September 25, 2009

Singapore 2009 F1 Rock

Something HOT this weekend
1 picture 4 pass! #F1

Hello people! welcome back to my blog again! haha...Singapore this weekend Hot latest news...F1 Rock! lols...Guess everyone will be catching up with F1 news from today till sunday! #F1

You guy know that anything related to singapore tourism board (STB), i always like to blog about...This because during my secondary school time, geography lesson, i always get the highest score in writting about singapore tourism board which how singapore attract tourists! F1 of cos related to STB! and Today, gonna share with you the hottest news in singapore this weekend.

First visit this website (Uniquely singapore) if you are non-singaporean/singaporean:

Below here are the F1 Zone Map...Many Road are block due to F1 race, starting from kallang till marina area...Shopping Mall also extend till 12am onward...!

If you have followed my twitter, you guy will know that i had won a pair of F1 pass for myself as well as for my friend! How i won it? you guy i guess is curious to know about...haha...Here how it goes...

Few days back, attended an INQ event at orchard outside ngee ann city. From there, was told to take photo with friends/publics and paste it on their wall...Randall Tan was the host for these 3 day event and i am glad that he still remember me since during the nuffnang vpost event ^^

A picture of Me and Randall

The INQ Phone (Available @ Singtel Store)

All Thank to Below this Picture Post (which directed by Me)

And Here my pairs of F1 Pass! Another pairs at shalny there...haha 1 picture win 4 F1 Pass..worth it? lols...My ears are ready to intake the sound of F1! woohoooo...*excited mood* hahaha

See you guy on sunday! Remember to check out my tweets as the day goes by...lots of interesting happening coming up!

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD

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  1. WOW! Somebody got a pass to go to F1 !!! CONGRATS

  2. Wah... lucky you~~~ Have fun!!! Take moar pics den post it up~~~ XD

  3. Renise: thank ^^ enjoy your weekend too!

  4. Fazil: hahaha yea...thank yo! my visit time entering the zone! xD

  5. Kennee: Sure! will try to take more picture ^^ thank once again..haha

  6. Yay! Lets together hear
    *VroOooom VroOooom*... Wakaka!! xD

  7. Whoa.. U lucky dude.. ^^
    n I went to the Vpost event too..I remember Randall hair wasn't this messy back then =P

  8. Fairy: haha yes yes!!! Voooom~! remember to bring ear plug along! lols

  9. Jolyn Goh: Thank ^^ lols...he change his hair style after 1 year? xD haha anyway, he host event was great! =)

  10. Congratz on winning the F1 ticket.

  11. one of the worst looking blog headers.

    just joking! hahaha!

    nice F1 huh ;)

  12. cool man! I am going for the race tonight. It is going to be exciting

  13. Seon & Nicholas: lols thank...tml the day of final lap on F1!

  14. Neo: woohoo! tats cool! i feel excited whenever i thinking of watching F1 at the live place...hahaha

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