Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End of March 2009

Last day of march 2009
As time goes come my 545 post...

Time flies fast, Days pass fast... here come to the end of march in 2009. Same goes for today, every last day of the month sure will be wordy post..haha. Well, trying my best to give the shortest wordy post for today! xD *blog it as song goes*

In march, I taken my exam followed by having my holiday since first week of march 2009 and as holiday started, i went outing with friends, enjoying all over the places. IT Fair held in march and i went there 3 time with different people and they were fazil,darshini and nath. From this IT fair, also met some familiar faces such as, Lester,zhiyong,joshua,weijie and joyce. One keep good memory was that, when i walked over to the sudden attack game stall, i was kena Sudden Attack by the 2 pretty lady! lols...i guess this sentence weijie know who i talking about! bleah~ hahaha...

Right after IT fair, Few days later, i attended a gathering which organized by weijie whereas aim was to meet Yu Ling who working at the changi airport T3. So, we gathered at popeyes located at B1 of airport T3, by den there also siyi,joyce and kaizhi attended. Well, throughout this gathering, i knew Siyi and YuLing as a blogger in nuffnang. xD Overall, nice chat with you guys...~

Next, In march, i watched few movie and they were, "watchmen", "Dragonball Evolution", "coming soon", "Street Fighter chun li", "Confession Shopaholic" and "Mall Cop". LOL, watched 6 movie in a month...hehe but do i really spend on my money? haha dont think so... :P But First of all, i wanna thank jerome for watchmen and coming soon, thank to nuffnang for the confession shopaholic tickets. Great movie watched this month as different movie give the different storyboard line and their visual effect was pretty cool too!

Middle week of march, i continue back my new header design. Actually i started create this new header since feb but due to final exam, i delay till march. So far so good, is finishing soon..Well, some people asking, so when the new header release...haaa! hopefully by the end of april can put up in my blog! xD Other than tat, i also started create the new navigator and label...This time, the theme will be different from the previous! xD

In March 2009, i also came up with few interesting post such as Sony Ericsson Idou phone review,Movie reviews, cappuccino cheesecake post, event post and Food Hunt post reviews which attracted quite number of visitor...Thank everyone who visited here in march! As a record, i broke 7k of views in march! haha.. thank you ^^ Everyweek, one Food Review and Phone review post. Hope in april will have more viewer!

In Last week of march, whole world celebrate the earth hour day whereby switch off the light for one hour help to save the world. Some people had their great celebration but some dont. My house area, i still see light around yet very slient, compare to other country, they are party around in the dark world. haha...

In March, too many good memory to keep with. Holiday can be enjoyable but it can be bored when i came to working condition or maybe slacking at home...However, time flies fast, just few more hrs to go, it turn april! hoho...1st day of april is april fool i know...BUT it also my releasing of exam result!!! Kinda nervous now...haha..somehow dunno why they wanna release the exam result on april fool date itself...lols... *good luck to me*

Alright, tats all for today! Goodbye march 2009!!
Thank for ur visiting! xD

如果你不乖 那麽我可爱可不爱
爱一个人会在乎 他和她的未来

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bloggers Lunch Meeting

Bloggers Lunch Outing at Saizeriya Restaurant
Good Food On My Blog Part 11

Food Hunt Bloggers:
Weijie, Josh, Joanne Chan, Venessa, Ryli and Maiko

My Great sunday with some bloggers as we plan up last mintues to meet for lunch at Liang Court-Saizeriya (Japanese-Italian Budget Restaurant) which located at Clarke Quay. Actually this plan was very last mintues whereby the food found by weijie and he introduce to me. Well, we only called few bloggers along cos we scare later the food taste turn bad or expensive...however, the food taste yummy! Alright, Read or see my next few paragraph for more excitement about the lunch gathering.

Sunday afternoon, A quick plan outing held at clarke Quay whereby, Venessa,Josh,Weijie,Ryli,Maiko and Joanne Chan agreed to come hunt good food with Me. So, as i came out of clarke Quay control station, i saw Venessa followed by Josh. After that we proceed on to Clarke Quay Central to meet Weijie, Joanne Chan and Ryli. We started walking toward the Liang Court from Central and it took as 10min to reach. Kinda fast and therefore, we went into Saizeriya Restaurant for our lunch! *Hungry mood* haha...

After looking at the menu...we almost wanted to order everything from the menu! lols, Ryli small size but she eat 'ALOT'..lols, 20min later, we came out a plan on ordering a main dish plus with a side dish which was pizza! yay! Pizza~ hahaha...

Our Food had ordered, therefore we called the manager to help us take a group picture before we went into eating! *Bite sound* *Food Smell* *look yummy*! haha, As soon as my first bite on my grilled chicken...Maiko came! woohoo! eat eat eat....bleah bleah bleah...Josh ate the fastest among all xD and so on...till we all ate finished.

