Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of July 2008

End of July Post.

HoHo... here, the end of july in 2008. haha, Morning having lesson teaching on creativity. So, some game are played. My group topic was on toothpick. lol, toothpick? we think VERY creativity! haha... So, when presentation tat time, lester said out the ans. lol, whole class laught lor...haha... of cos man! xD, our ans always funny but meaningful and make sense! :P
Well, u all might wanna noe toothpick can do wad right? here i list some below.
Toothpick can defend urself against enemy!
Toothpick can be used for the budget car's speedometer.
Toothpick can build a hus like 3 little pig hus.
Toothpick can be used to expand the life for fire. the few...

Nothing much to talk about today... but 1thing to noe is tat, chinese 7mth coming le... nid be more careful.. haha... Well, Tml morning got adobe premiere pro test, nid to do well on these test.. haha...! xD
k den, end here.
Wanna noe more about tml? just keep viewing my blog and u will noe ;)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never End

Recovering 90%

coming to the end of july,
Never End!

Morning, reached school around 8am. Met fazil,jackie and brandon, den we went to field to have our nafar test. As soon as, lester and other also came, the test start soon. But my class ppl still got some under sick, illness condition,nvm we just do it for today! xD

Well, As usual, i pass the 2.4km run, fazil was surpise lol, cos today he QUITE sick ar, but in the end still pass! of cos lester pass too! haha... Most of my classmate pass! but the most interesting part was, the pull up. LOL, 1 teacher say, "those one to surrender the pull-up come over here" lol, almost everyone go there lor... but i didnt... i manage to do 5... WA, but the lester hor.... DUNNO anyhow wack ar... DIDNT do at all, in the end result came out he said he do 2! lol...
me and fazil look at him like dunno wad to say also.... haha... after complete all the nafar station, we went to C1 and have our rest and drink.. Tired, yet quite fun! haha... lucky the afternoon mulitmedia class cancel! if not, sure half dead one...

LOL, during resting time, fazil told me *something* if his CPU 1 is not working and other part of COMPONENT nid to do backup! lol... here i list out wad is cpu and other component.
CPU1 and CPU2 - Nose
scanner+bluetooth - EYES
opital drive - mouth
hard disk and motherboard - Brain
haha, meanwhile, derek came in also to look for his friend... bleah bleah, my group continues our chatting shooting section. After awhile, we went to see jackie,bryan and brandon playing yu gi oh.. god, long time didnt touch those card le... xD, look awhile and den went to take bus home...

Reached home, planned to study some INFORMATION on adobe premiere pro cos this friday got test on it. And also draw out my draft 1 on web design. awgh... Met jian hao at the interchange around 5pm, accompany jian hao eat awhile den i went to popular to buy my sketch book. From now, i am going to draw all my design into tat sketch book i brought! haha...

Well, my post end here for today!
Have a nice day
Thank for reading! :)
*Smile Always*


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lucky today just tuesday

Still under recovering
Lucky today just tuesday.
my 321 Post,

While blogging, at the same time also conferening with fazil. haha, today fazil msg me tat he will not be able to attend the class lesson. Due to his sickness... haiz, my class ppl including me nowadays got bad flu and cough. Ok..., today lesson was such a short lesson, arh..boring~

Talk about fazil didnt attend school, this was his first time didnt attend! lol, lester and jackie was wondering round... lol, nvm, forget it! xD, Break time, break damn long, 2hrs plus... same thing, nothing to do, sit down there and drink plus chat. We chat about the taiwan show we watch, zhiyong watching 黑糖群俠傳 and for me, i am watching 篮球火. Discussion about this 2drama! haha...after long chat,bleah bleah.... den, went for multimedia lecture. However, school end around 4.45pm today, and overall was tiring day...

Money Not Enough 2 MUST watch!!! haha, past 10yrs, when i was in primary 2, i watch Money Not enough 1, NOW, 10yrs later, in upper secondary, MUST watch part 2! haha... well, i will write more about it when i watch this movie! haha...

Cast: Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee
Director: Jack Neo
Genre:Comedy/ Drama
Language: Mandarin
Release Date:31 July 2008
Running Time:126 minutes

End here!~
thank for viewing :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

bad flu day

bad flu
Qiuck Post for Today.

What a Sick Day...Having Bad flu today... haiz, not only me, my classmate and teacher also got it. lol, den all blame 1guy which was lester! haha... joker~, well, today in school quite relaxing, do some worksheet. So, go online awhile and goggle search for ans. But the lucky things was that, fazil found the worksheet ANS sheet on the goggle! LOL, Me,jackie,lester keep saying he hacker... HAHA...No choices, due to our flu/sick,we just copy down all the ans into our worksheet.

Post Cut short for today* Well, Reached home around 2.45pm, Go online and watch 籃球火 [Hotspot]. WOW, this latest drama damn cool lo... I like the basketball style very much! well, i write more in detail next time.

Sleeping Early than ur FACES!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday not boring

Dark Knight and the kids! haha

Me & Dark Knight !

Edited using Photoshop

Cute pink monkey (limited Edition)!

Saturday not boring
Took a picture with dark Knight Today!

Today, called terrence come out accompany walk Tampines Mall. First, around 12.45pm, walk to terrence hus around to eat my lunch. Ate Toast duck rice, and after eating, went to tampines mall to shop. Well, my project in this school, i decided to create a SE&LG handphone website by using adobe flash. So, went to tm look for handphone shop, see the model and noe them well. Few min later, quite boring, so went buy bubble tea and walk to my hus area. As soon as terrence drink finish his bubble tea, He went to my hus area coffeeshop to had his lunch. LOL.

During terrence eating time, we chat and now den i noe when terrence nothing to do at home, he start to delete ppl from his contact list through friendster,msn,handphone contact list. lol, he said : "Deleting is fun,dont u agree?" LOL, he delete untill very fun ar... haha... Rest awhile, and we walk back to tampines mall again, cos looking for inner ear earpiece. went to courts and Best look for it. haha, all cost so expensive lo... Maybe i buy during the sept PCshow this year. haa..

