Friday, October 31, 2008

End of october 2008 Post

End of October Post,
Review on The Coffin,
Happy Halloween To Everyone

Before u read my blog, There some rule you all need to follow.
First, double check is there people around you,
look on ur left and look on ur right,
Next Turn on ur loud speaker,
BOOM! got shock?
Happy Halloween Day!
LOL. i dont celebrate halloween day xD

Morning, was having my networking class. Lecturer late for today and we were at our own mood on surfing website or played our own game. Well, after lecturer came, we did something on our practical book as well as go through some of the question. Overall, those practical question look quite ok. Next, Dunno wad auditor came into our class. lols, The lecturer called us to act "like study", dunno the question nvm, just say "Yes, i understand will do." haha, everyone acting so "Good" that the auditor came in fast and get out fast. After that, few min later, we had dismiss from school. So, Me,lester,leeyee,bryan and zhiyong having lunch in school first before going home.

However, after we ate, Me and zhiyong had plan to watch a movie after lunch. Haa, We watched The Coffin today at tampines mall golden village. Well, took bus home, put my thing first and we went to golden village to buy the ticket. Brought 3pm ticket and we got 1hrs plus to spend before go in the cinema theater. Haa, shop around till 1.50pm and we went to foodcourt to have some drinks first before watching the movie. Well, Drinks till 2.40pm like tat and we standby going in into the theater. Oh ya, i got my reason why i plan to watch the coffin movie today, cos today is halloween day! xD wahahaha...Is your scary day?

At 2.50pm time, everyone with the coffin movie ticket went in the theater. As me and zhiyong had the back row middle seat, the view on the screen was perfect and good to say not tall ppl sitting infornt of me! xD haha, FuLL House LOR! So many people watching the coffin today, ESP those kids lor, so nosey...Is this movie scary? read further down to know more xD

Movie started in the next few min, everyone carry the horror feeling to watch this movie. I heard some shout and screaming around. Got one part, While i was whisper to zhiyong, everyone including me and him got shock. haha, i suddenly see so many head stood up lor. Well, someone ppl say first few min quite boring, like wanna get out of the theater and therefore me and zhiyong also get out of the theater. LOL, dont think too much, i'm not saying the movie not nice or wad. I just get out and went to toliet only. Next went back to into the theater again. bleah bleah bleah~ , This movie end pretty fast and after watching the movie, went back to home. Dont stop! Read further down to see my review on this movie [ The Coffin ]. xD
Summary on The Coffin:
Firstly, i wanna said that, this movie is different from other movie. Is a part by part movie which the story does not need have any link in between but at the end of the movie, it still give u the same theory. Reason very simple, If u know how to watch it, it will be very interesting to you and u will like it. If u dunno how to watch it, It will be a confusion among ur brain and u most pobably wont like it. Maybe u might wanna watch second time den know the result. Overall this movie scared me, some part are interesting and some part are disturbing. Oh ya, Starting there will be pieces of bone forming out a human body, pls dont ignore that, cos there a link between the pieces of bone and the story. So, do enjoy on this movie when u are watching! xD My Rate on this movie Is 3.5 star out of 5 star.

The Hint:
[ If u do this, the result will came out like this. ]

Some Part which scared Me: (Hint Only)
- Funeral Part
- Buring The Coffin
- Chris discover the person

Keyword For this movie:
The wheel is turning and I dont want to be interrupted.

End Of october 2008 Post:
Well, so fast end of october 2008 le. As my school reopen in october, now it come to its end of my october post. So far, everything did very well in october 2008, the more or less is that, i learned new things in school. well, will continues study hard and fight to the end. Haha *Happy mood*

Alright, I think will end here for today, Thank for ur reading and viewing. ^^
Looking forward tml. Haha.
Take Care peeps! xD

最后一滴圣水 消灭无数痛恨
爱情越过天届 爱情回到身边

Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Are Trying To Be Funny

Played 2 basketball game today,
Intro New Song - 我的主题曲

My Today:
Hello peeps. Last night, dunno why so excited and make me cant slp throughout the whole midnight. But nvm, luckily i still got at least 5 hrs of sleep, If not today go school sure concuss one lor. lols, well, In school today nothing much happened. haa, Played basketball game in the morning and lunch time, me and brandan ordered [Hor Fun] to eat. First time ate school [Hor Fun] and it taste really good. haha, Next time trying other too. Bleah~ till afternoon, i came back to home but cant rest yet. Quickly changed and went out to meet terrence,jerome and jianhao to play basketball. lol, so play till we go and i came back to home around 5pm.

LOL, Today if u notice, i had been saying "u trying be funny right", haha. This happened since in the morning in school when playing basketball. My "GOOD" classmate bryan played basketball and he keep trying to shoot the ball from half-court. lols all miss but almost kena ppl. After that, me, fazil, kennth, we three also try. Ball miss but at least nv kena ppl lor. wahaha.

Today introducing New Song to you all. Song name called [ 我的主题曲 ] from [江语晨]. This song is compose by Jay 周杰倫. Haha and this song really nice to listen ! xD well, cant manage to download this song but you all can click this link to listen her song ^^ 很好听啊!哈哈。。。
我的主题曲 (click it)

About Tml
Tml after school, i will be watching The Coffin movie with zhiyong. haha, i check with GV website and got one slot at 3pm. haha, Since is end of october 2008, i think tml post will be quite long and also will write out my review on The Coffin movie. haa, I hope tml networking lesson dont concuss me and of cos hope my tml plan is success ar. haha xD

End here.
Bye, TakeCare everyone!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say what you want

周杰倫 Album win 五月天
My Breakfast and Lunch For Today! xD
2 more days end october 2008,
Say What you want and Do what you want,
Happy Birthday To YanZhuang

Great, is wednesday again and my lesson today start in the afternoon. haha, woke up quite early today but nothing to do. well, let me write something before i go for my visual basic class. Haa, 2 more days will be end of october 2008. Lets wish yanzhuang a happy birthday. xD

Morning, quite a sunny day, haha compare last week, this week i think better. At least sun is coming out to do his job and not rain. haa, well, i had my breakfast, den heard from matthew that his msn and friendster got hack by someone. But he re-created his both msn and friendster account and is back to normal now. Do re-add him if u know him.

