Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Read It End of september Post

Thiam You Hand injury

End of september 2008.
Today dunno a sway day or good day?
why i said that? read further down to know more.

Nite time now, haa. Today dunno a sway day or good day lor, all these thing happened in the morning, time from 10.30am onward. well, read further down to know wad happening today. haha.

In the morning, met Thiam You to play basketball at 10.30am. So, we went down to my hus CC nearby to play our basketball. while playing, since the ball going flatten soon, i went up my hus and take the basketball niddle and we decided to walk to nearby ESSO to pump the ball. While on the way walking, we pick up a $2 note. lol, after picking up, we crack abit joke and continues walking. After we reached, i take out the niddle and accidently drop into the drain. AND the weight of the drain metal thingy is around 70kg. Each of us cant solo carry the metal thingy, so we decided to take up together. And we did it! the niddle successful take out from the drain, BUT the metal thingy suddenly drop onto Thiam you leg, OMG. i quickly used my leg kick the metal to one side. AND this time it landed onto thiam you one of his finger. OMG.OMG. 70kg landed onto Thiam You one right hand finger. i quickly full my full strenght take up BUT after helping Thiam You take out the metal thingy, the metal thingy landed onto my 3 finger!!!! OMG. freaking pain ar!! imagine 70kg press and landed onto ur finger. argh!

Me and Thiam You were having injury on our finger. Went to nearby coffeeshop to wash our hand first due to the freaking rustly metal. The pain was like !@#$%@#$^&*! We endure abit and went back to the CC. Played awhile but we nv play match due to the injury. So, we played 2point shot only. lol, joke crack around and overall i won him! haha xD. After we played, brought bubble tea and the money was we pick up in the earlier on walking to ESSO. This mean that, we had our drink for free, haa, just nice $2 only...xD. After we drink, rest awhile, den accompany Thiam You go cut hair. After 20min, we went to S11 to had our lunch.

Wa lao lor, my finger untill now still got abit pain. 70kg freaking metal! why make so heavy metal where it just a normal smallest drain? KNN. I think my case on my finger just small case lor, unlike Thiam You, his one i think more worst than me. Anyway, lucky to say that our finger didnt break, if not now not at home typing blog liao.

Well, went back home rest awhile and afternoon around 3.30pm, came out again to meet Jerome,JianHao and Terrence. Went out do wad? just normal chat only lor. bleah~ After that we went to Tampines mall to accompany jerome to had his dinner. And after jerome go work, Jian hao go home. Me and terrence went to mcdondal to eat ice-cream. From there, lot of lot of joke crack here and there. LOL, We said some few method to counter MSN people while chatting. Haa Anyway berrie cookie taste not bad! Worth eat or not is ur choice, i cant decide ur choice. xD

Friendster. This month my friendster profile view got increase but it didnt break my past year record. My past year view record was 830plus, but this month not too bad, still got 230plus views. well, this month just started play back friendster and this 230plus view record is better than past 2month views.

We Picked up $2 note but injury our finger...So, Today my good day or sway(bad) day? haha
Alright, that all for today! thank for ur viewing and reading. Tag my blog before u leave hor. haha, Take care all peeps and have a nice day! xD


Monday, September 29, 2008

To be continues

A post for yesterday
as well as today.

wow, bright morning today and here a blog for yesterday and today. well, cut short for yesterday post. Yesterday, at nite, watched F1 final grand prix with family. ING got the first place. haha, overall the F1 race was pretty cool ar, 61lap and during the 61lap, there some accident happened. i guess u all knew it. haha. Last nite, i heard a fighter plane sound flying over my hus,lol got war ar? why suddenly got fighter plane sound. haha. ok end here for yesterday.

