Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raining Season

Raining Season,
Happy Birthday To Martin

Rain Rain go away, come again another day
Not tomorrow not today

make it stay at yesterday,
And thats why we called it as rainy day.

hip hip ohray ohray
visit us another day.


Hi everyone, Welcome to my rainy season post, haha. Well, It has been raining since past few day and lots thing are getting into lazy. Guess is because raining season is here ba. Every year, there will be a raining season, which keep on raining for the next 6hrs, infact more ar.

Talk about today afternoon, when i was preparing going out from home to school, suddenly it started raining so heavily. omg, even through my hus stay near also got problem going out ar. So i waited till 1pm den come out. lols, my lesson start at 1.30pm and i going out at 1pm. But very heng said that they bus came just in time! Therefore i didnt late for my class.

Recently few day in school, during lunch break time, I look up the sky, water dropping down from the sky. lols, raining! During raining period, alot of things goes lazy and cannot be done on time. Below here, the advantage and disadvantage on rainy day. (In my view)

Disadvantage on rainy day:
Lazy to go school or work
Lazy to style my hair
Lazy to buy food from outside
Lazy to bath (lols, of cos i bath just now although still raining)
Lazy to go out

Advantage on rainy day:
Sleep more than normal sunny day
Stay at home more
can save more money
More incoming water supply
Help Increase View rate on blog and friendster? guess so ba...haha
Chat with more ppl on msn? haha not sure xD

The worst is, Rain at wrong timing. Like today, it rain at wrong timing and it make me carry one extra thingy out to school. But i dont mind it rain during my slping time. xD Alright, thats all for my rainy day post. Beware bring an umbrella or raincoat along when u wanna go out. Its Raining Season Time. HoHo Merry Christmas! opps opps out of topic ",)

Calling people For Movie Next week, Anyone wanna watch [THE COFFIN] can simply leave a tag in my Chatbox, i dont mind going out with big or small group of friends *smile*

Tats all for today, Thank for ur reading ^^
Take care peeps, Becareful dont fall down, the floor is wet. xD


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