Therefore, we also went into the toyzerus, saw ppl having competition on rubies cubes and also saw dark knight (Batman)! haha... someone cosplay it... :P Me and terrence also nothing to do till play those toy at there... At one time, the dark knight walk near toward our area and one guy came and ask me:
The Guy: Do u want to have a picture with dark knight?
Me: hmm..hmm...erm... ok!
lol, was shock at tat time, cos a guy suddenly walk toward me and ask me to take picture. Nvm, picture taken! haha... Cool! Still remember young time, during primary school time, like to watch batman,spiderman,ironman,power ranger or pokemon cartoon on the tv kid cental. Till now, same thing but in movie version! haha... Well, after that, took a walk again inside tm and went back to home.

Time goes Fast and tats all for today! I think i nid to start working on my project oready. Cos Friday nid to submit the first draft! Well, finally decision, make handphone Flash website! haha...

My Post of Part 2~
Thank for ur reading!
-Take Care-



人都有活在小时候的时候,最近听了南拳妈妈的[再见 小时候] 让我怀恋小时候的我。记得当年小学里的钟声,老师朋友们,穿上校服上学的时候,等等。。。一直到中学,认识了不少朋友,成绩也不烂,和朋友一起奋斗‘N’和 ‘O’Level 的时候。失败成功不重要,最重要的是得到经验!。
一直到现在的我。想起小时候的我有时还真的很懵懂,做事有时都blur blur 的。时光静静地走,刚刚不久过了18岁生日。一转眼也就18岁了,也算是正正的成年人吧,思想也要成熟了。今年18岁生日,已经有1个愿望实现了,下一个就看命运的安排吧。


词:弹头/宇豪   曲:宇豪

(宇豪) 有一天我 翻开旧旧的相簿
上面写着 给最心爱的宝物
里面有我 穿幼稚园的制服
还有一张是 我妈妈的笑容
(弹头) 突然发现 时间变得很仓促

(Lara&宇豪) 透明糖果罐 (张杰) 请快融化完
(Lara&宇豪) 缤纷的气球 (张杰) 在离开中飘散
(宇豪) 我们就这样静静捡起了勇敢
(Lara&宇豪) 隔壁班的女孩 (张杰) 我喜欢的女孩
(Lara&宇豪&张杰) 她从来不爱我
(张杰) 抽屉还摆着被退回的温柔

旧 旧的围墙外头
悄悄围起 未来的轮廓

(童声) 再见了小时候 懵懂的我
现在的梦 已经成熟
风在朗诵 下课的钟
(合唱) 鲜嫩的梦已经熟透

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just 1more mark

Just 1more mark!
Dont say so loud.

Having the last lesson on adobe premiere pro this morning. Haa, Learn alot of new things, well, in between the lesson, teacher call us one by one to check for the multimedia mark for the class test. At first, Me and fazil were worry about the result came out fail, but not. I let fazil go first to check the mark, follow by me. Haiz, sad to say that i miss 1more mark to get A grade in this test! WA! damn "bad mood". However, fazil score 76! he heart more pain, cos nid 4more mark to get A grade.

Well, School release, went to have our lunch. Ate and chat within the period, LOL lo, zhiyong favourite action: Middle Finger. Lester keep acting like zhiyong and our group keep on laughting. After zhiyong and lester went to see shriyln pool competition, Here terrence came. well, me and fazil accompany him ate lunch and rest awhile, went to play badminton.
Since me and fazil are not happy with the release we got. So during badminton time, MANY "interesting" things happened!
First round, Smack badminton match VS with:
Me vs Fazil : (Smack)
Me vs Terrence (Smack)
Me vs Lester (Smack)
Me vs Zhiyong (Smack)

Second Round, normal badminton played :
Me vs Fazil vs terrence vs lester vs zhiyong

For Third Round, jackie came and played with his friend.

Today the badminton shutter cock not happy with 2ppl lo, keep hitting terrence and fazil. LOL, and oh ya, terrence~~~ today dunno who ar... keep saying me....~~~! Few min later, jackie came! haha, today my group all here :P, good thing to say tat my group all here but sad to say tat today actually no badminton training. So all of us went home early.

Reached home, take a rest for awhile and have my bath, den went out meet jerome and jian hao around 4.30pm. well, today jerome is going crazy!!! few day no see and he become sot liao! lol, me and jh at there $%^&##^#&#@Q@... lol. As usual, brothers meet up and chat with a cup of drink. haha...

Tats all for today,
more update coming up tml!
Have a nice day~!


Thursday, July 24, 2008



Blog $ increase! xD

Firstly, i wanna thank the 2 regular ppl who visit my blog and click the advertisement! Cos today i went to check for my blog $ and it increase! haha...Thank nuffnang, thank friends! xD Here credit to these 3guys: Lester,Fazil and Terrence. My regular customer visit my blog! ")
of cos, i also wanna thank to those ppl visiting my blog for the past few week and this week. Do contiunes clicking the advertiser! haha...

Well, today school release early. So, reached home to go online search search thing. Few min later, terrence online.. lol, this guy tok crap man! keep having a LONG conversation about SOMEone! Veri bad hor... if i show the msg to the SOMEone, i think there will be a mushroom cloud over tampines places! LOL!

Alright den, i end my post for today here.

Have A nice Day!~


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My wednesday Msg

My Wednesday Msg

Y are u so serious? lets put some smile on your FACE!