News about last night F1 race:,18953,3213,00.html,18954,3213_4206985,00.html

Here, for today. haa, morning wake up early to watch 篮球火第10集, follow by blogging here. well, too early for me to blog right? and cause it nothing to say? lol. nvm, i can write other thing de. Today introduce u all another new song from jj 林俊杰, this song is sing by 林俊杰 and 蔡卓妍. Is a lovely KTV song i guess. haha, oh ya song title called 小酒窝. I think this song will be famous in KTV next time! haha
Post @ 1.40pm:
OMG. 我的天啊!周杰倫新歌[魔杰座]网上再次泄漏!刚刚收的JH的稍息,说他的朋友正在听周杰倫新歌[魔杰座]。原本还不信,但经过网上收查的资料,再听了听之后,现在可以相信了!周杰倫新歌[魔杰座]网上再次泄漏!虽然新歌是泄漏了但我还是会自持正版!买杰倫的专辑!
News about jay chou latest album:


我还在寻找 一个依靠和一个拥抱
谁替我祈祷 替我烦恼 为我生气为我闹

幸福开始有预兆 缘分让我们慢慢紧靠
然后孤单被吞没了 无聊变得有话聊 有变化了

小酒窝长睫毛 是你最美的记号
我每天睡不着 想念你的微笑
你不知道 你对我多么重要

小酒窝长睫毛 迷人的无可救药
我放慢了步调 感觉像是喝醉了
一辈子暖暖的好 我永远爱你到老

WO~ 小酒窝长睫毛 迷人的无可救药
我放慢了步调 感觉像是喝醉了
一辈子暖暖的好 我永远爱你到老


Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 sound make me Crazy

Photo Gallery

Ferrari Racer or fans?

The audience Seat

Gate 7

So many people cant wait to see and watch !

F1 racers signature
Latest Subaru car
Suzuki car show

The sample track of F1 racing

Nice fried carrot cake !

Wonderful Saturday,
My 380 post.
Marina Square and Suntec City
Day 2 of F1 grand prix,
F1 sound make me feel crazy !!!

Yo everybody! Is blogging time here. First time in my life experience F1 race sound on the spot. and i would said that, its really cool. The loudest of the car sound can vs A F16 plane sound. If u didnt heard the F1 car sound before, quickly got down to suntec and listen! its really cool man! i bet u wont regret after dropping by suntec.
lol...ok here the story being... ...

Afternoon, when i was nothing to do, i went down to my hus nearby S-11 to buy my lunch. Brought fried black carrot cake to eat. Taste really nice and came out on the TV before on channel U. haha, When was Q-ing the Queue, saw my hair dresser people. So chat with him awhile while waiting my food to be ready. Haa, there long Queue but i was lucky that my food was ready within 2-3min. xD

After i ate, JianHao pm me said that wanna go out walk walk. So decided to go suntec city to walk and look for car show. well, reached cityhall around 3pm plus and walked all way to suntec. So crowded today due to the F1 race. haha, After we reached suntec, heard the spot car sound through their rehearsal. But we still continues finding the Car show first. So walk walk walk, saw honda and suzuki car show but we not looking for this. We shop awhile and decided to walk to convention hall. From there, we saw the car show we want BUT need to pay to entry the car show. well, that subaru car show and the entance fee is $6 for adult price. So change our mind, walked to marina square to shop and accompany jianhao eat thing.

On the way to marina square, saw some spot car having their rehearsal. The sound quite loud and many ppl are standing there and watch the rehearsal. Some even use camera TRY to take some picture even thought there are blocked. well, i accompany jianhao go KFC eat first, den shop awhile and then, we walked back to the place to see the rehearsal. This TIME, was F1 rehearsal! wow, the sound was as loud as thunder man! So loud until deaf, lol. But i like the sound alot lor, so loud and smooth. Me and jian hao keep standing there watching the rehearsal and i took down part of the video through my handphone. lol, we watched till about 10min den decided walked to other place to slack. xD

When outside the marina square macondal and saw the GATE 7 big word infornt of us. well, that the gate for the F1 fans who brought the ticket to enter. But we stay there slacking around, listening to spot car sound,took some picture and help other ppl to take picture. Brought a mac flurry ice-cream along. haha, From there listen the car sound till around 30min like that. When the time was about 6.15pm, we decided to go off and took mrt back to tampines.

Overall, i found that this F1 race in singapore are pretty cool yea. Heard that other famous artists such as 成龙,小S also came to singapore and watch this F1 race. haha, F1 sound i like it very much! the loudest was like....aiya dunno how to say la. nvm, anyway i enjoy listen the sound of F1 car and spot car. haha

Compare F1 car and Spot car:
F1 run more faster than spot car, infact the fastest car
F1 engines sound is louder than spot car
Spot car run on straight road took around 2second But F1 took less than/equal 1second. lol, thats how fast the speed was! u blink ur eye, the car gone.