We chill and have our conversation on many different topic...*keep it secret* hehe, dont tell you all wad topic we discuss on :P bleah! haha....But two main topic we discuss was "Flying from sg to malaysia" and "who the next featured blogger in nuffnang?" Overall, we end our conversation at 5.30pm and as for we took a picture infront of Saizeriya Restaurant main door before we leave.

Next, Venessa and Joanne Chan leave due to something on and same goes to Weijie for birthday party~! haha...Left Me,Josh,Ryli and Maiko...the 4 Emo bloggers, chill somewhere at Central. Chat awhile after den, took train back to home.

Review on Saizeriya Restaurant Food
Haha, Good Food On My Blog Part 11 bring to you Saizeriya Restaurant which located at Liang Court Level 2. This restaurant bring you a feel on Japanese mixed with Italian style. I pretty like their Food which i had eaten today and one feeling they give me, is tat their main focus in every dishes was on Cheese. Every dishes i saw, it sure have the flavour of Cheese! haha... Well, not every meal cost less than $8 but i think is worth it! xD... We ate the pizza and everyone say tat it taste better than pizza hut Pizza! lols...Alright if you are interested in this restaurant, you might wanna visit this link below!


Here, This my first time attending bloggers Lunch outing and for, wanna thank you all for attending this Food Hunting Session! lols...Hope you all had enjoyed the feel of Japanese-Italian meal.

Tats all for today
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bra Vissimo ice-cream

Earth Hour at Vivocity,
Happy Birthday to Gregory!

Hello people! The Earth Hour had over! woohoo~! haha...have you feel the darkness around the area you stay? wad you did during the 'darkness' time? hahaha... ok tats not important now.

First of all, Lets wish one of our nuffnanger Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday GREGORY, i guess by now you had done with your birthday celebration! are SO LUCKY that your birthday fall on Earth Hour Day. lols, Anyway, I wish you may your dream come true this year and all the best in your exam! xD
People Just simply drop by a birthday wishes on his chatbox:

Afternoon, while chatting with friends on msn, i decided to come out due to the hot weather. So, called my cousin, Qingyi, and we decided to go vivocity for shopping. We met 3pm and once i step into vivo, i feel so cool! cool down my body temperture!! Well, shop for few hrs, brought some food stuff and chat for awhile before going back home. Before i end my post, just wanna do a short review on this ice-cream brought from Bra-vissimo.

Bravissimo Ice-Cream Review
Brought a small cup of D24 durian flavour ice-cream from bravissimo and as today my first time tasting it, i could say that the ice-cream taste soft and yummy! Well, if you pass by vivo, you can visit this Bravissimo stall located at B1 near subway, feel free to try their ice-cream, it taste really nice! haha

Tats all for today!
Thank for your visiting! xD
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

60 Earth Hour

60 Earth Hour
We might just left with one hour

Well, Today share something about 60 earth hour which will be happen this coming saturday (28/03). All round the people from different country will switch off their light/electricity for 60 minutes which is one hour to save the world.

People live with pride live with happiness...
On 28/03/09 at night 8.30pm -9.30pm
We turn off the light...Feel the surrounding...
Feel the darkness around you...
No fear to worry about...
Just simply light up a candle...see the brighter world...
And devil will never ownes this Earth...

Past few day, was having a conversation with kaizhi,weijie and Asher, and the topic make by Asher was "what will you do if today the last day on earth?" we have different answer...Well, last day staying on earth, you all might wanna spend all the money you have! spend the last day with family, with friends. Some people will even go crazy but some are happy because they have no much thing to worry about! xD, For me, i will definitely spend all my money i have, go the last outing with friends and family.

This coming saturday might be blackout on every house hold but think twice, if one hour blackout could save up one million years for earth, save one billion people on earth, den i think tat is worth it than ever. So, do support 60 Earth Hour this coming saturday! xD

Do Remember!
Earth can be destory, at the same time earth can be safe!
Billion of helping hand is the best!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nuffnang Shopaholic Movie

Blog about yesterday (24/03)
Nuffnang Shopaholic Movie premiere

Bloggers/friends i met up with: (Click their name to enter their website)
Weijie, Asher, Josh, Andy, Yiling, Ryli, Miri,Maiko, Sarah

Photograph thank to: Ryli camera
Photographer thank to: one of the nuffies
Picture edited by Me

Hello people! haha, yesterday was so fun, meet up some nuffnanger and attended a movie premiere. See below....more detail about yesterday.

Yesterday 5.30pm, met up with weijie, ryli and miri at dhoby ghaut mrt station. While waiting for the other two to arrival, we went to long john sliver for our dinner first before proceeding to the movie premiere. Time nearly, 6.30pm, we went up to golden village and saw the nuffnang set up booth, went over and collect our tickets. Since early and while still waiting for the others to come, we took some photo outside nearly GV...bleah bleah bleah~ and also saw Yiling and Andy. Soon later, Asher,Sarah and Josh came. haha, cool!