Had been listening to Jay Chou and Wu yue tian album since last week. lols, AND i'm practising their song for the next K-Box session. xD haha, one of Jay Chou song [兰亭序] is currently under practise, hehe.

Continues Post @ 8.01pm:
Haha everyone, i am back! Today my lesson on visual basic was such a wasting of my time lor. Go school finish one labsheet and go home. Total took me less than 1hrs lor. -.- lols, but nvm, quite fun today cos me and zhiyong finished the practical in shorter time. haha. Well, although since this is the slacking lesson, therefore i went home early lor. lol, i was first one who walk out the classroom today. xD

Next, went home rest awhile and was called by jerome, asked me out for drink. So, i also invited jianhao come for drink. Met them at 4pm brought drinks and chats along. lols, discuss alot of things, bleah~ and after all, came back at 6pm.

Alright peeps, I am staying in the mood of happy cos i'm looking forward this coming weekend! haha, This Friday is end of october and i think i will be watching [ The Coffin ] with zhiyong. well, anyone wan join us can drop a msg on my tag-box. xD

haha, End here today. Thank for ur viewing and reading!
Have a nice day peeps! xD


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to schooling time

Back to schooling Time,
Happy Birthday To Brandan

Back to schooling time, lesson started in the morning but i wake up early today to turn on my computer, went into my blog and replied some tag and friendster comment. Happy about this week because only got 4 study day. The coffin movie will be release this coming thursday, haha cant wait to watch that movie arh! xD

Today, was such a tiring day yet i enjoyed. ALL thank To the computing maths argh, too bad u cant concuss me :P, wahahaha. Plus networking modules this sem is killing me liao la. Theory in lecture hall also no ppl listen lor, luckily i got the normal basic knowledge "skill" to catch up the chapter. Well, Last week didnt attend any lecture and class due to my english O level exam. And today got some help from fazil on computing maths.

Morning, met fazil and i asked him to teach me some question on computing maths. well, overall i find it quite easy to me. Lecture on networking started in the morning today and me/fazil/zhiyong was like going crazy lor. Nvm, lesson end at 11am plus, went for lunch and after lunch, back to studies. But this time computing maths lesson. lols, chapter 2 teach finished and next week got test! omg, so fast got test liao but nvm la, it look quite easy. I think can score well. Lesson on C.maths end at around 4pm and den came back to home.

Lastly not forget, Today is brandan (my classmate) birthday. haha, lets wish him a happy birthday and finally he is 18! haha, can watch M18 movie liao. xD Anyway, study hard for this sem and play less yu gi oh card! wahahah. This term the modules getting more diffcult~

Thats all for today! xD
Bye Bye ~ !


Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

About Boring time,
Happy Deepavali to everyone~!

Before writing my blog for today, i wanna say a happy deepavali to all my indian friends as well as to everyone! haha, enjoy today and have a nice day! xD Next, Good Luck to all the GCE O level student this year.

Wake up in the morning 7am today! lol so early-.-, dunno why this morning so excited, when i open my eyes, i cant slp back to normal stats. So i just wake up and turn on my computer. Firstly, went to my blog and replied some tag, after that, since msn less ppl online, i went to play some online game. (Hanami RO). After that, had my breakfast and wait for terrence to wake up. While waiting, i continues played my game till 11am plus terrence wake up. Called and meet him at 12.30pm. So, he accompany me go eat lunch and den we went to play basketball. Weather was pretty fine in the morning but afternoon came a heavy rain.

After playing for few min, Terrence came to hus and rest for awhile. 40min later, we went to tampines mall walk walk and brought one mcfurry ice-cream. While as usual, chat goes along while walking and shopping xD. Next Jerome came tampines mall and meet us. haa, gathered for some chat session for today. bleah bleah bleah~ 5pm later, i came back to home.

Bored till boring:
Recently, SOME people get so bored in his/her life lo. Lol, Today wanna share some tips which can cure ur boring status in life! xD While boring, mean u have nothing to do. So, by killing ur boring time, u can find someone to chat with, Do some blogging, Listen to some music or song, play some game through online, go out with some friends. IF, you are a very very hardworking person, you can revise ur homework and do some practise paper. But i think out of 100% people,only 10% did that ba. haha. Another way is to turn off ur com and slp! xD Well, Boring aways happened in human life but if u noe how to manage it, den i think boring this status is nothing to u le. haha, For me, when i bored, i will find someone to chats or go out for a movie or even drink.

Alrights, I end my post here!
Thank for ur reading and viewing, visit my blog often hor! haa
Take Care and have a nice day peeps! xD


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Extra day to spend

Some update Here.
Tml no school, yay!
Singapore Hit Award 2008.

Today, wake up in the morning to play some game. Till afternoon after i had my lunch at home, i went out to meet jian hao. well, went to E-hub to shop,haa brought chocolate waffle and bubble tea. Went to last floor to rest and chat. After that, came back to tampines and went to tampines mall walk walk. lols, went to popular look for derek. Chat with him awhile and since he working, me and jh went to gv look for jerome. lol, same thing, we chats along for few min. Den, 4.30pm came back to home.

The Coffin sneak preview had release le in golden village.But the timing is at night 11.35pm. lol, it rated as PG/horror. Some ppl who had watched this movie may say this movie are bad, not worth it to watch but in my view, i think still movie quite good, cos when i watch the trailer, it horror me. Well, Different ppl had diff view on it. I will post out my review and rating after i watch. xD, Not only The Coffin i wanna watch, i also wanna watch, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. lols, i think this coming november will be watching lots of movie. haha.

Singapore Hit Awards 2008 held yesterday. The result had release on web. Click this link to see the result [ Singapore Hit Awards 2008 Result ].

Haa, good to say that tml no school, if not i will be chill in school from morning 9am to 6pm. But luckily thank to deepavali day, therefore i got 1 extra day for me to rest. haha, Alright, overall i had a peaceful day for today. I had link some of the nuffnanger, so check it out on my Exits section,haha. GoodBye~!