Well, I like alot of car such as Lamborghini,Ferrari,mazda,subaru,BMW and honda. But i prefer ferrari the most. Anyway if i am a billionair, i wheras go buy lamborghini lo. But in singapore also cannot run so fast, so i will buy mazda if i got the money to afford it. xD Today saw so many Ferrari Fans wearing red colour shirt gather outside the Gate 7. lol, also saw 1guy holding the ferrari flag but i dunno he the racer or fans.

Haa, can see that singapore population had increased due to the F1 race for these 3day. Walking along citylink was pack of people. So many tourists and this show is increasing in population! haha, wanna make more foreigner friend? u can come down to either marina square or suntec city. Haha.

Really Enjoy today. So fun in marina square, haha. Tml the last day of F1 race and dont miss out the 1st singapore F1 race in the city! xD
Thats all for today, enjoy peeps! thank for ur reading and viewing. Remember to tag me before u leave this blog!
Take Care~


Friday, September 26, 2008

New against News

Wahaha Wulala

A great morning today, weather not hot,yet not too cold. Little rain dropping from the sky now. Miracle right? i'm blogging in the morning right now. haha, well today let me introduce you all a very nice video. This video is introduced by one of my friend terrence. I bet u all will say the website is youtube but i'm telling u all its not youtube. Yesterday i also send the link to jian hao and thiam you, both of them was shock after seeing the video. LOL, alright, let me upload some screenshot here.

Still Morning now, introducing another new song from JJ 林俊杰, song name called [醉赤壁]. A theme song from 赤壁online game. Here the lyrics for 醉赤壁, I like this song very much!

词:方文山 曲:林俊杰

落叶堆积了好几层 而吾踩过青春听见
彼此的冻结一次生 我一生还在等一世

穿越过月色 我爱上对的人
我为剑转身 而渐渐入红尘
前朝记忆孤苦沉 伤感可不是遥远
是一朝醒 而还困

眷恋过夜深 我遇上对的人
我怎么出征 马蹄声入泪痕
我一路的等 一路的想 我对你柔情情深

洛阳城旁的老树根 交汇一半夜深 疑问 经过是谁的心跳声
毛毛虫又一开一合 亿万千年颜色 是我 醉醉坠入赤壁的伤痕

穿越过月色 我爱上对的人
我为剑转身 而渐渐入红尘
前朝记忆孤苦沉 伤感可不是遥远
是一朝醒 而还困

眷恋过夜深 我遇上对的人
我怎么出征 马蹄声入泪痕
我一路的等 一路的想 我对你柔情情深

Well, I had staying in tampines since from young till now. 18yrs already, and from young till now, my dream was to film a movie in tampines. haha, I know Being a movie director is not easy, cos need to handles alot of things such as action and script. But i am still going on with my goal and dream. Filming in Tampines was not easy and even through i know how to film, but i also need to know how to book those area from the government. oh well, Is a diffcult dream to come with but i will try my very best to overcome with. Actually, if i got a chance, i not only want to be graphic multimedia designer or video/audio speicalist but i wanna be a director or actor which can appear on TV more often. The keyword is "Plan", planning is very important for these kind of job. You will face diffcultive if your plan are corrputed. Support from audience and money invest also a big problem. well, hope my director dream will come true one day.
Tampines... My HomeTown... Maybe one day u will find my movie poster paste on the street.

continues post From 7.35pm:
OH... Is Night Time, here i continues my post from morning. hmm, lets see wad to say...
Afternoon, went out to meet terrence and den we went to Tm walk walk. After that, went to mac buy ice-cream to eat. Sit and chat in macondal for couple of hrs and went we was about to go to my hus area, jerome called and he came met us. den, we 3 went to Jianhao Hus area to meet him. lol, walk here and there. bleah~ came back home at 6pm plus.

what can i do to know her better ?
Alright,I end my today blog here. Thank for ur viewing once again.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Days go with updating

Exam result release next week
Amk hub shop

hello people! Wanna blog first before going for my dinner.