Here, some language u all might not be understand, cos hokkien mix english, english mix chinese, chinese mix hokkien. lol. let me list 1example here:
car (脚) (in hokkien)
ok before i start my blog for today, just wanna make some "Preview" sentence during the past few day:
To Lester Mum:
Past 2day, 21 of july, which was monday, we were releasing early on tat day! xD, This becos due to our CMOS teacher is not here and the lesson had bring forward. haha ")

Well, Morning was having a heavy rain! but lucky reached school early wif terrence. During JAVA lesson time, was screw up by this JAVA code! argh!!! keep erroring! haiz... den, go login my msn to chat wif friend awhile.. but the most stupid chat was chatting with zhiyong! COS he just sitting beside me only~~ LOL. during the lesson, our teacher said 1sentence : "u all are here becos u all had done something wrong in the past". wa sei! lol, all of us start saying after we heard this sentence.. lol...

Java lesson end at 11am, and for, we had our lunch at around 11am plus. After eating, as usual, find one place sit down and start conversation. lol, this lester damn hao lian today hor, showing this Iphone to fazil... lol, their 2 conservation start and me & zhiyong sit beside keep watching... LOL, but hor, lester today said one sentence:
Lester: haiya, u see, u all nid work den got $, see i no nid work also got $
Me/zhiyong/fazil: WA! like tat la... hao lian sia... i noe u rich ma... lol..

This Few days, My school "ERP" are ON. but i insert cashcard without cash! LOL, too bad la... my group car are the fastest one... before the "ERP" see us, we had drive dunno how many Km. away le.. haha..

Bleah Bleah Bleah, after few minutes of crap talking, went up for multimedia lecture. As usual~, but good news was tat, after the lecture, my class can go home early... lol... and so on, i stop here about things happened in school today.

Some LAME Joker can be make/said or created at any foodcourt stall or coffeeshop:
FOR Chicken Rice Stall:
Aunty, 1plate of chicken rice dunwan chicken!
FOR Bubble Tea Stall:
Erm, give me 1normal bubble tea, dunwan tea but wan bubble!
FOR Fishball noddle Stall:
1 fishball noddle without fishball!
lol, u try say infornt of those seller, i bet u no "Next Morning" to see. haha! xD

At home, Friendster commenting on matthew today! LOL, this guy joker sia, ppl make fruit juices he make brain juices. Here his secret recipe on BRAIN JUICES!

1. Close ur eyes
2. Try to think very fast and force ur brain to think about ur mission or target.
3. Soon your brain will squeeze.
4. It will explode.
5. Take a cup
6. Collect the juice that jus explode from ur brain and put them in the cup
7. Ur tasty brain punch is made out already!
Enjoy the recipe. LOLS!!! My secret recipe. HAHAHA!

LOL, this guys evil sia... but nvm, i noe how to counter back! :P lala~
Some update here.
On Friendster:
1. This week(21/7- 25/7) will be non-private to all public but next week onward will be offical private back again! cos SOMEone i found back le.
2. Maintain my friendster profile coming soon, due to changing of background.
On Imeem:
New song added.
On Blog link:
So far noe matthew blog link, but fazil & jiali where ur link??
On Taiwan Drama:
This week [27/7/08] sunday, 篮球火 offical release on GTV!

Tats all for today!
have a nice day reader and viewer :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SOMEone yet DUNNO who

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Life like black pepper
Dunno "WHO"

lol, today lester reached school damn early man! lol, well, today teacher didnt come again, so me and fazil said tat, story change again. Lesson normal today. Lunch time, ordered black pepper chicken rice! damn nice ar! haha... Since to the 2hrs 30min break, after eating, started talk crap lo... haha, and of cos, my group including me created some new quote to counter back ppl again... haha... but today my group shoot conversation among ourself lo...We show no mercy to our member today, likewise, i used my quote alot time to counter ppl in my group! haha... read down to noe more!

After lunch break, went for multimedia lecture class. Quite a short lecture yet fun! haha.. Cos today lecturer teach about RASTER and VECTOR. then, me and fazil keep saying, RASTER "LESTER" LOL, sitting infornt the qiaoer also keep laughing... hahahaha.... "RASTER" "LESTER" sound nice! :P lala~

Well, lecture end early but still got an assignment after the lecture. Its on printer. Thoery for the test is quite easy BUT the problem come to the printer! cannot share print!... wasted so many time at there! argh!!!~~~ no choice, just do some small little trick to pass this assginment~
After the test finish, class end. As usual went home. during on the way to bus stop, some joke created by lester,me,fazil. its a Hao lian Joke:
Lester: haiya, my phone iphone sia, argh, see see see....
ME: haiya, my phone got 5mpx argh.....
Fazil: haiya, these 2 phone only...wanna see mine anot...
Lester: Oh better not,if not more worst Lol....
Jackie this innocent guys, do nothing but also drag him down to the conversation... haha....
lalala~So on, back home around 5pm.

Tats all, End here.
the "SOME"one! :)



初次见面就占据我心中 无数星空只为了你等候
每个角落 擦肩而过 被缘分捉弄
突然相遇在转角的街头 太多感动我只想对你说
快乐难过 不能错过 对你的承诺

我不太浪漫 你说很习惯
握紧你的手 用全力向天空尽情呐喊

我会很爱你 一百个世纪
很爱很爱你 没人能代替
未来旅行 Walkman记录着爱情
我的心 永远不变
我会很爱你 黑夜到黎明
很爱很爱你 四季不休息
打开Walkman 随时就能听见你
Feel my heart 我最爱最爱的你

我会很爱你 一百个世纪
很爱很爱你 没人能代替
未来旅行 Walkman记录着爱情
我的心 永远不变
我会很爱你 用我的生命
很爱很爱你 你给我勇气
Feel my heart 我最爱最爱的你

作曲:张杰 作词:吴宁军

下雨天了怎么办 我好想你
不敢打给你 我找不到原因
什么失眠的声音 变得好熟悉
沉默的场景 做你的代替 陪我听雨滴

谁和我一样 等不到他的谁
爱上你我总在学会 寂寞的滋味
一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪 一个人好累

怎样的雨 怎样的夜 怎样的我能让你更想念
雨要多大 天要多黑

其实 没有我你分不清那些 彻别
别说你会难过 别说你想改变

谁和我一样 等不到他的谁
爱上你我总在学会 寂寞的滋味
一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪 一个人好累

怎样的雨 怎样的夜 怎样的我能让你更想念
雨要多大 天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴
其实 没有我你分不清那些 彻别
别说你会难过 别说你想改变

怎样的雨 怎样的夜 怎样的我能让你更想念
雨要多大 天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴
其实 没有我你分不清那些 彻别
别说你会难过 别说你想改变

Monday, July 21, 2008

looking forward

F1 advertise! Thank Nuffnang once again! $

5,4,3,2,1 view? lol

Looking Forward on u

2 new song release!

