Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of april2008

Here come to our End of april post in 2008!
So fast, it come to the 1st of May..

Morning; meet terrence and went to school together in the morning to eat breakfast..
oder breakfast set= $1.50 cheap?
guess so... haha..
after eating, went for lesson lo..
haha...teacher was late...and we got extra time to do wadever we wan...haha..

lester was full of joker today...
MME lesson teacher was late, so we wait outside the class...
den lester start his job time to fool around the ppl and me, zhiyong, koonwei, frazil...stand a side to
keep fooling around one another wif my classmate..

most of us kana his trick ar...
standard trick... :P
no use on me liao... haha..
Today, photoshop lesson again...
nid do 2 project out...and i did it! xD
me and lester was doing fine with the editing on photoshop..but my classmate shirlyn was full of
of cos we keeping her la...but in the end lester help her most...cos i wanna finish my 2 piece work faster...
however she O us 4 cup of Tea...actually is coffee but change it to Tea... lolx.
dunno is jk or real...
see how lor...lolz...

haha...nowadays keep adding ppl in my msn list...
reaching 280friend soon...
End of 2008 april post
A new month start tml in 2008 which is MAY!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Project week

Today, start to work wif my classmate on some project thingy...
coming next week...
gather information and friends contact(friendster and handphone no.)
taking some photo in the lecture time.. but waiting for lester to send me...
today lesson quite normal...
however was a great to learn new thing...
Above tat photo, is my class photo during the 1st day of orientation...
well, tml will learn more thing on photoshop and java! xD
i love photoshop! haha...edit edit and edit...!!!xD
tat all for today..
hundred of battle, hundred of victory!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Olympic Songfest

Jay Chou[周杰倫] 正式完整 release!
千山萬水 唱响奥運!

for more information,
u can go this web to check out:
中國奧運 web:

all the 奧運 song can be found in this web..
Olympic Songfest!
support Olympic Support ur country!
we are landed in the same place same world,
do wad ever u can and do forward looking in ur dream,
we have the same chance to achieve
likewise u and me are in the same world to care to love to achieve goal
and dont give up easliy...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a short post

Here Another Sunday Again..
Today didnt went out...cos too tired,
nid rest at home...
so, play my computer game for couple of hours..
above some picture to share..
after seeing those pic, i think u will noe wad game i playing now..
i lazy to write much le..
is slping time.! xD
gd nite! xD

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Power of Photoshop

Sapphire Aura

Yesterday was having PhotoShop Lesson..
and guess wad thing happened?
Me and Lester use This program make fun of other ppl..
Editing, enchanting and cropping all nothing to me...
as we noe, photoshop can do all kind of thing...
but yesterday we learn more advance thing...haa...
Great and fun in our photoshop lesson..
and photoshop was dam powerful! xD
After school, Meet terrence for lunch...
went to his hus blk there eat...
Chicken chop was the best deal..
cos after eating, we went to sunplaza park to run..
terrence say he wan excerise, so, i bring him there to run..
2.4km run
next time will run 4.8km
run run and run sure keep ur body fits..
tat all for today...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


woo great!
Today lifeskill lesson was fun! haha... was having a fun day wif my classmate although someone not there...
lifeskill? learning about personal profile thingy today...
and after today, i sure most of the classmate noe each and everyone strenght and weaknesses.
as usual, my group got 1 sea
lester become lobster...lolzz
no la..jusk kidding...

ok now... today, we are tested on our characterise by using personality profiling system...
my result came out was normal compare to other..
i got I and S which are influencing/inspiring and stable/steady... which really true in my personal life...
i think my group most of them got this result..
and this show is normal
but for lester, he got only S...
do any thing all steady one... haha
make fun of him most of time today... but all just kidding arh...haha..
dont take it into heart...

After school, went home to do something...den around 3.30pm, meet nicholas at my hus bus-stop here, and accompany him go TM buy things...
he brought lot of thing loh...haha...
well..tat all for today...xD
enjoy ur day! haha..

well... let me write out the meaning of 2 characteristics.

Influencing / Inspiring

General Characteristics
  • Enthusiastic
  • Trusting; Optimistic
  • Persuasive; Talkative
  • Impulsive; Emotional

Value To Team

  • creative problem solve
  • Great encourager
  • Motivates others to achieve
  • Positive sense of humor
  • Negotiates conflicts; peace maker

Possible Weaknesses

  • More concerned with popularity than tangible result
  • inattentive to detail
  • overuses gestures and facial expressions
  • trend to listen only when its convenient

Greatest Fear


General Characteristics

  • Good listener; Team player
  • Possessive
  • Steady; predictable
  • understanding; friendly

Value To Team

  • Reliable and dependable
  • Loyal team worker
  • compliant towards authority
  • good listener; patient and empathetic
  • good at reconciling conflicts

Possible Weaknesses

  • Resists change
  • take a long time to adjust to change
  • holds a grudge; sensitive to criticism
  • Diffculty establishing priorities

Greatest Fear
Loss of security


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Message

Here come another day...

