Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mighty Wallet Review


Advertorial: Review on Mighty Wallet

Hello people...Today will be introducing new thing which i ever met before, until yesterday i received it...and guess what? Is Mighty Wallet! *Check out my review below* didnt see AirMail wallet NOT envelope...lols
Mighty wallet...What so mighty about? I tell you now!, You will be surprise if you really TOUCH that wallet...!!! Well, i was surprised when my first look on this wallet...Pretty slim yet cool wallet designed by [Dynomighty]. The touch feel of this wallet is as smooth as a paper! *Paper that cannot be Tear*

Next, lets us check out this wallet Advantageous...
Mightly Wallet made from a single sheet of a super strong microfiber material called Tyvek. Although is slim but it can expand with use releasing more storage capacity as needed.

2 pockets for cash, 2 outside business card pockets and 2 credit card pockets...Total can hold up to 16+ card in its pockets.

As Conclude the advantageous,
This wallet have Tear and Water Resistant
This wallet made of microfiber
This wallet are recyclable
This wallet one size fits all

In my view, i could say that this wallet is pretty light and easy to carry outside...However, it might be useful in future because nowadays people talk about recycle whereby to keep the world clean and green. By using this type of wallet, it also help to save the earth by keeping it green...

And there are many other design too...You might wanna check out this site to view more different kind of design with the same making material:
Mighty Wallet Design & Info

Once again, Thank Gin for giving me this opportunity to write a review on it...Check out the website for more design and you will be amaze! haha

Tats all for Today
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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  1. EmoCat: hi, you can buy it at this website :)

    YuLiang: haha yeah...xD

  2. That is really creative..
    Practical yet environmentally friendly too :) Great post!
    Do drop by when you are online, tks!

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  4. Wow! This is really cute and innovative!!! =)

  5. God!!! I think i will have shaking leg at the easy one, dizzy at the medium one and heart attack at the hardest one!!! Wtf.

  6. Posted wrong comment. Sorry. Where to get that so called wallet? Lol. No other colour?

  7. iriene: Thank you, thank for dropping by too ^^

    Wen Pink: Is a wallet! :D

    PeaceTamy: yup^^ haha

  8. Tony Wan & Dreamylyra: Thank, hope you like it! ^^

    Chili Crab: haa its ok...lols there still other many design and colour...u can see more colour at this website:

  9. cooooool!

    curious though, does it feel more like paper or fabric? xD

  10. Von Yvonne: haha..can i say both? is something like paper with a layer of fabric ontop =D feel soft and good :)

  11. wa.. when i look at the first pic, thought it is really an envelope and when u say it is an airmail wallet, i tot u are still kidding. lol. but cool concept.

  12. Alvin Lim: ^_^ Thank for visiting...

  13. Allison: haha...i guess tat surprise you too...many of my friend tot tat was envelope until i show them the wallet, they just realize not...xD

  14. Wahlau eh looks so cool...
    Can make one myself hahaha use book wrapper wrap outside :p

  15. Charmaine: can try tat too xD


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