F1 race is starting tml. This coming friday and saturday will be the F1 race rehearsal. The rehearsal hold at night time, and this coming sunday at night 10pm, will be F1 actual race! haha, i dont be going there to watch lor, the ticket so so so expensive...But anyway just update those F1 news here for u all to see. xD F1 race really cool!

Nothing much happened on today. In the afternoon, when to AMK hub with JianHao to shop. Then at around 4pm, reach back tampines to meet jerome for drink and chat. Simple day haha, didnt buy anything other than food and drink. Days gonna be boring soon... I want go crowded area! haha. Oh well, my exam result is releasing next week, haha, dunno how well or bad can score. But nvm, soon will know! xD

Friendster update:
I am playing back friendster! all peeps can add me, i will accept all. Write me comment in friendster too. xD

I wanna go suntec city! cos From today onward Friday(25/09) to Sunday(28/09), there will be a Cars & Stars Motor Fair in suntec city located at Tropics Atrium. And of cos, in suntec this week, there are many event held there. Haha

Ok thats all for today,
Bye peeps! xD
Take Care~!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rest At home

My 377post,
Rest at home Today
Happy Birthday To Shah

HEY Peeps! dont think i today nothing to write again! I am TRYING my BEST to write something here, so that it keep update.

Lets wish Shah (My primary school friend) a happy birthday before starting my blog. Well, had a nice rest for today. In the Morning till afternoon time, had finished creating the back part of name card for my uncle and send it to him successfully. Today was such a peaceful day, morning to afternoon the weather not so hot but quite windy. LOL

Nowadays, saw news on TV and it said, due to china milk product got poisoning (melamine). In Singapore, many food product such as oreo,3in1 coffee,Dove chocolate,White Rabbit Creamy candy and more...are ban to sell. Food or drink which contain milk must be careful when consuming it. check the food product brand before u buy it.

Food Aviod to eat:
White Rabbit Creamy candy
M&M chocolate
Dove chocolate
Wall's Ice-cream
and more....

Drinks careful when drinking:
Bubble Tea
soya milk
even cooking oil and wine also must becareful !

Well, More and more thing are cannot be eat, lol, i want chocolate!!! But kena ban to sell in shop nvm soon it will be over. Oh ya, Jay Chou 稻香 MV had release! xD watched today, haha... Today at home really boring lor, but lucky recently few day back there alot of jay news. xD, i'm still waiting for jay chou latest album to be release! lala~
thats all for today! I going off now, Waiter~ Bill please~
Bye peeps xD


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Gym vs Basketball
S.H.E new album release :
[我的电台 FM S.H.E (未来电台版)]
[我的电台 FM S.H.E (复古电台版)]

Happy Birthday To Lester Tan!

Birthday Comment To Lester Tan:
Before i start my blog for today, i wanna wish happy birthday to lester Tan. Lester, my classmate for this year 2008. Know him this year only yet we already like friend for so many year. Everytime in school he crack joke around and make our class become more 'Live'. Haha, Well, Since didnt had chance to celebrate lester birthday but nvm, in heart, our group include me,fazil,zhiyong,jackie and bryan had celebrated for u! xD haha, well...

To Lester: If u had see this post, simply drop a comment in my tagbox. Happy Birthday to you lester, finally reach the legal age in ur life and enjoy ur 18th birthday well. All the best in everything u do and score well in ur exam! xD

Ok here, i start my blog post for today now.
In the early morning around 8am plus, went to gym with nicholas, jianhao and terrence at the tampines swimming complex there. We stay inside the gym station untill around 10am den came over to my place to basketball. This time, thiam you also came. Well, Since Nic,jh and terrence went to buy some food to eat first, Me and Ty decided to have a friendly match 1 on 1 first. After awhile, they came, played together till afternoon.

Afternoon ~ Evening:
Brought my lunch back to home to eat and den after eating, i continues the design which helping my uncle creating on name card but this time creating the back of the name card. That time create front and was successfully submitted. Well, the name card still under processing and hope can done it asap. Actually just now wanna accompany thiam you go for a job berfing but since he going with his chruch friend plus they both were interesting in that survey job, so i change planned to meet jerome for drink. well, met jerome liao den chat,walk,eat and drink till 6.50pm den came back home.

