Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End Of 2008 Blog Post

476 post.
End of 2008 Blog Post.

Hi everyone, firstly, Happy New Year to everyone who visiting my blog now! haha...In 2008 wad you have done? and in 2009 wad urs plan? For me? read further down to know more about it! xD Kinda long post cos i will write it in English and Chinese version for the End of 2008 blog post. Here it begin...

In 2008, from the first month of the year till now, i am quite happy with my living now. Although didnt get into the school i want but still enjoyed with the school i studying now. ^^ In school work i had successed by getting my multimedia course an A grade. I think there one sentence whereby "There always another path for ur goal to be come true", didnt matter long or short way, at the end of the day, you will still achieves if you really put effort in". True right? haha...The path is you choose but you must be careful in choosing it.

In 2008, places i been went in singapore, i can said that almost everywhere! lols...Especially the seletar reservoir project outing with my project management group first time year there and I almost kena attack by Monkey!! haha...Anyway, young teenager should run everywhere as to familiar the place..hehe...Formore, i wanna thank alot of friends and lecturer from my schoolmate who given me a great support in my study now...

Talk about Blog. I started blogging since 2007 and till now, got one years plus already. Well, I joined Nuffnang since 27/11/07 but i am active just this year 2008 only...lols, However, I still gald can know some friends from nuffnang innit and met them in realife. People such as Nathalia,Henry,Gregory,William Ng,Jordan,Joanne Chan and Weijie...nice outing with you all...haha...I also attended some of the nuffnang event, especially the xmas party! Me and my friends were enjoying high during that night...haha, As time goes by, knew more and more blogger through internet and friends. Nevertheless, lets work hard in year 2009! haha...Blog more as a part of diary! xD

3 Special Thank
Nathalia - she my first nuffnang friend who help me promote my blog.
Gregory - My blog daily reader.
William Ng - Because of him, i got a chance to step into nuffnang office.

We people live to enjoy everything with Happiness. Many activity event was held in different month and different places, such as autograph session,photograph session,fashion show,car show and IT Fair...As my record, my Picture taken for this year had broke last year record. Afterall, lets wait for countdown 2009! i wanna take firework picture! haha..

我说:2008 年更快

在2008里,经过风风雨雨大大小小事情。虽然没有近到自己理想的学校,没有进理想课程,但是我还是读得很开心。感谢一路来支持我的朋友们,教师们,在我生旁给我的鼓励。2008 年说快不快,说慢不慢,一查眼就过去了。人生总要进步,但在2008里你有进步吗?我很高兴在2008里我的博课有点进展,这一却都要感谢Nuffnang,校友,朋友,家人的支持,好让我的人数不断上升。

2008 年很快就要过了,在不到一个月的时间就要过年了。你计划好2009年的来领吗?确实上我在2008里过的玩的很开心,地方也去了不少,当然知识也增加了不少。但我希望2009年可以过的肯好!加油。在你我要祝大家 新年快乐 Happy New Year! 新的一年,新的一天,好的开始,好的来头,千万不要放过与错过!哈哈。。

Wait...My post not ending yet...haha, above got ur name? if no, read further down...It MIGHT have...haha xD

Alright Since is end of year 2008 already, here gonna thank to those people...friend or no friend i still wanna thank! lols...

Daily Reader On my blog
Cousins: QingYi, YongXin

SchoolMate: Terrence Ang,QiaoEr,Fazil,Zhiyong,Lester Tan,Darshini

AngelKein (aka FAMOUS COOKIES),
Gregory (aka XD),
Nathalia (aka Danger),
Henry (aka Photographer),
Cecilia,aSyRaff Ho,Princess NANA,doggiegal,claireee,Ahmike,AtelierGal,iyliaaa

Thank to those who clicked my ads!
Thank to all my Tagger!
Thank to all the Nanger in innit!
Thank to all people come from Friendster & Facebook!

Above, there a video of End of Post 2008 picture. Ur Face Might in this video, well this video will flash about 3-5min cos picture quite alot. So, just sit back and enjoy! Few more hrs to go year 2009! Lets Celebrate again! hahaha...Overall of 2008 post had complete! Lets countdown to year 2009 now! My 2009 post will be release at 01/01/09, Time: 00: 00 : 00AM!


Monday, December 29, 2008

2 day more left

2 more day to 2009!
The Last Day The Last Second How you gonna celebrate?