TakeCare. xD
Tag replied.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

About My New Header

Blog new header,
Happy Birthday To ShiYa

Hi everyone, Good morning/afternoon/night. Here some introduction about my blog new header which I had uploaded this morning 10am. This post will also describe the process while doing this new header and the ideas came from. Well, look at next paragraph onward to know more.

This Header created Yesterday (24/10), by using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Well, it took me almost 8hrs to complete it from 4.30pm to 12am. Some of the words such as Facebook, I had changed to Personal Life and Hpility Production had added into this header. Next gonna write about the ideas came from.

As this picture is took by my cousin (Qingyi) since last few week ago when we were at marina square superbowl. Thus, I had totally edited this picture through photoshop. This time, I dye my hair to evil purple blue to show the evil side of me and by enchanting its appearance, I had added some effect on it. Here my 灵感 to create this header.

来之周杰倫新专辑魔杰座的一首歌 [龍戰騎士]。歌里提到魔的危险,如有,[放手一搏令谁都惭愧],[对敌人的谦卑 抱歉 我不会],[冲破这一场浩劫],[那些仇恨已形成堡垒],[城墙上我在等魔坠] 和 [摧毁却无法击溃]。

来之朋友。Well, Living in this world, you can have a lot of friends but which one is truly trusted and which one not? We human make friends to cure our loneliness as well as share joy with our friends. Sometime, we might face difficultly on facing our friends or even betray our friends inorder to reach certain aim. However, this is worst than evil which cannot be forgive forever.

来之日常生活。相信大家在日常生活中会遇到许多挫折,而人性格分两种,有善有魔。In life, we face problem but we also solve problem at the same time. However, don’t give up your life so easily and cheer up your life every moment everyday.

Alrights, tats all the ideas above for my new header.

continues post @ 10.30pm:
Well, today, was a great and fine day. lols mircale to say that today no rain! yay, weather was hot in the afternoon but i like it. haha, My new header nice? Had release since morning, hope u all like it. xD Today didnt went out, haa taking a rest at home, therefore was looking through some ppl blog as well as chat with some friends on msn. Haa, nuffnanger, i dont mind u all adding me on msn! If u wan me add or link ur blog, pls kindly drop a link inside my chat box. haha

End here, Have a nice day everyone! xD
Take Care peeps =D


Friday, October 24, 2008

My life under the rain

Almost late for school,
No school on monday,
I wanna become famous, but how?

Had been walking under the rain for past two day. lols, Raining... Today morning rain so smoothly and i slp untill 7.30am den wake up lor. Almost late for school as my lesson start at 8am. oh well, lucky most of my classmate also came late. So, by right i still counted as the early one. haha...

Of cos i didnt had my breakfast before going to school today. Therefore, during my networking lesson half an hrs break, me,fazil and brandon went to cafe2 to have our breakfast. I quicky go have some food to eat. lols, so hungry till that, i brought one chocolate waffle and one fish bunger. haha, ate finished and go back to my lesson again. Well, networking class today was normal, lectuer explained some theory on network Ip and after explaining, we do some test through online. LOL, so lucky to say that we must said a thank to zhiyong. Cos today he found out all the online test answers sheet. lols, he the second hackers in my group and will "highly paid by me". xD, wahahaha.

School end at 11.30am and while going home, its still raining. omg, nvm still reached home around 12pm plus. After that, around 1pm like tat, went down to meet terrence, jerome and jian hao for drink. lols, as usual we chat and drink. Next, terrence plan to play basketball, so we went to my hus nearby basketball court to play. haha, little rain drop dropping from the sky, but we still played it. Overall, quite fun playing basketball today and 4pm went back to home.

My blog new header:
After came back to home. I decided to plan out my new header for my blog. Picture are ready but still thinking on how to design it. haha, i hope by tml can finish so that i can upload up here and share with u all. Well, this header i will play with evil and effect. haha...So, just wait and see! xD

This Year 2008 English compo question:
lols, Rose, here your story goes like this:

Although rose had a [delight] teenager life but going out with rose was a [frustration]. Well, she had choose [Greed] as the topic for her compo writing this year and overall she did quite well in her compo writing. As Rose cant control her smile, therefore she always [start laughing at inappropriate time] within the conversation. She had choose [internet] as her very useful tools for blogging,surfing web and online chat. Her kind of [voluntary work] which worth for her to do it, was to laugh and give the best idea among the conversation.

LOLs, i think when rose saw this msg, she gonna kill me during school time. wahahaha, me so evil right? i just knew it that all the five question suit you in ur life. haha, PS, just for entertaining, its just a joke only. xD

Alright peeps, thats all for today.
Thank for ur reading and have a nice day!
Take Care, ")

伤心的 都忘记了

Thursday, October 23, 2008


词曲: 阿信

最怕空气突然安静 最怕朋友突然担心
最怕回忆 突然翻滚绞痛著 不平息
最怕突然 听到你的消息

想念如果会有声音 不愿那是悲伤的哭泣
事到如今 终于让自己属于 我自己
只剩眼泪 还骗不过自己

突然好想你 你会在哪里 过得快乐或委屈
突然好想你 突然锋利的回忆 突然模糊的眼睛

我们像一首最美丽的歌曲 变成两部悲伤的电影
为什么你 带我走过最难忘的旅行
然后留下 最痛的纪念品

我们 那么甜那么美那么相信 那么疯那么热烈的曾经

突然好想你 你会在哪里 过得快乐或委屈
突然好想你 突然锋利的回忆 突然模糊的眼睛

最怕空气突然安静 最怕朋友突然的关心
最怕回忆 突然翻滚绞痛著 不平息
最怕突然 听到你的消息
最怕此生 已经决心自己过 没有你
却又突然 听到你的消息

歌名:噢买尬 ( Oh My God )

噢买尬 噢买尬 真的太久不见了

哭啊哭啊哭啊哭到眼泪都干了 哭到海滩只剩下沙
整个世界只剩下你听我说话 一直到天黑也不回家
混阿混阿混阿混到天空就老了 情话依然没有变化
剩下我们说的生话梦话废话 就这样陪着我到长大

