Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Singapore General Election 2011 Spoof Video - Jay Chou

Woohoo! Singapore General Election this time round is getting hotter and hotter as each days come. Yup! If you guys have been through GE 2011 update daily, you will know that Netizen been spreading about the good and bad news among the PAP and Opposition parties online and... Guess what!

This is the best one among all the Singapore General Election 2001 spoof video! Something related to Jay Chou song yet the lyrics had changed to SG elections political song... Check out the 说了再建 (HDB组屋) video below here:

hahaha cool right?

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  1. Eh.. what sort of change are you talking about?

    Evertything is working fine in Singapore, Economy is strong, unemployment is only 1.28 %?

    You want to change all this?


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