Today lesson was on java and muitmedia thingy..
as usual, reach school in the morning wif terrence...
my lesson start at 8.30am while terrence is 9am..
but we reach school at the same time...
but no diff la...teacher came late and everything is setter down, the time is 9am plus...
i dont think i wan write much for today...
cos nothing interesting happen leh..
so i just ended here..

I will be adding more effect onto my blog as soon by this week..
u all are welcome to view and comment it at the " Tag Chat Box"
thank for all comment and i will try to improve it! xD


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Power Of CPU ( Colour Personal Unit )

Today lesson dunno was fun or not?
but i think i take it is fun...haha...

well, talk in the morning first...
Today morning...was having a heavy rain...but lucky my lesson start at 9am.. but too sway for terrence, his lesson start at 8am and was late...lolz..
terrence late still cool! ... -.-
however, today lesson was quite fun...we fix the CPU... installed those sound card/VGA card/RAM/mother board....and so on...
but lucky not diffcult to learn...haha...

During lunch time, went eat wif my classmate (bryan, zhiyong, lester) and after lunch...lesson carry on till 5pm..
Lesson over le! yay... Meet up terrence and take bus back to tampines together..
bus was fully pack as usual... haiz...
back to tampines le, we went to buy waffle.... hmm, feel like eating waffle brought cholcate waffle to eat and terrence brought cheese waffle...

oh ya...after terrence having few day for school...and he become more crazy...lolz..
keep saying

This all becos of his teacher! xD

haha...tat all den,
for today!
My lesson on blog finish...
u all may go slp now...xD

Monday, April 21, 2008

Peace Fine Day

Peace Fine Day

meet up wif terrence and went to school together.. however, today on bus i saw..i saw...i saw...
高科技玩具!!! haha... siao liao lo... now on bus also can see it! xD hehe...cant control liao... lala.. haha..

My lunch time is same as jian hao, so he wait outside my class and went for lunch together...
i was while searching for place to sit, i saw nicholas lim! hehe... asked him:

Me: hey nic! long time no see... ur beside got ppl sit ma?
Nic: got la...shaun chan.. but got free space...
Me: ok, den me and jh sit here...

haa...after put my thing down and since nic is taking care of the seat, so i quickly rush to shuan chan there and ask him help me buy food...
hee..brought chicken rice...
during lunch time, we chit-chat lot...but everything for sure will end wif LOL...
after eating, Jh went off first, den left me nic shuan and nic classmate...
we seat there and chat untill our lesson start...
den, my lesson time, went for lecture class...
bah bah bah... cut short here...

school release le, went home time! xD
haha... however school release earlier today, so i rush home quickly to on my PC...
as usual, check email, update....and so on..
after doing tat, i log in to my cabal account to play...
while, today in cabal make 4new friends...this is becos we are training our skill point in a party...
hehe...nice wif u guy...haha...

well night time, as usual...watching tv and online msn chat...
surf net, bah bah bah...haha..
and oh ya, new song added here...
song name called as 酸甜 from S.H.E/飛輪海
this from a taiwan commercial theme..
ok for all...
have a nice day! xD


Sunday, April 20, 2008

New background

YAY! my new background finally release le! xD
so happy! haha...

went to AMK hub to wif jian hao and terrence...
this all becos of accompany JianHao to nebo for interview job..
during the interview, lot of interesting funny thing happened...
me and terrence keep laughting non-stop..haha..
however, the person through jh reply, just wait for call...xD

back to my blog background,
this few day, thinking how to change(upgrade) my blog background...
and i decide go wif easy peace background...
relaxing colour through text...
i use around 1hrs plus to complete my background..
and its look cool ! XD
btw, all the background on friendster or created and edited by ME !
dunno how u all will think...
so i nid all ur comment...xD
haha...maybe can improve it much more better! haha xD

how can you learn,
when u already know so many things

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cabal song

I want Cabal Song!!! xD

haha...i want 1 of the cabal song...
which is port lux... the song dam nice!!! xD
keep logging in and listen the song more than 10 time..
but however, i converted it to mp3 format! hehe..
and now, i got tat song! yay!