噢买尬 噢买尬 这是一定要的阿
喝到挂 唱到哑 笑到流泪 哭到趴
噢买尬 噢买尬 真的太久不见了

歌名: 夜访吸血鬼
作词:冠佑/阿信 作曲:冠佑/阿信

满怀忧伤却流不出泪 极度的疲惫却不能入睡
只能够日日夜夜 然后又日日夜夜 
无尽的日日夜夜 永远的深陷在人间

我是蝙蝠却不能飞 困在日复一日的街 
无止尽的狩猎 彷佛一种天谴
夜色就是我的披肩 日出就是我的风险 
舞池里的狂颠 是我宿命之约

上帝遗弃我们 却又要给 黯淡的月 照亮世界 
看爱过的人 一一告别 做过的梦 一一凋谢

无法挥舞天使的纯洁 也无法拥有魔鬼的果决
只有像每个人类 贪嗔痴傻和愚昧  找寻著体温和血 找寻著同类
满怀忧伤却流不出泪 极度的疲惫却不能入睡
只能够日日夜夜 然后又日日夜夜 
无尽的日日夜夜 永远的深陷在人间

饥饿是最好的调味 孤独是最强的催眠 
疯狂找一双唇 能够当我酒杯
早就对这一切厌倦 也曾愤怒喝下圣水 
却又无助醒在 下个漫长黑夜

青春遗忘我们 却又要给 回忆的美 就像玫瑰 
看镜中的脸 慢慢枯萎 高举的拳 渐渐粉碎 

无法挥舞天使的纯洁 也无法拥有魔鬼的果决 只有像每个人类 
贪嗔痴傻和愚昧  找寻著体温和血 找寻著同类
满怀忧伤却流不出泪 极度的疲惫却不能入睡
只能够日日夜夜 然后又日日夜夜 
无尽的日日夜夜 永远的深陷在人间
一个又一个孤单的千年 只能够日日夜夜 
然后又日因夜夜 无尽的日日夜夜 我不能飞

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raining Season

Raining Season,
Happy Birthday To Martin

Rain Rain go away, come again another day
Not tomorrow not today

make it stay at yesterday,
And thats why we called it as rainy day.

hip hip ohray ohray
visit us another day.


Hi everyone, Welcome to my rainy season post, haha. Well, It has been raining since past few day and lots thing are getting into lazy. Guess is because raining season is here ba. Every year, there will be a raining season, which keep on raining for the next 6hrs, infact more ar.

Talk about today afternoon, when i was preparing going out from home to school, suddenly it started raining so heavily. omg, even through my hus stay near also got problem going out ar. So i waited till 1pm den come out. lols, my lesson start at 1.30pm and i going out at 1pm. But very heng said that they bus came just in time! Therefore i didnt late for my class.

Recently few day in school, during lunch break time, I look up the sky, water dropping down from the sky. lols, raining! During raining period, alot of things goes lazy and cannot be done on time. Below here, the advantage and disadvantage on rainy day. (In my view)

Disadvantage on rainy day:
Lazy to go school or work
Lazy to style my hair
Lazy to buy food from outside
Lazy to bath (lols, of cos i bath just now although still raining)
Lazy to go out

Advantage on rainy day:
Sleep more than normal sunny day
Stay at home more
can save more money
More incoming water supply
Help Increase View rate on blog and friendster? guess so ba...haha
Chat with more ppl on msn? haha not sure xD

The worst is, Rain at wrong timing. Like today, it rain at wrong timing and it make me carry one extra thingy out to school. But i dont mind it rain during my slping time. xD Alright, thats all for my rainy day post. Beware bring an umbrella or raincoat along when u wanna go out. Its Raining Season Time. HoHo Merry Christmas! opps opps out of topic ",)

Calling people For Movie Next week, Anyone wanna watch [THE COFFIN] can simply leave a tag in my Chatbox, i dont mind going out with big or small group of friends *smile*

Tats all for today, Thank for ur reading ^^
Take care peeps, Becareful dont fall down, the floor is wet. xD


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just my simple day

Talk about Recently,
A short Post.

I had cancel all my lecture study in school today due to my retaking of english O level. Morning, wakeup early to study abit and afternoon went for my exam. Well, this year paper slidely easy than last year. For more, i will not talk more about it, cos say here say there still the same de.

I started design my coming up product by using photoshop cs3. but after few hrs of ponder, i decided to played with photoshop cs3 and adobe flash cs3. Haa, reason is because to add on more effect and make it look like advertisement. well, this might TAKE certain days to complete. So far still under planning only...

Hey, my classmate, how school today was? izzit fun or sad? lols

Looking Forward on THE COFFIN movie Next week:
Peeps, next week i think will be movie week ba...why i said that? cos THE COFFIN will be releasing next week (30/10/08). haa, this a horror movie and i think is rated as NC16 ba. haha, gonna call ppl come along with me. Anyone want watch together? u can simply tag and tell me. xD. Here i post about the coffin movie detail.

Rating: TBA
Genre: Horror
Language: English and Thai with Chinese and English subtitles
Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham (Beautiful Boxer, Pleasure Factory)
Main Cast: Karen Mok, Ananda Everingham, Andrew Lin
Runtime: 90mins

Release Date: October 30, 2008

Well, i think i stop here for today, nothing much more to write le. haha, Thank for ur viewing, Tag had replied in the tag box.
Take care peeps! xD


Monday, October 20, 2008

Its Just A Learning Day

Randomly Thingy,
Its Just A Learning Day,
Thank to nuffnang.

Is monday Today!!! and here my day goes... My monday timetable was a kind of sickening argh. We dunno lesson start at wad time in the morning, therefore, there were three difference time slot. 8.30am,9am and 9.30am. So randomly that most of my classmate came around 9am this morning and for me, i reached there at 8.30am. lols, Reached early nvm, still no lesson in the morning at 8.30am. Haiz, As my viusal basic (VB) lesson started at 9.30am today, From 8.30 to 9.30 time, was surfing web through school computer. Visual Basic today learned how to create a Fortune 8 Slot Machine Game (Mini VB game).