Alright, let me see how to start the blog for today. First, ok, lester and fazil wan me to write these, Today lesson end pretty EARLY! lol, end at 11am. first time sia, monday lesson so early end! xD
So, i bring my group(lester,jackie,fazil) down to look for terrence look... heehee... Just nice terrence buying food, haha, we went over and tok some crap....hahaha.... owned~!

Oh well, today was a rainy day... but lucky during tat time i was at home listening song...At home studying for tml test on printer. Meanwhile, also wait for jian hao to release. He release at 5pm, quite late, accompany him ate mac. Ordered Extra meal upsize and gotten the olympic glass cup! haha.

At night, called terrence for chatting. haha, We talk back the past time lame joke. However, i told him my group everyweek will create few new joke. well, in this world, u got $ u win, u no $ u lose. Same thing as talking among friends. U talk back fast u win, u think think den talk back, u lost. haha...

K here, 2 new chinese song release today! :
苍天 - 李玖哲
我会很爱你 - 言承旭
More and more new chinese song coming up! haha! lyric will post up when it release! xD
and oh ya, some picture taken today but i next time den upload it.

Tats all for today!
thank for ur reading! :)

很爱 很爱 你

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crap talk

my crap talk.

Morning went to my grandma hus for a visit, reached there nearly noon time, so had my lunch. den, accompany my cousin went down buy shoes and so on, after buying shoes, went to mac to eat. Ordered Mac Spicy Meal with upSize and free an olympic glass cup! Cool! haha...
After eating, rest awhile and went back grandma home to online msn for chatting. Anyway, back home around 7pm!

Oh god, coming the End of july... This mean tat, more and more test coming up the following week. Project 3 on adobe premiere pro and project 4 on creating a poster through photoshop or flash. but on the other hand, also watching [Money not enough2] and [mummy 3]. lol, maybe i will setter the test in the day and movie at night... oh well, this coming week got 1CMOS test on printer.

Well, here some update:

3 new song recently listen:
1。维他命C我加你 - 林宇中
2。转机 - 潘玮柏
3。再见小时候 - 南拳妈妈
ok here, gonna post the 9 question or word we human usually will ask in a day :
now is wad time?
where to eat?
wad to eat/drink?
are u free today?
where u going to?
wanna come out?
how to do this?
wad time u slping?
where to meet?

Below here the word we human usually say in a day:
its ok/hi/bye.
Good morning/good nite.

Life interesting right? same word, but can repeat through different friends around you. haha!

Tats all for today!
Nice day~


Saturday, July 19, 2008

liu li yang and yoga lin autograph session photo gallery

刘力扬 & 林宥嘉 Autograph session photo

Photo gallery.

Rainy day today, yet went to autograph session at bugis square level 1. Today autograph session was on yogo lin and liu li yang! wow, so many ppl there supporting... well, liu li yang came onto the stage first and she intoduce her album first.
Song sang just now are:
我就是这样 & 眼泪笑了
Follow by yoga lin came onto stage and this time they both sang the song [传说]. Due to the heavy rain, So, after they sing finish 传说, i went off the place. But overall there quite high la~ haha... above some photo to share!~



Friday, July 18, 2008

Wonderful with you

Wonderful with you

Post About,
During school and after school.

First, i write about things happened During school. Today almost late for lesson! lesson start at 9am, but me and fazil reached school at 8.57am! omg, nearly late man.. haha, but i think i know tat, the teacher more late! lol. During the waiting time, bryan was shoot by me! lol, i shoot conversation to him untill he nothing to say...
This how its goes....

Bryan: i watch the hell boy 2 and how come the hellboy is green and not red.
Me : aiya, u watch the pirated one right...
Bryan: The dark knight............ joker.....
Me: aiya, u dunno right, see ur innocent face know
Bryan: lol, wad my innocent noe oready..
Bryan: eh, how come the 2 teacher always come together?
Me: u jealous right....k la, next time u will be walking with the teacher! haha
Bryan: lol, haha, nonono, kk, u win u win.
Me: LOL, i always win...lalala

Haha, after this conversation, teacher came. Lesson start per normal but the only things is tat, it releasing early today. So, learned adobe premiere pro on editing in audio, and some interesting thing i dunno is tat, how to create the title using "Star War Effect". But in the end, me and fazil knew it. haha, alright, 11am, school release.

Jian Hao den come to look for me, cos he going badminton wif me. So, firstly, Me, fazil , zhi yong and lester having our lunch. Den, after lunch, zhi yong and lester go first, cos they got something on! alright, lester not going badminton today... and this why today training look so blue...kinda boring but know new friends through out the training! haha...

During badminton time, played with Shuan chan, fazil, jian hao and some other friends in that sport hall. lol, match got win got lose, so just play wadever u can.... lalala....
actually, we are waiting for the attendent list to be mark and go. However, my training end at 4pm sharp! I quickly rush home to rest and prepare, cos something on at night. haha

After School
Reached home, msn chat with bernice awhile and also double check with terrence where he located. bleah bleah bleah, time nearly 7pm, met bernice at the tampines mrt control station. So, while waiting for terrence, me and she went up to the tm and wait... Wa Lao, me and bernice wait him untill....$%^&#$#^ so long...

