Wednesday, March 19, 2008



since aloy got post...i also must blog it abit for yesterday thing happen..
Yesterday 18/03/08,
went to aloy hus around 9am plus, accompany him go chinatown [中国岛] ops, is [牛车水] 哈哈,
of cos something on*
take SBS bus 27 to hougang interchange and den take mrt to chinatown...
well, hungry* ... so reach there le...first thing find foodcourt and eat! xD
order duck rice and aloy order wanton noddle...
afterward, went to a place so called"leg spa" at temple street....while going there, we were lost in chinatown....omg, wan walk to temple street ending walking to club street... choice, aloy call taxi cos the wheather dam hot yesterday! xD
the taxi uncle say, oh temple street very near only....but in the end, it cost $3.60!!!
haiz...gone up taxi nid $2.80 plus traffic thing...all together $3.60...
well, reach there le, went up, my friend aloy say i wan look for ur chinese 我来找你们老板,here the conversation:::

china guy cashier :来几位?
Aloy: oh, 没有,我是来找老板的。
china guy cashier : huh? *stun*
Me: 你舅舅
Aloy: 对,我是来找我舅舅
china guy cashier :噢,老板出去办事了。
Aloy: call his uncle...

after all thing done at the counter........we went into the room*relaxing room*
i first time went in and try the method of relaxing ur body and leg.... so excited! xD haha...
i will uploaded the photo soon later....xD
haha...the person in charge also told us alot of thing regrading to health and so on....
but! most important was, it was free! xD cos the boss is aloy uncle...haha...lucky me* if not nid to pay up to $120-$150....wowow....
after tat, went to eat for lunch and den back to aloy hus again...
Aloy hus something like candy shop lo...alot of sweet thing to it! xD :P
play game watch video all thing got!
aiya... i write till here le....tonight still got more...
remember this post is for yesterday! xD


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