Lunch time, was lucky to say that, seat are found easliy nowdays. But our group were divided into 2 group. lols, Anyway we had our lunch happily and joke created. Haha, Laugh laugh and laugh. 2hrs later, lunch break over, we went for our networking class. Lol during networking practical class was damn fun man! Lester came out an idea to PING OF DEATH zhiyong computer but in the end, He (Lester) key in the wrong Ip address and gotten a PING OF DEATH of himself! haha, But after we PING of death zhiyong computer, it make his com internet load more faster lor, i wonder this PING OF DEATH hacking command still got use anot... xD

In the morning, Lesson on viusal basic was cool. Get to know new thing and create new thing, but lecture in the afternoon was really dry ar. Sit inside lecture hall listened lecturer saying about the networking thingy...AND beside me, fazil, keep repeating wad the lecturer said. lols, i was like listened 2time lor. Soon later, lecture end and i am free to home.

Thank To Nuffnang:
Here, i wanna thank to nuffnang for the HSM3 advertiser. Haa if u read my few month before previous, whenever there had an advertiser on my webpage, i will say a thank to them! haha, yea, this time was High School Musical 3 (HSM3) advertisement. So click click to see how interesting was it ba! xD

Innit Nuffnang:
I joined Innit Nuffnang since 2week ago. From there, I had make some new friends (I guess u noe who u are) as well as there was a great improvement in my blog view rate per day. Well, i wanna thank all the peeps who have been viewing my blog for the past few days/week/month. Today morning, i saw my HSM3 gala premiere post had got into Top 10 popular post. haa, this my first time got into Top 10 popular post since i joined Innit Nuffnang past 2week ago. Haa, Nuffnanger, hope one day we got a chance to meet up together! xD

-My sincerely A Thank To All -

Tats all for today, Thank for ur reading and viewing.
Tml my English GCE 'O' level Exam, wish me good luck den!
Take Care peeps xD
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

HSM3 Gala Premiere

plan changed,
High school musical 3 gala premiere,
The choice is decided by u.

Hi everyone, did u saw me at vivocity golden village today? If YES drop a tag before u leave my blog! haha. Well here my blog for today goes... ... ...

Today, Went to my grandma hus first in the morning for a visit. After my lunch at my grandma hus, proceed to meet kirby yeo at vivocity. Well, met him 2pm at vivo to catch the gala premiere on high school musical 3. Haha
why i suddenly meet kirby?
why was him the chosen one?
Read further down to know more.
Those ppl i asked excluding my cousin and they couldn't make it for HSM3 gala:
Nath (blues)

Actually, today watching with me HSM3 is my cousin but he suddenly not free due to his badminton outing, therefore, i changed my plan to call kirby watch with me. Well since he and me had watch HSM1&2 before, and HSM3 confirm sure watch one! haha. I choose kirby to watch this movie because, During my graduation last year, he my classmate graduated with me and we were buddy since sec 4. haa, Therefore, he the chosen one. PS, i only got 2 ticket.

So, met kirby at 2pm in the vivocity. while waiting for the ticket to be release, we went for shop in vivo for certain min. Went into pet shop in lvl 3 and saw 3 Chee Wa Wa Fighting. lols cute dog fighting sia, and lots of ppl were seeing it. xD After that, went to Action City and Cannon shop. As time goes by, nearly 3pm, we went and wait at golden village for the nuffnang staff to release the ticket. While waiting, saw one nuffnanger, see him so familiar but dunno who is him but nvm in the end we still make friend. haha, xD

10min later, Nuffnang staff start to release the ticket. Ppl were Q-ing for the ticket and i saw so many familiar nuffnanger faces but dunno their name only...lols. Guy/gals, if u saw me, pls kindy drop a comment inside my tag box. haha.

After got a pair of FREE gala ticket on HSM3. AND the ticket was free seating, this mean that, first come first sever, therefore alot of ppl holder the gala ticket was rushing up to the hall but too bad everyone nid to Queue first before going in the hall. Few min later, went in le, haha, took middle back seat. Nice View, hehe... HSM3 started and end, and my comment on this movie are, this movie damn nice! Those who watched HSM 1 and 2, u all sure will watch HSM3 but for those who didnt watch HSM1&2, u all still can go catch this HSM3 movie. Their graduation was awesome! I would wish my graduation was like tat too lor. So fun yea!

PS: I didnt write much more review on this movie (HSM3), becos it haven officially release, The thing i can said that was, this movie i rated as 5 star. xD, Me and kirby were enjoying this movie.
Gala Premiere:
Well, ppl who won the Gala Premiere ticket were counted as lucky ba. Cos gala ticket normally not easy to get and its also known as VIP pass. Still remember last year, watched the 不能说的秘密 gala premiere, the ticket cost $50, but lucky i got for free due to lucky draw event, so this save up my $50! lols. Gala premiere ticket holder, advantage was, u can watch the movie in advance one week than other.

After watching HSM3, we went to bunger king to had our dinner. Ate Cheese and Ham trendergrill. It taste really nice lor, u all should go try it! haha, kirby also found a "long" fries as it has the same height as his hand. lols However, after eating, shop awhile and went back to home. haa, nice outing with kirby today xD. Not much picture taken...

Thats all for today,
Take care and have a nice day peeps! xD

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adobe photoshop CS4

My 400 post,
Adobe Photoshop CS4.

什么东西能够将你变丑变美,什么东西能够将你人生充满完美,什么东西能够将你拍手站美,什么东西能够将你把缺点变优点。它不是整容师,它不是魔术师,它也不是魔法师,它是Adobe Photoshop 大师。。。

Hi everyone, Good morning,Afternoon and Night. haha, Today gonna introduce the latest verison of adobe photoshop which called as "adobe photoshop CS4".

Adobe photoshop program had upgraded from CS3 to CS4. More Features were added into Photoshop CS4 as well as some of the tool from CS3 had upgraded into better effect. Well, so far i haven try using this photoshop cs4 but i can see that it better than cs3 extended. It has more effect on it and can improve your creativity. Likewise most of the adobe program such as Flash,Illustrator,Dreamweaver,Firework,Premiere Pro and After Effects had also upgraded to CS4. The word CS4 mean Creative Suite 4.