Hey guys, here my update again! xD hehe, still got 2 more day left to welcome 2009! haha, are you excited about countdown party? For me i had my own plan during countdown itself on that day! horay! haha...

Today, went out with Terrence again...Met him afternoon 2pm for basketball and den went for drink before proceed to other places. Well, as singapore is small, therefore we went to bedok interchange for FREE! lols, there shutter bus everywhere nowdays...very easy to reach one place to another by free transport. haha...We back to tampines at around 4pm den accompany terrence go foodcourt eat. Next shop awhile and went to mcd for ice-cream and chat there till 6.15pm... Straight back to home after the chatting. hehe...

In the case that today quite boring but i still cant wait for 31/12/08 this wednesday to come! will be meeting my cousin Qingyi for countdown this year! haha...Place we going will be marina area, I want to see Firework again!!! hahahaha....xD

Well, this post might be my second last post in 2008 cos i dunno tml got any interesting to post about anot...But i still wanna thank you for visiting my blog. So far, now i had wrote some paragraph for my End of Year 2008 Post and will try to finish writing tml. Anyway you all will see that post on 31/12/08 (This wednesday). haha...


The Last Day The Last Second, How are you going to celebrate?
lols, find this sentence very familiar right?
Think about it now and drop the comment inside my [Tag-Chat Box]!
haha, Hope you all enjoy ur day~!

Thats all for today, thank for ur visiting! xD


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brought New T-shirt

Me, QingYi, YongXin & YongXiang

Lunch Meal

Fresh Fruit

outing with cousins,
Undecision Plan? or Just Nice?

Hello...Today...i went out again! xD been going out for the past few day and today also the same, went out with my cousins (Qingyi,Yongxin and Yongxiang) as well as 大舅 and 大舅母. So, here my story next paragraph to know more =D *Ps, Terrence if u are reading this post...i must tell u that, so sry, today i got 'interesting' post again!* lalala~ bleah~ Charlie Zhang aka Terrence Ang! LOL

Alright, today met my cousin (Qingyi) at cityhall interchange and due to the fact we haven decide where to go, so we just tap out our ezlink and walked to marina square to have our lunch at subway. lols, this my first time having meal at subway! would you believe? haha..ya this was my firstime as well as my cousin!!! Therefore we very blur in ordering the food lor...but nvm, 5min later finally our food was ready to eat...haha, took a picture and ate our food...Subway lunch total cost us $12...

After eating, we still haven decide where to called our 大舅母 asked her wan to come out anot but heng heng just nice that she coming out setter the time and place to meet but before me and Qingyi went to arcade played some game first before meeting them. Met our 大舅母 together with 大舅, YongXin and YongXiang outside the OG shopping mall at Bugis. First shop at bugis first den went to Bugis street to look for YongXin CNY clothes...At last, yongxin brought a jean from spade shop. After that we proceed to Bugis Junction to look for more clothes. Slowly shop, and 大舅母 brought one T-shirt from IP zone for all of us! Thank 大舅母! hehe...

Anyway, uncle drive us to have our dinner at hougang. somehow i ate chicken chop for my dinner today but too bad didnt take any picture on that cos i dont there a need to do so XD haha...well, ate too full and we decided to take a walk at nearby shopping, den uncle send us back to home! xD hehe...Overall i enjoyed my day on shopping today, although was suntec and bugis again...haha...

Review on Subway
As this my first time having my meal at subway, here gonna share my "experience" on it, I ate the subway 12inch toasted italian bread mixed with Teriyaki chicken meat and it taste really delicious! Is like...the teriyaki juice of the meat will just came out from your mouth and make it, you wanna eat again and again! lols, well next time should eat it again! xD

Now I am waiting for Countdown 2009 ! Anyone wanna go countdown 2009 can leave a msg on my tag box or sms me will do! Alright, end here! More interesting post tml? not sure lo...haha...O~

Thank for ur reading and viewing
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Rather Funny than Lonely

AsiaSoft Gamefair @ suntec city.
Happy Birthday To Nicholas Chong, Kenneth and Jackie Tan!