well, today was a kind of sick...
bad flu since last nite till today!..haiz..
no mood feel like going i rejected some friend today for asking me going out...
sry ar... bad flu today...
next time den accompany u all go out...
back to point, today, meet terrence for lunch at my hus S-11 there...
after lunch, terrence came to my hus...
for chatting and playing com game...

however, for today, i am not feeling well... wont be writing much here..

new song coming up! xD

'2 tiger cannot live in one mountain'

Friday, April 18, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

'we can kill each other when its over'

Today, 18 of april,
was the last orientation in school...
den, After school, meet terrence for lunch and den went to tampines mall to watch a movie which release today...
the movie is "FORBIDDEN KINGDOM" !
This movie dam nice and funny...
everyone must watch! xD i will rate it 4.5 start...haha..
oh ya, this time buy ticket from golden village for student only $6. by showing ur student pass, u can get a ticket less dan the usual price. xD
so, me and terrence, our movie start at 3.30pm... in the meantime, we go take a walk in tm however is boring...bahla..

wait wait and wait, finally 3.30pm reach le,
went in settle down and begin watch our movie...xD
after watching movie, back to home again...

for more detail on forbidden kingdom, pls go this web:

tats all for today,


Thursday, April 17, 2008


我曾经说过-歌词版 [试看版]

我曾经说过 我曾经说过
我曾经说 输了慢慢走

我曾经说过 我曾经说过
我曾经说 爱要慢慢留
我曾经说过 我曾经说过
我曾经说 有爱是幸福

我曾经说过 我曾经说过
我曾经说 路要好好走
我曾经说过 我曾经说过
我曾经说 赢了才回头

泪光滑落 微笑散落

我曾经说过 我曾经看过 我曾经放过


在我们人生生活中 曾经说过的话很多
说过无数的话 无数的我

我曾经说过 活着要快了
我曾经说过 天天要快了
我曾经说过 我们有一样的想法
我曾经说过 我们有一样的目的
我曾经说过 大家团结在一起
我曾经说过 输赢不重要
我曾经说过 人人无与伦比
我曾经说过 忘了你
我曾经说过 再枰下去
我曾经说过 成功就是赢
我曾经说过 我的最高境界
我曾经说过 累了就睡
我曾经说过 有话好好说
我曾经说过 音乐征服世界
我曾经说过 冷笑话冷到北极去
我曾经说过 生命很重要
我曾经说过 能活是幸福
我曾经说过 超越自己
我曾经说过 创新自己
我曾经说过 有希望就有奇迹
我曾经说过 自然就是美
我曾经说过 我要第一
我曾经说过 人人都是一样地
我曾经说过 永不放弃



高脚杯里 你的唇印 盖上冷漠刺青 是一张心碎证明
冷风过境 收进心底 痛苦无力防御 手一摊就被占据
脱罪的话你可以 说了千遍还不腻 听到的和感觉到的有差距

放过自己 放过压抑 放过整片浮生的记忆
往事痛击 孤单侵袭 习惯就可以
感情的戏 我没演技 赢不了你温柔挑衅
只好丢弃 只好不回应 用沉默反击

我要自由 不要窒息
曾经以为你就是氧气 原来只是闹剧
爱过一场 输得彻底

高脚杯里 你的唇印 盖上冷漠刺青 是一张心碎证明
冷风过境 收进心底 痛苦无力防御 手一摊就被占据
脱罪的话你可以 说了千遍还不腻 听到的和感觉到的有差距

放过自己 放过压抑 放过整片浮生的记忆
往事痛击 孤单侵袭 习惯就可以
感情的戏 我没演技 赢不了你温柔挑衅
只好丢弃 只好不回应 用沉默反击

逃生的路会在哪里 我要自由 不要窒息
曾经以为你就是氧气 原来只是闹剧
爱过一场 输得彻底

放过自己 放过压抑 放过整片浮生的记忆
往事痛击 孤单侵袭 喜欢就可以
感情的戏 我没演技 赢不了你温柔挑衅
只好丢弃 只好不回应 用沉默反击

Monday, April 14, 2008


Today, 14april..
start of my school...