New tools added onto Adobe photoshop CS4:
Adjustments panel
Masks panel
Content-Aware Scaling

Enhanced tools in adobe photoshop CS4:
Extended depth of field
Auto-alignment of layers
Efficient file management with Adobe Bridge CS4
Auto-blending of images
Improved Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow
Better raw image processing
Industry-leading color correction
More powerful printing options
File display options

Click it to see the System Requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Tutorial for adobe photoshop CS4
谁说恋爱别 找魔术师
我不需要解释 所以他小丑我是大师

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Selfish Theme

Selfish Theme,
Happy Birthday to those ppl on Today!
A Thank To nuffnang For the HMS3 movie tickets.

Thank You To Nuffnang
Firstly here, i wanna thank to Nuffnang, the advertiser website, because i won a pair of High school musical 3 (HMS3) movie tickets today. Had watched HMS1 and 2 in past, therefore now, Is HMS3, the senior graduation year. Haha, looking forward to this movie then and meet some nuffnanger blogger! xD see you all on this coming sunday! haha. Btw, this my first time winning the tickets since i joined nuffnang long time ago. xD

Next, Introducing of new navigate button to u all.
Well, this navigate use 2day to complete and today decided to upload it onto my blog. As you can see, i had changed the navigate button into bigger in size as well as added on some border to it. Well, i not sure izzit nice or not, therefore i nid all your comment inorder for me to improve on it. haha, I know this navigate abit simple. xD Previous navigate[Profile] had changed to [Biography].

Theme- Selfish
Thirdly, gonna write about today happen in class. Today during project mangnament lesson was such a fun in the way that all people will keep laughing till we said stop. lols, Here, i write out the story now, Is a Theme about SELFISH among your friends and How to solve or give a best solution when critical thing happen by using selfish method.
Here i write out all the Cast who acted this afternoon in this SELFISH theme.

This Story Rated As NC16 (Violence & Coarse Language)
Cast Are:
Hong Peng (Me) as Chairman Yeo
Lester Tan, Fazil, LeeYee, Branern, Kennth and Shirlyn as Communism
Jackie Tan as Scarificer

The Story goes like this:
One fine day, we eight people were sitting on a boat travelling to one island. Suddenly we found out that the boat got a big whole.OMG, The boat was going to sink and our boat was surrounded by few sharks. Therefore, as selfish of us, The Chairman Yeo and the communism had decided to throw Jackie off the boat to feed those shark inorder for us to reach the nearest island as fast as possible. Likewise, Jackie was throw off to sea and we were at the island safely. As eight of us were selfish, our aim is to let ourselves reach the island safely and second aim was to scarify Jackie so that we can save our life. Therefore we called this as “Public Execution”.

Moral of story:
Don’t Be selfish to your friends among you
Think before do and don’t anyhow scarify friend among you
Don’t be selfish to yourself
Chairman alway has the biggest Authority

After reading, are u laughing? or?
Haha, After we present our story to the whole class, everyone start laughing and laugh and laugh till dont stop lor, haha. Ya, cos the keyword is "Chairman Yeo give the order", lols, everything chairman Yeo Chairman Yeo. But not bad ar, our group also receive a complient from teacher. lols. Of cos in real life we wont like that ar, we very *helpful* one, haha.

Plan to slp early tonight, cos my lesson for tml start at 8am. kinda early lesson ar.
Alright, Thats all for today, thank for ur reading and viewing! haha
Looking forward this coming weekend! xD
Take Care peeps!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Graduation Experiences

My Graduation Experiences

Today i am sharing here to you all about my graduation experience which happened last year 2007 when i Graduated From my secondary school (Chai Chee secondary school).

Still remember that day was my last day in secondary school and I, as a class chairman of my class, i had do apart of my job in my secondary school time. I love my teacher as they alway give us their best taught and we also didnt let them down with our good result.

During graduation day, My school hall was decorated with balloons and flower.Chair and Tables also there for us to sit. Therefore, all the secondary four and five student were gathered in the school hall, sitted on chair and listened to my principal talk. After the talk, Is party TIME!! hooo ray~ Game were played and everyone was having fun in the hall. This game lets us know how to creatures friends beside us as well as to train our thinking skills.
During graduation day, award also given to some student who did their best in their studies, their exam result as well as their daily performance. I also one of the award student in the hall during that day. haha, so happy, because i have been awarded every year since my secondary two onward. But In the last day of school, i still been getting award and it also my last award during that day. And of cos, i am graduated with a happy smile on my face! xD

After Hall party finished, we were ready to start taking picture with other fellow classmate and teacher. First, we were taken our last class photo in hall, followed by taking photo with our teacher. My form Teacher Mr GOH also the last day of school during that day cos MOE had switch him to other secondary school to teach. Well, During graduating time, for sure, i will take photo with everyone or teacher who close to me as a memories in my secondary school life. Likewise i also made some small little card message to my close teacher.

At the end of that day, Everyone enjoyed their graduation and walked out of the school happily and i carry with Photo,Award and Smile back to my home.

So what u waiting now?
Catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

Visual Basic Day,花海

Happy Birthday To LeeYee

Morning people, Since my lesson start in the afternoon today, here let me have a short post about yesterday first and den when i came back in the evening later, i continues post again.

Yesterday, My lesson was so tried, dunno why. In the afternoon was having my first lesson on computing maths. Learned Chapter 1 and look quite easy so far. Everything during O level learned before and i think should be able to pass perfectly. Although some mistake were made, but nvm we learned from mistake xD

After i came back yesterday, i started to create my next blog navigate button. This time the navigation will be different. Haa, i will write more on it when is ready, so far only created one button.

Well, for today, will be my actual first lesson on visual basic this coming afternoon 1.30pm, lol, school start so late today, from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Actually i prefer from 8am to 12pm lor, at least start early end early. But this term, it start late and end late. Anyway only 4hrs of lesson on visual basic.