Want my day be more funny than lonely
Wow, 3 of my friends birthday happen on today. Here my wish for urs birthday! All the best in wad u doing now as well as future! For Nicholas Chong and Kenneth, finally you two are 18 yrs old, can go pub,club and watch M18 movie liao...haha

Today, morning was kinda bored, online surfing net while listening to 王力宏 and 羅志祥 new album song. My rate on these 2 album, i like 羅志祥[潮男正传] more than 王力宏[心·跳] this time. Some song from [潮男正传] album such as 撑腰,高调爱,第二顺位,搞笑,个中强手,幸福不灭,假如你还在这里, lols...almost every song i like ar...unlike 王力宏[心·跳] album song, i only like 心跳,另一个天堂,玩偶,脚本...Well, i can said like 羅志祥 song had make a great improvment this time compare to last year album..haha... AND the MV for 个中强手 was pretty amazing! i will post it up soon later~ xD 加油~

Afternoon, after my lunch, I decided to go down to Sony Ericsson service center to take back my SE phone after one week of service. So went down and took back my phone. Next decided to call Terrence Ang out for shopping. lols, After 2 to 3 week of holiday, i finally called Terrence out le...He said my today "分量大" tats why can call him out easily today...diao.."分量大"? 真的吗?哈哈。。

Met him around 3pm plus and first we shop at Tampines mall first..but too sian liao, so we took MRT down to Cityhall.

Shopping inside Suntec city and we saw ASIASOFT GameFair. lols, i guess people who played maple,cabal,audition or sudden attack will know wad is asiasoft game about. So, Me and Terrence took a walked at there...Took one cabal goodies bag and 4 maple poster! and so 巧 that i saw Fu Wang at there too! haha..., Had some food at mcd den decided to go other place. As my good friend Terrence Ang, Somehow dunno why he less come out from hus, therefore i bring him to take a tour on SG national museum,Fulleton Hotel and merlion. lols, he told me that today his first time go there...hmm? *半信半疑*

During that time was 7pm plus already. Took some picture along our way...haha, Terrence dunno why, after watching the little Nyonya drama, he become more crazy! So called me act as Robert Zhang and he act as Charlie Zhang...WTF? LOL! but seriously say, he acting voice on Charlie Zhang really look alike on TV...hahaha...Laughing all way long~ bleah~ Afterall, we went home around 7.45pm like tat...Crap joke on the train and thinking of new joke...hehe, *need to update my joke liao*. xD

Alright, Stop here for today post...Thank for ur reading and viewing!
TakeCare peeps! xD
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008


Merry Christmas 2008


All I want my wishes under my Xmas Tree ^^

Yesterday and Today, i had received alot of christmas wishes from friends through msn,sms,friendster,facebook as well as blog tag...and here i gonna wish now..

Hey EVERYONE, HP HERE, WISH YOU ALL A VERY WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS DAY, Wishes goes to Nuffies Team,Bloggers,Friendster and facebook friends, Lastly my schoolmate,buddy and MSN friends! Hope you enjoy ur day well. Lastly Happy Birthday to those friend fall on Xmas day ^^ 25/12!

So wad u have wish for ur christmas in 2008? For me...look below the list:
  • Sony DSLR
  • Get into mediacorp!
  • Want more advertisement from nuffnang! xD
Hohoho! Santa had came to town! Prepare to open ur present soon! haha..
God bless you all with christmas night! hohoho~


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vote For Me

2 more day to christmas,
Xmas at bugis today.
Vote For My Blog!!!

Here come another day. Morning woke up quite early cos nid to accompany my grandpa to TTSH to see doctor for checkup. So, i met my cousin and grandpa at AMK hub in the morning 8am den took train proceed down to TTSH. After about 1hrs plus of checkup, i relise that TTSH service not bad...the doctor give free of charge for my grandpa checkup! nice doctor! haha...So well, we took taxi and sent grandpa home first before proceed to later thing...haha

After sending grandpa home, My cousin planned to come my hus today to edit his photo using photoshop. So, we went to have our lunch first at AMK mcdonal. Den, took bus to my hus. Reached, started to chat here chat there, edit here and there...and when time reached 5pm plus, planned to have dinner at KFC and after that, went down to Bugis to see the Xmas deco. So we reached there around 6pm and saw some nice xmas deco around bugis junction. Took some photo along our walk and middle of bugis juction, there huge Xmas tree whereby many people were taking their photo too. lols, Help some people to take photo just now, i hope their picture is clear =D ! After taking lots of xmas tree photo, went straight to home.

Tml, nid to Chinatown..lols, quite far ar...haiz..i guess i will be working during Xmas eve and Xmas day! Work as wad? promoter lo..but truely say i nv work before as a promoter...hehe xD Alright,...let see any interesting post for tml!
hohoho~ merry christmas!
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