By tat time still 7pm, we not able to enter into the cinema..So stand aside and chat awhile...We were surprise tat we saw this person came to this movie premiere, which was XiaXue! haha..As soon as time reached 7.10pm, we went in and found the seat...Maiko and her friend came... Movie started till end, after tat we proceed on to mos burger and den went straight back to home... Well, read my next paragraph to know more review on Confessions of a shopaholic movie.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic Movie Review
After watching this movie, i can said that is the best recommended movie for everyone, especially for all shopping lover, if you are really a crazy shopaholic, den i guess you should watch it! haha, inside this story,
was talking about a girl with green scarf....

saving money might be a problem for her....

at the end...izzit happy or bad ending?

Realise the sentence not complete? haha yes! i dunwan be the spoiler! inside the movie also got some 3D effect and model! Moral of story in this movie, they will teach you how to save up ur money on unnecessary item! xD, i rated this movie 4.5/5 stars.

Tats all for today!
Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD
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Monday, March 23, 2009

3C Things to see

Cappuccino Cheese Cake
Tml nuffnang movie screening

I'll climb the highest mountain
I'll swim the deepest sea

Oh, here come another monday. Some of the student had started their school and some still having their holiday. For me, i still having my holiday mood and wondering wad to blog about today. Maybe next few paragraph may answer my question...

A very free day, which is today, where by woke up early and thinking of what to blog about it. Decided to write something related to Coffee and cake, So i went online gathered some picture and information before i blog it out. Likewise today topic will be Cappuccino Cheese Cake! xD

Well, Talks about "expensive" coffee, i prefer cappuccino more than latte. First time, drinking cappuccino which happened few years ago at starbuck. One thing impress me was the taste of cappuccino which make me wanted to drink it again. haha. Alright, let see the different between latte and cappuccino.

Latte Cappuccino Different
A latte is a coffee beverage prepared with espresso shots, steamed milk, and a very thin layer of milk foam on top. Flavors are also sometimes added.
A cappuccino is a coffee beverage prepared with espresso shots, half steamed milk and half milk foam. Cappuccino's can also be made "wet", meaning with more than the usual amount of steamed milk, or "dry" meaning with more than the usual amount of milk foam.

Cappuccino/Cheese Cake
Seriously speaking, In my life, i only ate two or three piece before, cos the price of a cappuccino cake is too costly...Each Piece cost around 5 -6 bucks. However, i still like it! hope one day can eat this cappuccino cake again! hehe... Cheese cake, use to eat often in my life. I think i can consume any flavour of cheese cake easily and i dont mind ppl giving me a ton of cheese cake! hahaha...

So people, what type of coffee and cake you like the most? You can simply drop your comment inside my Tag-chat box! haha...Not yet ending...

Morning, i received an email from nuffnang said that, i won a pair of tickets to confession of shopaholic movie screening which will held tml at plaza sing GV. woohoo...After MIA so long for nuffnang movie, now here a chance again to watch movie with nuffnanger. haha, cya nuffnanger there tml! xD

Tats all for today,
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Plane crash into cemetery

Children on skiing trip among 17 dead in Montana plane crash

A plane crashed on its approach to an airfield in Montana last night, nose-diving into a field next to a cemetery and killing 17 people on board, apparently including a party of children on a school skiing holiday.

A US federal aviation administration spokesman, Mike Fergus, said the plane had crashed about 500ft away from the airport in Butte. "We think that it was probably a ski trip for the kids," he said, adding that the plane was a Pilatus PC-12 single engine turboprop built in 2001. The crash is the third major plane incident in the US since the beginning of the year

One eyewitness, Kenny Gulick, aged 14, who lives near the airport, told the Montana Standard that the plane had been making sharp turns. "All of a sudden the pilot lost control and went into a nose dive," said Gulick. "He couldn't pull out in time, and crashed into the trees of the cemetery." [Read More]

News information adapted from:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

FoodFair 2009

Food & Beverage Fair 2009

Today, actually doesnt wan to intend to go food fair 2009 due to my lazyness...But I forced myself in the afternoon and went to visit the FoodFair 2009. Actually FoodFair and IT Fair are the same, in singapore, they will held at least 3 to 4 time of event like this. So, missed anyone also nvm de. xD

Alright, some short review about the first singapore foodfair which also known as "Food & Beverage Fair" in 2009. The event was held at suntec city and one thing surpise me is like, this time FoodFair the population seem like decrease alot. lols, maybe due to heavy rain? haha...I reached there around 4pm plus and after taking a tour inside the FoodFair Hall, i realised that all the food and drink are almost same as last year foodfair which held at singapore expo.

However, while looking at some stall just now, i found one currypuff stall which have a damn long queue. So i went over it and queue as well...After looking the choice of those puff, i decided to buy one blackpepper chicken puff and it cost only $1. haha..I ate the blackpepper chicken Puff and i can said that is delicious, the juice of blackpepper chicken very tastly! yummy! Btw, it located at the middle of convention hall 4.

Overall, this time Food Fair was still fine to me, i not dissappointed but if compare last year, i prefer last year which had more 'interesting' food than this year! haha Maybe i will wait for this coming mid-year foodfair event.

Haha, tats all for today!
Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD
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