Continues Post at 7.45pm:
haa, hi everyone, back to blogging time. Today in school we learned a new thing called visual basic. Learned chapter 2 and lesson was fun. haha, we were given a task to create a Generater which also called as [Generate], which allow us to generate random number and random picture appear. lols, sound like a mini game but it is. xD Well, Lesson end at nearly 4pm around 3pm plus. End pretty early hor, the lesson took around 1hrs plus only. Anyway, Visual basic seem like fun at first few chapter but further more, i not sure le. haha.

Happy Birthday LeeYee
Today, also my classmate LeeYee birthday. So lets happy birthday to him first. Happy Birthday to u LeeYee! haha, you birthday so less people from our class know lor, lols. But lucky i check through friendster and know that today is your birthday! haha. All the best in ur studies LeeYee! xD

Apple News
Some news for today. Apple Company had release their latest MacBook and MacBook Pro Today. Well, i know most of the blogger had post up the latest information news on apple Macbook and therefore i not going to blog again. Click the link to see more about the latest of MacBook and MacBook Pro. In my view, these 2 macbook were worth it to buy because their specifications was damn powerful lor. haha, They using the latest CPU,RAM and graphic card! which mean MacBook access data or program in the fastest speed. Haa, Anyway, i not Apple Fans. But one of my friend Fazil is Apple Fans! haha...

Well, I end here for today. Thank for ur reading and viewing. Next Post coming up: My Graduation Experiences.
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词:古小力 曲:周杰倫

静止了 所有的花开 遥远了 清晰的爱
天弥漫 爱却更喜欢 那时候 我不懂 这叫爱

你喜欢 站在那窗台 你好久 都没再来
彩色的世界染上空白 是你流的泪云开

不要你离开 距离隔不开
思念变成海 在窗外进不来
原谅说太快 爱成了阻碍

不要你离开 回忆花不开
请你等重来 我在等待重来
天空仍灿烂 她爱着大海
情歌被打败 爱已不存在

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Jay Chou New Album [魔杰座]


JayChou Latest Album 魔杰座 had officially release to all asia country today! Today, Introduce Jay Chou latest 2008 album 魔杰座 to you all. The album came in 2 different type of album, one is normal CD-album which cost around $19.90 in singapore and another type is TIN-BOX type album which cost $27.90 in singapore. Inside cd 魔杰座 Album there are total 11 song and 2 MTV. Other than that, it also given with gift such as 魔杰方块,魔杰日历,魔杰写真,等等。。。

Here the 11 songs inside the Album. (In order)
1. 龍戰騎士
2. 给我一首歌的时间 (MTV)
3. 蛇舞
4. 花海
5. 魔术先生
6. 說好的幸福呢
7. 兰亭序
8. 流浪诗人
9. 時光機
10. 喬克叔叔
11. 稻香 (MTV)

詞:方文山 曲:周杰倫

放手一搏令谁都惭愧 迎着风急速在超越
那守门的兽展翼将飞 他们却没看过蝴蝶
不懂什么 叫做花香的季节
什么叫绿草如茵的旷野 所有关于我的传说
全都不对 全都是纸屑 全部要改写

对敌人的谦卑 抱歉 我不会 而远方的龙战于野
咆哮声不自觉 横越过了几条街

我坚决 冲破这一场浩劫
这世界谁被狩猎 谁淌血我却只为
城墙上我在等魔坠 火焰吞噬无名碑
摧毁却无法击溃 我要爱上谁

废墟怎么被飞雪了解 只能长出羊齿蕨
那些仇恨已形成堡垒 我又改怎么去化解
低吼威胁那些龙形的傀儡 他们发不出的音叫心碎
惊觉你你啜泣声迂回 如此纯洁 已温柔削铁 以爱在谅解

在末日边陲 纯爱 被隔绝 我在危险的交界
目睹你的一切 锈迹班班的眼泪

我坚决 冲破这一场浩劫
这世界谁被狩猎 谁淌血我却只为
城墙上我在等魔坠 火焰吞噬无名碑
摧毁却无法击溃 我要爱上谁

我坚决 冲破这一场浩劫
这世界谁被狩猎 摧毁却无法击溃

Click these link to see more about JayChou周杰倫 news:

Love JayChou Song Always~!

Monday, October 13, 2008


School reopen today,
New things to be learn

Horay! school reopen today. Everyone were going back to school this morning and all my classmate came. haha, Today as the school reopen of 1st day of school, we also got back our exam result in statement form. My GPA was not bad, at least was high in my first exam. Well, although didnt reach my target but i will work more harder in this term. As new term start, new things (modules) to be learn this term. well, we will be learning viusal basic,computering maths/programing and networking tech. Overall those few books cost me around $50 plus...

Back to school time mean back to study time...
But Not really. Haha, My group were back to joke time! First day of school start cracking joke around and start shooting my classmate one by one...haha. Laughter came back as usual

Most of my classmate were complainting about the price of the book hor, lols, either to i. I think this time will be more diffcult in these 2 main modules. Anyway i am happy back to school, cos can see my classmate, same faces along inside the school. haha, Lecturer today didnt teach much due to the 1st day of school. However we also haven buy our book and even thought lecturer teach something today, i think i only listened 30% out of the 3hrs lectur lor. haha, maybe still in the holiday mode. In school, today dunno why, so hungry...ate char siew rice and chicken rice. lol, hungry till ate 2plate of rice! xD

My class had received the new timetable in this morning and most of us was shock about the monday schedule. lols, cos lesson 9am start and end at 6pm. What a long day lor, but the lecture will reach 6pm if exam around the corner, likewise, it will be releasing at 5pm plus. haha, My class today lecture end at 4.30pm.

Thats all for the sharing today, Jay Chou album releasing in 2days time. haha, pls support ! xD
Alright, End~ Thank for ur reading, keep viewing!
Take Care Peeps! xD


Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Last Holiday

Took By Professional Photographer! xD

My last holiday,
Summary on my past 2 days,
Happy Birthday To Matthew

Hello peeps, today will write about summary about past 2 days outing with my cousin as well as my review on my last day of holiday and my new timetable. Well, tml school reopen and fresh new memory come again. In this term, i will be learning computering maths and programing as well as Network tech. lols sound like so diffcult lor but nvm, cos u will never know if u even learn. xD Alright now, First i write the review on Friday follow by saturday.