First day of my new school today and i was surprise all the way long...
first thing...morning meet terrence for lunch and den went for orientation today...
when reach there, i called jerome ask him where is he...bahbahbah...
after tat, search for our class den setter down...
orientation today was fun but boring...cos tok tok tok all way...haiz...
ask i said, i was surprise today, cos many of unexpected ppl(my schoolmate) including me went into tat school...
OMG as i can say...
orientation today took a long time to finish...but through orientation, i met many friends and knews some new friends....haa...
althought i hate introduce myself...but no choice, is a must...
lunch time also eat wif terrence and jerome as well, food are cheap and nice...however just ate it! xD
well, life started to change and nid to face wad is given infornt of me...
therefore, i just face it...but i hope tat i would sucess in this way of method...
oh well, time fly fast and faster...
blink 1 eyes, April le...i nothing to say...
however, just face my fate toward me...

jerome到了,orientation 也开始了。。
我喜欢唱歌,但在orientation 没展现到
我喜欢拍照,但在orientation 也没展现到。
因为太无聊了! 到 无话可说的地步。。。
今天的心里总满 最多心里OS (心里话)的,

只好 面对现实


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last sat

我态度坚决 面朝北

The Last Saturday, this going to be...
Life Ended In... nothing...

Today, saturday,12/04/08.

nothing much happen about today....
From morning till night...i am at home....
watching tv, listening song, playing game and online chatting wif friends...
My life is full of music and lyrics...
Ended wif nothing...
came out wif series...
Dream gone wif story...
sad to say sorry..
and this how life going to be...

也许 远远抛开一切

梦与希望在飞 我向前去追
有目标就不累 等着我超越

Thursday, April 10, 2008

went to orchard road


went to orchard road today, wif jian hao and terrence...
cos jh looking for xiao zhu shop, open in singapore at far east...
we reach there around 2pm plus...however today was a rainy day...
we reach le, search and search for xiao zhu shop...and finally found it...
went in and see see...den jh ask the counter how much a shirt cost...
jh stun, cos 1shirt cost $94....
wow..too expensive ar...haha...
after looking for xiao zhu shop, we went to buy bubble tea and continues shop around the orcard..
bah bah bah..
cut short...cos i'm tired now..

we shop till 4.30like tat, den took bus 65 back to tampines...
long trip...haiz...
came back tampines le, i went to buy something and den...
came back to home again...

below more thing..i lazy to write le...
maybe will write next time....
Ended wif Cya

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Com upgraded

My Com Finally Upgrade Le!!! yay!
1GB RAM! enough for me to use...

today, early morning wake for the computer repairment to come and repair my com..
changed my ram from 256MB to
com speed fast now...haha...

while...didnt went out today...cos lazy ar...
play game at home wif ty...
and listen some song ...
another word.., today nothing much happen...haa..
so...less word for today! xD

New song and nice to listen from jay chou - 千山万水


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


歌名:千山万水 [2008年北京奥运会征歌作品]
曲:周杰倫 词:方文山

千山万水 无数黑夜 等一轮明月
梦的边陲 风吹不灭 从不感疲惫

东方无愧 第一是谁 让我们追求完美
我态度坚决 面朝北 平地一声雷

做好准备 这一回 起跑后绝不撤退
痛快一起 努力 的感觉
我们拥有 同样 的机会

梦想挟带眼泪 咸咸的汗水
你我同个世界 爱从中穿越
梦与希望在飞 我向前去追
有目标就不累 等着我超越

东方无愧 第一是谁 让我们追求完美
我态度坚决 面朝北 平地一声雷

做好准备 这一回 起跑后绝不撤退
痛快一起 努力 的感觉
我们 拥有 同样的 机会

梦想挟带眼泪 咸咸的汗水
你我同个世界 爱从中穿越

准备 这一回 起跑后绝不撤退
痛快一起 努力 的感觉
我们 拥有 同样的 机会

梦想挟带眼泪 咸咸的汗水
你我同个世界 爱从中穿越
梦与希望在飞 我向前去追
有目标就不累 等着我超越

Monday, April 7, 2008

Time for upgrading

Today, Monday,
Morning 10.30am, went for my haircut...haa..singapore hot ar...cut short better it xD
den, around 12pm plus, went out lunch wif terrence at his hus nearby there..
took bus 291 to there and went up to terrence hus first den go lunch together...
after eating, call up ty ..bahbahbah... too bad he not free today...

so, me and terrence in the end make up our mind and went to bugis simlim square look for PC RAM...cos we wanna upgrade our PC RAM in order to make our PC(computer) speed faster...
reach there around 2pm plus...walk up the simlim square... and saw alot diff type of RAM..
common RAM are DDR and DDR2...
start asking question about the RAM ....haiz...i listen till blur many thing nid to check before buying a RAM! ...
therefore, me and terrence went back home to check the type of RAM on our motherboard guide book....
i found mine is DDR...OMG, cos DDR is the old type one...and is expensive!!! arg!!!!
terrence lucky ar... is DDR2 de....
1GB of DDR RAM cost around $80plus
1GB of DDR2 RAM cost around $29 only...
see! the cost look so much difference!!! haiz...
tat y i say terrence are lucky.... xD

bah bah bah...