So, chat awhile till terrence reached. Went to foodcourt makan. During eating time, arrow flying around ... lol, bernice there keep laughing and laughing...hahahaha...aiya.. dunno how to say la.. but very interesting! haha
After eating, walk outside the timezone area, stand there and chat... lol, we been standing there for dunno how many min lo...but i think got 30min like, tok crap along... shoot here shoot there... as long as keep wont stop one... After tat, started to walk, so, we walk walk walk... century square some "area" and we stand and tok crap again! LOL, but i like the last question bernice ask.
Bernice: 现在几点?
Me: 比刚才多一点。。
HAHA! yes! finally someone ask me this question today! i been waiting for so long liao lor.... hahaha... :P
So, tats all for today, went back home around 9.30pm!
enjoyed my day today! wee...

Tats all!
Have a nice day! :)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking about

Thinks of Ideas

Well, here another day for me. Lesson morning taught on write a "compo" so called ur favour story. Me and fazil was wonder tat how long long time we didnt touch or read a single story book. Screw up by this topic! oh god! but in the end, i told fazil tat, how about we write a story about KUNGFU PANDA! LOL, good idea right? haha, So we decided to write that story.
ok, morning case end!

Recently, my group created a special name of the catcher of DM, called "ERP". which mean when u saw him or walk pass, u for sure must insert ur "CashCard". Today was lucky man, saw the DM 2time! however, my group didnt insert any cashcard, but still nv kana caught ar... haha, cos our eyes very sharp! saw "ERP", we "straight away turn another road to drive"! lol

Recently again, i had create some layout about my "own" short video on credit. By using adobe photoshop and Premiere Pro. i think i will post it up when overall complete, cos still nid to improve some part of the credit and layout. So far, i am still waiting for fazil the [Zil production] to send me his logo or name, to for me to display on the credit board! lol, Hpility production from me and Zil production from fazil! haha... Dont think Creating a thing using adobe is easy... it takes about 3-5day to create one part of the video!....




Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here the blog for today,

Since wednesday, so here my morning java lesson again. Was lucky today, java lesson still understandable through out whole lesson. if not, my brain will gone crazy ar...
lol, lunch time, ate some cheap food together wif my group of mate. and oh ya, forgot add one more sentence in which lester keep saying recently,
He said : "I love pink, becos it make me feel more gay~"
LOL, joker lo... :P

Afternoon, was having our multimedia class, teaching on how to make credit at the end of movie. Oh god, its easy man! xD haha, i gonna create one credit for my group, haa, so far under planning,free time den create. Adobe Premiere Pro Make me Pro! LOL, this wad we keep saying today :P haha, Nowadays, school release early due to some changes of lesson.

Ok here, i wanna thank to all the viewer and reader who visit my blog, cos recently my blog view are increasing! Keep Viewing everyone! haha, very thank for all ur support! xD

Some update on the autograph session this coming saturday:

[林宥嘉 & 刘力扬] 神秘嘉宾 我就是这样 签名会
This coming Saturday at bugis square level 1 @ 3.30pm!


叶乃文 [舞是刀] 签名会 at bishan J8 @ 5pm


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shooting conversation Day

Joker around us!
Topic: Shooting conversation Day

Schooling day again~, in the morning, terrence late again! wa! wa! wa! but nvm. So, while waiting, saw bernice again! xD, checkmate! plan A success! :P
Stopped and chat wif her awhile....After she go, terrence came.
To Bernice(Long lost tps friend): PS, keep forgeting ur name, but this time will remember! haha, cos it had locked into my brain! :P Miss ya~

Morning lesson teacher teaching half-way, and good news for us was tat, in the afternoon multimedia lecture is cancel! LOL, i miss multimedia ar :P lalalaa~ tats why school release early today! xD
Jump to lunch time in school. Having lunch time @ 10.45am,wow so early. Well, lunch time, shaun chan called me while i finding space to sit, So, walked over shaun chan there and sit, and saw nicholas too. lol, long time no see nicholas!, and let why i shoot u alot of conversation today! xD haha... but i think today was a conversation shooting day ar, why? read more further down and u will noe why! ~
Lunch Time, me and fazil ate nasi lamak, den after lunch,Me, Lester and jackie brought a cone ice-cream
To Lester & Jackie: yummy! ice-cream taste nice!
After eating, while resting, chat wif shaun chan and nicholas... lol, joke created.
To Nicholas & Shuan Chan: Hey guys, dont think long time no see me, my joke deprove ar...haha

Time around 12pm, we got up to our class lesson and this time the lesson was such a fun ar! LESTER the important shooting person, shoot conversation over the class... lol, whole class just keep on laughting and laughting! HAHA, lucky me, fazil and jackie just judge! xD
To Lester again: hey, i noe u wont shoot me,fazil,jackie, cos we under same group. haha, we only help each another, not kill each another! :P haha

ok, tml i will update the this coming week autograph session. Sianz sia, now going to rain, listening song and chat wif friends. Ok now, waiting for matthew and fazil blog url link, wonder when u 2 creating blog... haha...

Tats all for today,
Have a nice day!

一成飞 一成飞





是苦还是甜,想起我的脸, 希望不是眼泪的咸.


歌名:心战 [电影《赤壁》主题曲]

翻天覆地携手浪逐浪 千杯不醉只醉月光
会心一笑不必讲 对看 一切都雪亮

赤手空拳心机里攻防 铁壁铜墙也敢碰撞
今生不枉这一趟 烈火 烧出凤凰

把累风干 这一仗 心的战场
赢得漂亮 一起上 输也坦荡
谁怕夜长 狂啸当歌 相知 最难忘
滚滚长江 滚烫 依旧在胸膛
狂啸当歌 何妨
惊涛裂岸 不枉

拖口成句意短却情长 千杯不醉只醉月光
会心一笑不必讲 对看 一些都雪亮
赤手空拳心机里攻防 铁壁铜墙也敢碰撞
今生不枉这一趟 烈火 烧出凤凰

心理交战 这一仗 心的战场
以战止战 一起上 痛快一场
谁怕夜长 狂啸当歌 相知 最难忘
滚滚长江 滚烫 依旧在胸膛
狂啸当歌 何妨 惊涛裂岸 不枉
这一刻 在何方 这一杯 我先干
为你受过伤 是我的勋章
多少的悲欢 都尽付笑谈
今夜这月光 先喝光