FM S.H.E release:
Today S.H.E new album offical release! The album called [我的电台 FM S.H.E (未来电台版)] and inside most of the song are well to listen. xD, well, been listened to S.H.E new album song for one whole day and got 1 song i like it very much, the song title called [店小二]. lol, dunno why like this song very much, but maybe was the lyrics and music too touching le, inside talk about 店小二(Waiter) and 过客(passerBy).
Well other few song such as, 我爱烦恼, 安静了, 女孩当自强, 我是火星人 and 天亮了 i also like it very much. Soon got time, i will post up the lyrics here, haha. FM S.H.E album 加油!加油!i enjoy listening to this album song! hope u all do so! haha xD

Alright, Thats all for today!
Thank for ur reading and viewing peeps,
Enjoy ur Day!~

专辑:我的电台 FM S.H.E (未来电台版)
作詞:黃建洲 作曲:蔡旻佑

客棧打烊後 陪我坐一坐
我還沒有說 你先淚流成河

一杯又一杯 你再喝 她也不回了
一個就一個 又不是 甚麼十惡不赦
愛有時 就像飛來橫禍

店小二 店小二 別再哼傷心的歌
人來人去像過客 再空等不值得
店小二 別再喝 借酒消愁又如何
三杯下肚就忘了 等清醒之後又 記得(清醒後又記得 何必呢)

想他就心痛 不想更折磨
等開花結果 等到立地成佛
承諾好像虛擬的傳說 (思念像 患了傷風不斷咳)

Monday, September 22, 2008



还记得你说家是唯一的城堡 随着稻香河流继续奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
不要哭让萤火虫带着你逃跑 乡间的歌谣永远的依靠
回家吧 回到最初的美好。。。

Yes Is Today! Crazy Today! xD why? Cos There a new song from Jay Chou!
Morning, Jay Chou周杰倫新专辑新歌[稻香] was offical release!xD, listen to this song for one whole day and realise that the lyrics very meaningful. The chrous part music was damn nice lor, very relaxing song and easy to understand. haha

Blog Post:
Morning 11am, after listened jay chou new song, i went down for my haircut. Cut back to short hair due to the hot weather, but today the weather seem not bad. Better than yesterday weather. haha xD.

Soon later in the afternoon, met up thiam you accompany him go tm buy DVD, however the DVD haven come. den we brought bubbletea and walked from my hus to tampines blk201. A long walking yet was a good excerise for our legs. xD, Reached blk201, brought 2 packet of fried and we continues walk to the tampines mall nearby area. Rest awhile and den went into tampines mall awhile cos i buying thing. After buying, den went back to home. well, today aim just wan to come out walk walk, cos staying at home make me feel lazyness...thats why decided to come out and take a walk.

End for today~




為什麼人要這麼的脆弱 墮落
我們是不是該知足 珍惜一切 就算沒有擁有

還記得你說家是唯一的城堡 隨著稻香河流繼續奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
不要哭讓螢火蟲帶著你逃跑 鄉間的歌謠永遠的依靠
回家吧 回到最初的美好

不要这么容易就想放弃 就像我说的
追不到的梦想 换个梦不就得了
笑一个吧 功成名就不是目的
童年的纸飞机 现在终于飞回我手里

所谓的那快乐 赤脚在田里追蜻蜓追到累了
偷摘水果被蜜蜂给叮到怕了 谁在偷笑呢
哦 哦 午后吉它在虫鸣中更清脆
哦 哦 阳光洒在路上就不怕心碎
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

還記得你說家是唯一的城堡 隨著稻香河流繼續奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
不要哭讓螢火蟲帶著你逃跑 鄉間的歌謠永遠的依靠
回家吧 回到最初的美好
還記得你說家是唯一的城堡 隨著稻香河流繼續奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
不要哭讓螢火蟲帶著你逃跑 鄉間的歌謠永遠的依靠
回家吧 回到最初的美好

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friendship gathering

Friendship gathering.

