Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crap talk

my crap talk.

Morning went to my grandma hus for a visit, reached there nearly noon time, so had my lunch. den, accompany my cousin went down buy shoes and so on, after buying shoes, went to mac to eat. Ordered Mac Spicy Meal with upSize and free an olympic glass cup! Cool! haha...
After eating, rest awhile and went back grandma home to online msn for chatting. Anyway, back home around 7pm!

Oh god, coming the End of july... This mean tat, more and more test coming up the following week. Project 3 on adobe premiere pro and project 4 on creating a poster through photoshop or flash. but on the other hand, also watching [Money not enough2] and [mummy 3]. lol, maybe i will setter the test in the day and movie at night... oh well, this coming week got 1CMOS test on printer.

Well, here some update:

3 new song recently listen:
1。维他命C我加你 - 林宇中
2。转机 - 潘玮柏
3。再见小时候 - 南拳妈妈
ok here, gonna post the 9 question or word we human usually will ask in a day :
now is wad time?
where to eat?
wad to eat/drink?
are u free today?
where u going to?
wanna come out?
how to do this?
wad time u slping?
where to meet?

Below here the word we human usually say in a day:
its ok/hi/bye.
Good morning/good nite.

Life interesting right? same word, but can repeat through different friends around you. haha!

Tats all for today!
Nice day~


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