Monday, July 14, 2008




今天,Fazil 被我的blog给吸引(influence)了!哈哈,因为只要在blog放广告(Advertiser)就有钱拿!他听了马上哇了一下!说:“I also wan go create blog oready, cos can earn $!”
是啦,用nuffang来advertise的都知道有钱拿,所以只好等Fazil 的blog url Link。
她~ 的微笑。

时间da~ti~la 跳

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nice Sky

Today the sky damn nice! haha,

Meet up wif jian hao for lunch in the afternoon today. while walking, saw zheng rong and ya ting outside the Tampines Mrt station, well, i stop and chat wif them awhile, cos it have been long time didnt see them le. haha. After that, Me and jianHao went to the near by interchange foodcourt to had our lunch. Weather Hot but the sky were nice!

After eating, we went to Ehub to buy bubble tea. Here, Ehub got one store called "Cup Walker" which was the bubble tea shop at the 1st floor. The bubble tea taste nice! and also the cup was big too! nowadays, we brought bubble tea from [sweet talk] but here the new shop call "Cup walker" located inside the Ehub. Well, the price for sweet talk bubble tea was $1.50, while Cup walker cost $1.60, although 10cent different, but is worth it to buy from Cup walker cos the cup was large! lol, Me and JianHao carry the bubble Tea walk from Ehub to pasir ris interchange and still haven drink finish! and after drink finish, stomach was full like !@#$ Ended back to tampines mall around 4pm plus, Shop time, saw some friends and of cos replied them by waving hand or hi. lol, keep telling JianHao today, 我缺少女性朋友!ya la, quite true la... haha.

Add on: Thank to nuffnang for the Advertiser!

Ok, Some update here for everyone:
New song added into my imeem :

Thats all for today!
There some autograph session coming this weekend
i will update them when the time come by! xD
Thank for ur reading! :)



演唱:林宇中 林俊杰
作词:林宇中 林俊杰

林宇中:我再也没办法形容她有多美 她的周围
有太多人献媚 抢一朵玫瑰 抢得我好累
林俊杰:我再也没办法预知她的迁回 进而又退
我精神快崩溃 一堆傻男人为了她不睡 太愚昧 却舍不得撤退

林宇中:抢手的玫瑰 迷恋等于给她水
林俊杰:虚荣的作祟 越抢她越陶醉
林宇中:她没有 不爱谁
林俊杰:也没有 选择谁

林宇中:抢手的玫瑰 总有一天会枯萎
林俊杰:会否没人追 怀念当初有我陪
林宇中:她的泪 太虚伪
:抢一颗心碎 抢到所有人伤痕累累


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Belated Birthday

belated Birthday.

Met my cousin and he help me celebrate my belated birthday today! xD, Firstly, i went to AMK and walk to his secondary school gate and wait for him. Since he release at 12pm, so i reached there at 12! After he release, we decided to go AMK hub cathay buy the movie [Red Cliff] ticket. Red cliff this movie nice lor, must watch! After buying the ticket, we went up to grandma hus and rest for awhile, den went down to lunch. lol, Since cousin treat today, So, we went to NEBO to eat! wow, i ordered the teriyaki chicken sandwich, taste yummy! i will eat tat again next time! xD haha.

Well, Our movie start at 4.40pm and of cos our seat i had choose the back row! haha, But before the movie start, time around 2pm plus, we went to bishan J8 to walk. den, about 3pm plus near 4pm, we get back to AMK hub cathay and brought our things before wenting into the cinema.
lol, in order save $, we went to NTUC fairprice to buy mineral water, cost $0.35 each. lol, Went in NTUC buy less than 80cent things. haha. After that, my cousin also brought the crispy chicken meat inside the cathay cinema. Time reached 4.30pm and the hall had open for the public to enter. So, we went in and sit till the movie start! xD

Ok, i dont write much about red cliff, but i can said that, this movie worth 5stars! haha, although just Red Cliff Part 1. For now, i am waiting the Part 2 to release, haha, part 2 is all about the fighting part against Cao Cao! haha...

Actually today wanna update my imeem song, but due to my internet keep dc, so i will update tml or later. Anyway, thank all to my cousin today! xD thank for the Nebo treat! haha...

抢手的玫瑰 迷恋等于给她水
虚荣的作祟 越抢她越陶醉

Friday, July 11, 2008

18th Birthday 2008

11/07/08, Friday
my 300Post for Today!
Happy Birthday to me~
Offical 18th Today!

Yeah! Finally it reaches the 18th birthday in my life! haha, Firstly, i wanna thank all the friends who wish me the birthday greeting! nvm, i will listed out one by one later! haha.
Above the birthday cake is send by Blingee website, haa, thank for tat! :)

In the morning, Turned on my handphone, received lots of birthday wishes from my classmate! thank anyway. Well, reached school, having multimedia lesson in the morning. Student came in, said happy birthday to me, lol, they greet me rather dan teacher :P, haha. Lesson today was editing of video using adobe premium pro, i can said that "WOW", so fun to play with it! haha.
Btw, today my group, we sit together, haha.