Review On Friday Outing:
Went out with my cousin past 2 days and friday, we went to singapore flyer, suntec city and marina square. It appeal my eyes in the sense that singapore flyer was pretty awesome! The big wheel infornt of you was like crazy. haha, we also went into the rainforest to do some photo shooting. Other than like, Suntec city mall and marina square also our next shop to look for our christmas present for this coming december. Overall, we shop almost all the suntec plus marina shop and we even went to aracade and super bowl as well. haha, I like playing bowling even thought i cant score well. xD Fun Fun Day.

Review On Saturday Outing (Japanese Cosplay Fashion):
Well, Yesterday went to clerk quey central shopping mall to see cosplay fashion competition. Normally i see cosplay at suntec city convention hall but this time i went to clerk quey to check it out. And of cos my cousin was with me at that time. This Japanese Cosplay Fashion was cool, cos u can see lots of people played a part in X-ing different type of japanese character. haha, This event show out the japanese style in their fashion and even those outsider from other country also wondering why they were dressed like that. lols xD


HAHA, PhotoFunia, u all heard before? I found this photofunia web on shiqian/shiying blog. It was a fun photo editing tools or so called "They help u to edit" and make ur picture into more funnier way. lols, been playing this photofunia for the past few days and i had create several photo! xD, The Word Funia oready told you the Fun in ur photo, haha, so dont wait now, quicky click this PhotoFunia to play with your photo now! It may surpise your effect on your photo. haha!

Review on my New TimeTable:
OMG! my new timetable released yesterday night and i was shock about my timetable TIME. Especially monday, 6pm den release from school. omg, I think monday will be the longest day in school. Well, This term no more multimedia subject, all is on IT such as networking tech and computering maths and programing. I wonder how should i survive in school tml? 6pm leh. wtf?

Happy Birthday To Matthew:
Happy Birthday to Matthew once again! Finally you 1 year older than me again. haha, know this guy this year study inside the same school. Fate to know him inside the lecture hall during lecture time. Well, His result on his previous exam was score pretty well. haha, anyway work hard on this term.
To Matthew: Yo matthew! firstly i wanna thank you for visiting my blog once again! xD, today is your birthday and as ur birthday wish, all the best in whatever u been doing or waiting for and try to work hard and maintain ur score for the next term. haha, Happy Birthday To U~

My Last Holiday:
Well, Today my last holiday le and tml onward will be a brand new school reopening day. haha, During this holiday i enjoyed alot such as went to lots of places in singapore with friends and cousins. I also learned and improve on my photoshop skill during those holiday period. As holiday coming toward the end, I need to refresh my brain now to study mode, haha cos during holiday really fun too much liao. XD, Alright here, thats all for today. A whole summary on today.

Thank for ur reading and viewing.
Take Care xD !


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally vs Fate

Another outing with Cousin,
Cosplay Fashion parade at Central,
Night Clerk Quey View very nice

Wow, Is time for blogging! haha, went to three places today, there were vivocity,clerk quey central and raffles places. Was another wonderful day outing with my cousin (Qing Yi) again. Alright, i start my blog now, read further down to know more detail about today. xD

Today, met my cousin in the afternoon 1.30pm at harbourfont mrt station. But so coincidence in tat case that we were inside the same mrt. lols so qiao lor, therefore we reached harbourfont at the same time. haha, We went to vivocity to shop and my cousin finding birthday present to gift his friend. Well, After tats we shop in vivo till 3pm, we decided to go clerk quey. Cos Clerk Quey Central shopping mall got Japanese Cosplay fashion compeition today. Likewise I also can meet my blogger friends.

Reached Clerk Quey at 3.30pm and we shop inside the shopping mall awhile. lols long time didnt been there and lucky to say that i am not lost in that place. haha, After that we walk to the middle of the stage of the shopping mall and it was the Cosplay fashion compeition area. Went over and watched for a few min. Den i met Nathalie (my nuffnang blogger friend) as she also a part of Cosplay fashion member. haha, took a group photo as well as single photo with those Cosplay participant. lols but overall i am waiting to take photo with the host today but no chance to take with her in the first place.

So, Me and my cousin walk walk look look and took picture around the places. He also brought 2 hokkaido ice-cream to eat in this afternoon. lols, At time around 5pm plus, we decided to walk down to raffles place. So we walked and along the way took lot of photo. My cousin even used his camera flashlight and played with the ERP. lols, keep flashing the ERP word, sound cool right? maybe next time you all can try it using camera with flashlight. But do it when the ERP is off, if not anything happen, not my problem liao. haha.

After walking at raffles, we decided to walk back to clerk quey central. Walked back in about 15min and This time i am very happy. haha, why? read further down lor.

When we reached central shopping mall, the time was around 6.45pm and after i accompany my cousin to have his dinner, the time was 7.20pm. We took a walked outside the central and this time, i got a chance to take photo with the host! haha, So happy lor, been waiting for the whole afternoon just want to take picture with her. She so kawaii (cute) and after taking photo with her, i asked her,
Me: are u singaporean?
She replied: yup, I am singaporean, Pure singaporean not japanese.
lols, i asked because during her host on stage, she speak in japanese language was perfect well. haha, well, my mission had complete! xD.

About 10min later, we decided to go home since night le. So took train back to Tampines and lastly back to my home. haha, overall today was a fun day again with my cousin as well as also get a chance to take photo with her. Maybe this is fate ba. haha, wonder she got friendster anot. xD

Finally is the keyword for today:
Finally i got a chance to see Clerk Quey Night View
Finally i got a chance to meet nuffnang friends
Finally i got a chance to take photo with her

Alright, I end my post here for today, maybe picture will tell more word than i write. Same thing picture will be upload when is ready. So currently just read my post will do. I will try upload my picture asap and btw, cosplay photo were with the photographer there. haha, Their camera was powerful man! xD Well, i will upload here when they had send me. xD

Thats all, Thank for ur reading. Tag replied and tag before u leave this blog!
Take care peeps! xD

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