Today, JianHao and I attended a soka event which invitied by nicholas. Reached the places at 9.30am. The theme for the soka event today was [Let our lives shine with absolute happiness], was a great experience attending this event as i didnt attend before in my life. Overall the performance took 2hrs to end and i can said that the performance was pretty good, Nice song,dance and music. haha.

After the event, nic invite us to his hus for afternoon buffer. haha, Eaten 2round today and well, we chat and laught along our eating. After awhile, terrence came and we stay inside nic hus to play PS3 game [DW6]. lol, keep taking turn playing this game. We played untill around 6plus and i got to go cos my father came and fetch me home. well, also take jh back to home along. haha, anyway, i enjoy today and have fun with my friends.

今天,温和的星期天。被我的好友nicholas chong邀请去支部友谊聚会,在singapore soka association HQ 在Tampines。我和JianHao都出席这个有意义的聚会。在那,有很多不同表演演出,看了满开心的。哈哈,聚会后,nicholas也邀请我们到他家去吃buffer,他们都说不要客气,吃多点,所以我和JianHao今天就整整吃了两回合。吃得好饱,接着就等Terrence的到来。一会儿,他到了,我们坐在一旁开开心心地说话,聊天,和玩PS3游戏。玩了[DW6],大家都轮流玩,直到6点多的时候,我爸妈来载我回家,也有顺便载JianHao回家。

周杰倫新专辑[魔杰座]的第一主打歌[稻香],明天会在Yes933 早上10点首播!
thats all for today, i'm tired now, slpy eyes is coming. tml going for haircut, argh weather so hot, cut my hair back to short, i think will be better. haha.
GoodBye peeps~!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shop Everywhere

ads for styleweddings


Orchard Road Area

Lion Dance performance

Leisure park kallang

Inside leisure park kallang shopping mall
The carpark

Leisure park kallang opening ceremony,
orchard road shop

Yo everybody 霹雳五大狼 yea~! haha peeps, just had my dinner and now do blogging. Today went 3places, leisure park kallang, citylink and orchard road. Shop around singapore with nicholas chong. Was fun cos the weather was not that hot, and instead we also went for a movie in the afternoon.

From Morning around 11.30am, i reached kallang and take the shutter bus to leisure park kallang shopping mall. Was a huge shopping mall in kallang and fill with full of entertainment area. well, reached there before 12pm just want to watch their opening ceremony, haa and also took some photo around the shopping mall area. After the opening ceremony, there also other performance going on and for me, i went to the arcade played some game. After shopping, take the shutter bus back to kallang mrt station and wait for nicholas.

At last, met nicholas at around 2.10pm inside the same mrt. We went to citylink first cos he looking for shirt. We went into that shop, see see few shirt and saw the price was higher than we expected, lol so didnt buy. After that, decided to go orchard for shop. So reached orchard around 2pm plus and due to hot weather, we decided to go for a movie first as i got 2 free movie pass. Went to [Lido] to watch [Disaster Movie] and i can said that this movie really disaster ar. lol, it make u keep laughing all the way but no link. haha, Somemore, inside the ironman,kungfu panda and batman so lousy de, some other character too! The aim is only make u laught only. lol, is like waste of money lor, if really pay to watch.

So after the movie, we went to takaishimaya to shop. walk here and there, nic looking for shirt,shoes,pant,bleah bleah~ and we also went to mac to have a short rest after long period of walking. well, from there, we met a guy from italy, sharing a same seat with us. So, chat with him awhile till he finish his meal and nice to meet him this wad i can said. haha xD, For more, we decided to go other places to shop, walked outside and on the way to HMV shopping. On the way, there a bride and goom called me and nic take photo with them and stand a chance winning an i-pod. So we took a picture with them,cool knowing them, espically the gal, quite pretty, haha. just now, i had also uploaded the photo onto the mocca website, now waiting for winning the i-pod! xD

Well shop in HMV shopping mall for couple for mintues till we tried. Den walk to somerset mrt station and take train from there back to tampines. haha, overall nice shop today, took photo everywhere and when its ready, den i upload here.

Ok den, that all for today, Tried through one whole day of shopping and now nid to have a good rest. haha, cya peeps, continues to tag me!
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