I finished my video editing early, and i got dismiss first. haha, something on ar. den, i met jerome cos he also release at the same time as me. We went home, took a change and came out again.
For Birthday today, went out with primary school brothers to celebrate! haha, we brothers i think got more than 5yrs liao! xD, Once again, i still wanan thank to those ppl who came on the seoul graden celebration! especially FAZIL!, he paid $14 just go in there ate 4fruit! *Smile*

From Blingee:
celestial90, Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great day! Celebrate, have fun, and take lots of pictures! :-)

Ok now, gonna list out all the ppl who given me the birthday wishes, through handphone sms/call ,Msn, friendster comment,facebook and imeem. I make it goes by "Award", So check out ur Name below! Well, relax guys, everyone will got a chance to get this award! haha

[Below here are the Nominated Name(Not In Order)] (keeps update) :
- Marcus
- QingYi
- Yan zhuang
- Jeremy
- Brandon
- Jeremy Quek
- JunHao
- ZhiYong
- Lester Tan
- Fazil
- Bryan
- Jackie Tan
- Derek
- Dilah
- Kirby Yeo
- ShiQi
- Huining
- Evon
- Joanna Lee
- XiangHui,
- Magdalene
- Jason Chong
- QiaoEr
- Shirlyn
- Kenneth
- Jiali
- Rose
- Jerome Tan
- JianHao
- Terrence
- Thiam you
- Eunice
- C_R_I_S
- Chow Chow
- 丑小妹 Joeyi
- Gui Qing
- ShiYong
- JunYong
- Charmaine
- Charlene
- Glory
- kyril soul
- Alvin
- Winnie
- Sean Koh
- Sharianie
- Matthew
- JunQi
- Nikki
- Hiu Kwan
- Martin
- koon wei

Award Presentation Now:

Best "Birthday Wishes Award" :
- Lester Tan & Zhiyong
ok, here their comment:

Hey hp !Happy 18th birthday !hope you enjoy this special day of yours ,as it only will happen once . lol .alright take care and have fun .see you in school tmr and i'll get you a properbirthday greeting ! :D (From: LesterTan)

Happy 18th Birthday! Good Luck in whatever things you do. This the real formal birthday grats! (From: ZhiYong)

Best "Short Wishes Award" :
- Jeremy Quek, QingYi, Jeremy, JunHao, JiaLi,rose,YunY, YanZhuang,Jason Chong,XiangHui, Bryan, Fazil, Brandon, Shiqi, Evon,Huining, Eunice, Sean Koh,Winnie and ShiYong

(My Reply): Thank u all once again! take care and have a nice day! haha.

Best "Touching Wishes Award" :
- Dliah, Kirby Yeo, Derek, Kenneth, Shirlyn, Magdalene, Lester Tan,Matthew, JunQi, Nikki and Joanna Lee
here the comment :
Hie Hie!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Happy Birthday ar!! Hahaha. 18 years old liao. Haha. Good luck and hope ur wishes comes true!! All da best!! =D hope you enjoy ur day!! Haha. (From: Matthew)

yo. Hp,wish euu a very Happy and sweet Birthday!! Wish euu do all things also smooth smooth.Wish euu walk down the stairs wun fall down. XDTake care!! stay healthy always!! (:
(From: Shirlyn)

Best "Birthday Picture Wishes Award" :
- 丑小妹 Joeyi
(My Reply) : Nice Picture comment, thank for the birthday wishes! =D

Best "Brothers Award" :
- Jerome Tan, JianHao,Thiam You, Terrence

Best "Joker Birthday Wishes Award" :
- Thiam You & Joanna Lee
here the comment:
I'll Just wish u a happy bday 1st...hope ur 'Companies' 7/11 and HP are doing well (From: Joanna Lee)
Since you birthday i give you one kiss *kiss face* (From: Thiam You)

Some Update here on 11/7/08!
3G iPhone offical release today! For more info, go to this web:
Red Cliff Movie release today, More Info, go this web:

Rating: PG
Consumer Advice: Battle Scenes
Genre: Drama, Action
Language: Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles
Director: John WooCast: Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lin Chi-ling
林宇中最新专辑《干物世界》Release! , more info:

Tats all for today :)
thank to everyone once again!
Enjoy and have fun! haha

Happy Birthday

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seoul Graden 2008

Seoul Graden 2008 - Advance Birthday!

Thursday, now 8.33pm
Few more hrs to go 18!
haha, xD

Yay! Few more hrs to my birthday! haha, having an advance birthday celebration with friends after school today. We went to Seoul Graden to eat, Friends including; Fazil, lester,zhiyong and terrence.
Reached Seoul graden around 12.45pm nearly 1pm. Paid and entered. lol, Total for 5 of us cost $70.55, somemore was student price, yet expensive...for ur more infomation: each person cost $14.15! haha...

Well, we setter down and prepare to get food to cook and eat. 1st round, taken alot of meat,veg, bleah bleah bleah... I like the curry chicken although it taste abit spicy! haha, During the Cooking process, we all kana heated by the oil lo... terrence and lester quite funny ar, so called kana the most! haha..., while fazil, he taken fruit and eat cos he said he not so hungry... BUT i still wanna said thank to fazil for coming :)

We quickly end the 1st round of eating and goes for 2nd round. xD , Same things, food were taken, but this time, we take those food we like to eat it. Food were cooked by us, lester keep creating joke among us, lol, and we keep laughting. haha. well, we eat and eat but still not full for us, cos only 2nd round. But this time, fazil goes off first cos he got something on...onces he went off, we carry on to 3rd Round! lol, the person at there also looking at us.... haha, we ate alot! btw, 1round got 4-5plate! In the meantime, also saw QiaoEr Group outside the seoul graden. But they didnt came in ate. nvm la, thank for 捧场啊!哈哈。。。

Eat Eat and Eat, till 3rd round finish! This time abit full liao,
lester said: 4th round now,
we: 'WA!'
I,terrence,zhiyong: relax la, 4th round ice-cream...

lol, yea, there ice-cream taste nice too and we also eaten some japanese food.
well, quite nice eating wif u all guys! haha, thank for the celebration! XD
Overall, we called the helper to help us take a photo inside the seoul graden. haha, nice took :)

We leave the seoul graden around 3.45pm and went to walk in the tampines mall. There also a Hokkaido Fair in tampines mall, we went down and took a tour around there, lester brought something for himself to eat as well as for his mum. LOL, he likes hokkaido food so much....
lastly, Back to Home around 4pm plus.