around 6.30pm, went out again, but this time wif look for his laptop bag....
cut short..
den, went to his hus to use com...cos my com sot sot le...
after 40min like tat, came back home...and i try on my PC...
and is ok... wth....
my com really sot ar...sometime ok sometime not.... haiz...
i think my com still playing april fool wif me ar.... wa...
while...gotta repair this coming wednesday...! xD

看见你的时候 我的心
会烧 会跳 会笑

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday family

Today, sunday.
another family day gathering for today.
went to my grandma hus in the morning near afternoon,
but first went to my miu mu hus "long bang" them to my grandma hus...haha..
gather le, eaten lunch and chat...
afterden, went down to AMK hub wif my cousins becos qingyi wan to change his thrumdrive...
lol lor...he brought 1 day den spoil le...haha...
powerful arh...haha...
why i said tat? haa...i heard the china guy say, wa, My 4GB haven spoil ur 2GB spoil
den, my cousin went back grandma hus to put his thrumdrive and went down to AMK hub again...
went to arcade play, as usual the game...
went to nebo eat and drink, ordered mango mania[mango 美娜] and cheese fries[cheese 苍蝇] lol... lame joke creator! xD somemore me and qingyi play betting in nebo...haha... i WIN ! xD
went to court see PC and laptop....saw some offer computer full set...cost less than $1300
around 3pm plus, went back grandma hus to rest....tired haha...
listen some song on my handphone and chat wif my cousin
den, eaten dinner and back to home again...


Friday, April 4, 2008





入海静听 自己的心声
追求梦想 达成希望

在小太阳 影子下
看见自己 看见希望
勇敢向前 种下希望
掌声是鼓励 气馁是绝望


双脚踩地 感觉分离
双手拍掌 感觉远离

我用我脚 走过每一天
我用我脚 走过每一年
我用我脚 上过山
我用我脚 下过海
我用我脚 踩过草
我用我脚 踩过土
在太阳下 我用我脚跑步
在月光下 我用我脚走路
最后 ,
我用我脚 结束这一切

好了,今天 这里我的


Thursday, April 3, 2008



多麼难忘 是你纯真的模样
突然的吻 弥漫著茶香
多麼向往 梦想总是在他方
你说等我 不管多漫长

你就是太阳 蒸发了彷徨
所以挖开土壤 种下希望 离开了故乡

看著你的眼眶 忍著泪 闪著光
我会很快回来 继续我们 未完的天堂
看著你的脸庞 微笑著 要我去闯
你的盼望 是我握在手中 小小的太阳

念念不忘 此刻应该是农忙
如繣风光 有你在歌唱
你就是太阳 照亮了方向
你让地球旋转 月亮发光 让我有翅膀

看著你的眼眶 忍著泪 闪著光
我会很快回来 继续我们 未完的天堂
看著你的脸庞 微笑著 要我去闯
你的盼望是我 握在手中 小小的太阳



OMG! My com Going Dead...
keep getting error logging on to window mode..
haiz,... now using safe mode to use msn and surf net...
arhgg.... com getting more problem nowadays...
so...wont be posting much...
is something like...MY COM PLAYING APRIL FOOL WIF ME!
haiz...wa lao....zzz...
i wan change my Hard Disk and RAM!!!!!!!!!

Today, 3/4/08。
went out wif terrence in the afternoon...
first, went to lunch...den went to pay something...
afterward, terrence came to my house awhile for resting..
den, went to rao TM again...haiz...being doing this since last 2-3days...
cos nothing to do...Bore~~~haha! xD
Here another day gone...lalala...
i wanna see u this coming weekend! xD
oh ya, some update had done on my playlist...
new song added - 小太阳 from 五月天 。。
i will post up the lyrics soon later...haha..
enjoy the song! xD


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool

HappY ApiRl FooL DaY!!!
1st day of april...and is april fool!!
are u the one being a fool ?

Today meet up wif terrence for lunch in the afternoon...
den, went to Tm Cd shop look up for jesscia Jay latest album...
haha...her latest album song nice ! xD
loving it...haha...

latest update tat, nicholas change back his name le...from Aloysius to Nicholas,
aloy to nic...
finding Jesscia Jay latest song...

here a short message for today!
April Fool XD
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