Above those picture show the fun in seoul graden, some of the picture are lost cos just now transfering picture to com, my com suddenly down... but nvm, some nice pic still there :)

Tats all for today!
Few more hrs to goes... ...
To Offical 18 Year Old.
haha, thank for ur viewing and reading.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


2more day left to 18

Was Raining in the morning, but when i wanna went out to school that time, it stop! haha.
Screw up with java lesson Today!. We are given a DIY task on how to control the Clock by using java programe. OMG, at first quite blur, but slowly understood. Clock Clock Clock, My Brain Lock Lock Lock.
Teacher today use so many example to explain the java sentence, lol, Used Shoes box as an example. Teacher said, Shoes box inside put wad? of cos put shoes right? could not be ice-cream. lol, Lesson Today was fun and nice! Everyone laughting but they learned. Our teacher damn funny guy, haha, but is good that, having fun in class is the way of learning.

During Multimedia lesson,
was teaching on Adobe Premiere Pro, same teacher again and as usual laughter came. LOL, Learning basic thing on adobe premiere pro for today, well, easy ar... i cant wait to learn adding effect on video. haha...

Some Update here:
- 北京欢迎你 MTV release
- 丁当 (我爱上的) album release


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3day left

Counting down: 3 more day left!

Having class in the morning till evening today. lesson end pretty late, but i hope i like the lesson for the next few day, xD, cos we learning Adobe Premiere Pro ! haha, dunno why love this programe so much, maybe is becos can edit video wif effect! haha... Video are edited behide the blue/green screen! sound fun! xD

Well, Today during multimedia leture class, was teaching on converting media... quite easy ba... easy to understand! haha...lesson end around 5pm, me and fazil took bus back home.
Just now, i also try using 'Safari' (Apple Internet explorer) to open my blog, and its work! haha. now i know my blog support MAC too, at least the graphic better than [Mozilla Firefox]. But For Best view, still using Internet Explorer 8! haha...

刚刚不久。听了[丁当] 新专辑 新歌,如歌有;[猜不透,幸运草,走火入魔,耍大牌],这几首好听的歌,歌词也写的很棒!哈哈。。。So far, 一而再再而三 听, 猜不透 和 幸运草。
丁当,这新专辑不错! 值得去多多自持!。

tats all for today!
thank for ur reading. xD




猜不透 你最近是好是坏 更沉默

猜不透 相处会比分开还寂寞
无法感受每次触摸 是真的 是热的


猜不透 相处会比分开还寂寞
无法感受每次触摸 是真的 是热的



Monday, July 7, 2008

Youth Day 2008

Youth Day 2008
Counting Down: 4more day to come,
Youth Day 2008

Wow! Is Youth Day and also school reopen today!, but we no more youth day, sad to said tat still nid go back to school and study. our teacher said that, after secondary study, upper secondary not counted as youth... omg! man, i still young ar, havent 18 yet. xD

But, our classmate also not stupid lo, most of the ppl came late for the lesson today. 8am class, most of them came at 8.30 near 9am. lol, well, teacher release us quite early today. haha.
After school, back to home rest for awhile. msn chat with jerome and also ask him out for drink.
so, 30min later, we met, went for drink and walk around the tampines mall. So many young teenager lo.. i think is becos of youth day! haha.. Golden Village fully pack! due to the promotion of youth day ticket price for student. $6 per ticket and 1popcorn free! lol... so good deal who dunwan... haha...well, came back home around 5.30pm and rest of the time, watch tv and resting...haha...


Sunday, July 6, 2008

sunny luck,第19届金曲奖

Sunny Luck

Sunday, sunny day!
5more day to birthday,
Tml School reopen; Youth Day! xD

Haha, Today Morning around 9.15am, went down to my grandma hus. Reach there around 10.30am like tat, ate my breakfast and chat awhile with my relative. After that, Me and my cousin decided to go Bishan junction 8 walk walk. But First, we went to AMK hub walk first, see things... Den, went to MRT station deposite my ezlink card together wif my cousin, den took mrt down to bishan! xD

After we reached there, my cousin wanna ate KFC, so accompany him eat. After eating, we went to those phone shop likes; singtel, starhub, Sony, LG,...blah blah... look around phone, cos my cousin looking for LG viewty! haha... kinda expensive lor...
We also went to arcade, but we nv play game, we play catcher. haha, just trying my luck to catch some today on tat machine. but my luck seen not bad ar, 1st try nearly drop, 2nd try! wow its drop! haha...

Well, sad to said that my cousin try alot of time den drop! lol, waste nearly $6...
But nvm, i help him catch one also! xD haha.. Cute Toy~!

After walking around in the bishan J8 for 1hrs, we decided to went back AMK hub again. We walk back this time since its near. So, on the way, we took some picture on the MRT track! lol. we nothing to do untill go take mrt track... haha...

MRT track look likes

OMG! crashing!!! lol

Went back to AMK hub and walk. During that time, also saw my cousin 1 group of friends. but dunno he keep hiding from them-.- ! nvm forget it. haha.. We also actually wanna go NEBO to eat and drink something, but due to some shortage of $, we decided next time den go...
well, since july week~ This week gonna watch this movie (Red Cliff)

here, i wanna thank to nuffang for putting so nice advertiment onto my blog! xD
For Girls; u can go click on this advertiser, and on its web, click {Princess personality Test}, This will show, how princess and what kind of princess u are! haha...

Princess Kawaii !

昨天,第十九届台湾金曲奖2008,真佩服 我的idol 周杰伦 和 曹格 获得大奖,

最 佳 年 度 歌 曲奖:《青花瓷》
演奏类最佳辑作人; 周杰伦。获奖作品《不能说的秘密》电影原声带
最佳国语男歌手:曹格《Super Sunshine》

Info From:

Lastly, congrat to Joanna Lee(My secondary school classmate), cos she finally created her blog! haha and here 1more link added onto my friend list! xD

Tats all for today! xD
Thank to all reader and viewer!
haha... Have a nice day! :)

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里

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