Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ultimate Magic Show

30/06/09 ~ 01/07/09
Tuesday ~ Wednesday
End of June 2009 blog post
Ultimate Magic Show @ The Arena (Full Version)

People who attended: Me,JianHao,Don,Qianyi,Isabel,Alissa,JoyceStella and Fiona.
Thank to Nuffnang and Nuffie Elaine for the Ultimate Magic Ticket

Hello people! Time flies fast and here it come End of June 2009! So what i been during the 2nd last day of June in 2009? was the wonderful magic night i ever had! haa...Alright see the next few paragraph to know more happening during yesterday evening till night! xD

Yesterday afternoon 4pm, met JianHao at Tampines mrt station and took all way down to clarke quay station to meet Don,qianyi,Isabel,Alissa,Joycestella...lols name sound so familiar? Yes! they were the people i knew them since the flashmob event till now! haha, Group 1 to purple group to till now! and...yes! We meet up for the Ultimate Magic show night!

Dinner-ing at Central [Full House] *lucky the seat not full house* lols and soon later Fiona came. Time around 7pm, we decided to walked over to Arena..But somehow dunno why it rain! omg..took a fast walk to Arena...

We reached outside Arena...We plan to take a group photo before going into the Arena...But we chill outside for couple of minutes *planning to ask the person in charge to help us take photo*...Few min later, we walked over but i can take lead? wtf...

Person Incharge: Are you all from Nuffnang?
Hp: *Stun* *wondering how you know whereby we dont even flash out our ticket yet*
Hp to Person Incharge: *smile* yea...we from nuffnang...dont mind help us take a group photo?
Person Incharge: haha sure, So you all waited for so long just wanna ask this question...
All group: *laught* lols... Alright, we took a picture as well as temp. before going in...found good seat just nice for 8 of us...

bleah bleah bleah~ 7.30pm...Booomb! show started! Magician J.C Sum and Magic Babe Ning, Both the most famous magician in singapore, Perform their magic on stage and give the most Entertain welcome to the audience!

My first time watching magic show in club...kinda excited! haha...Well, magic show started and in between, my Friend, JianHao, was call up on stage by magician Ning...He damn happy la but once Ning remove the Big object infront of my friend, He stun! lols what happen? BIG METAL FAN infront of him...! owned....Me,Qianyi and don was laughing...saying "He 完蛋了"...But luckily he was told to check the metal piece only...not to perform the "pass through metal fan"..lols..

Soon later, J.C Sum [Male Magician] pick audience to go up on stage to perform...Somehow dunno why the person chosen is ME!!! lols...Great experience go up on stage to perform with him! If i want to use the word to describe...Me and him are entertaining! haha...Luckily cannot video! if not my stupid blur face sure kena stomp by Don....lols

My Review on Ultimate Magic Show
Review...By the word 'Ultimate', it show you tat this not the normal magic you saw on youtube or by davidcopper field...Infact, it present out the illusion in your mind, the illusion whereby you can see but cannot touch...And the speed of its magic is as fast as blinking of eyes. 'Very hard to break through their magic skill'

For example, i was called up on stage to perform with him for the money magic...I am standing directly beside him...with his empty hand, it suddenly money appear! *eyes roll* Next shocking magic was...the last called "teleportation" Whereby Magic Babe [Ning] was hide inside a box and J.C was performing using a wooden piece of thingy with fire pushing the box away and Ning suddenly appear behind Me,Don,Qianyi and JianHao! lols...we 4 got shock! hahaha...but tats was the nice one ever! xD

Overall, the illusion magic was great! playing with teleportation,fire,string,card,money...conflict your mindset and give the audience different result! Anyway people! this magic show will still be till end of year! Click here to know about its location and timing of the show! Each Ticket is $38 but is worth it! xD

However, Magic show ended at 8.30pm... i walked toward Magician J.C and Ning to have request for photo taking together with my group member...! haha...Every of my group member cant wait to take photo with this 2 SG most famous magician! lols...Well, we also did some interview about their magic show and 2 important thing said by them and i want to quote it out here was that "We do magic because of our passion...not really about money" and "illusion is equal to no answer".

Magician J.C say: "We do magic because of our passion...not really about money" is something like you bloggers...Do blog everyday with your own passion! Me: 'Totally agree'...! ^^

Money not really important for a performer...As long as you enjoy performing on stage, people get entertain...Everyone capture a good memoires before they leave...I think tats will be the best way to conclude the overall performance.

After about 20mins chat with both magician, we were on our way to slack and chat time...Due to SOME underage people...we at last chill inside starbuck ordered coffee and have our chat session...lols THE TOPIC of this CHAT session very HOT hor!!!

Everyone took last picture with Isabel and Alissa
as they will be leaving SG this friday...

After MagicShow...We went for turkish Ice Cream
and lets see how those girls got tricked

Those Girls say we both are Singapore version 断背山

So here...come the last photo in June 2009!

Well, was the great night ever with some of the purple group member...the 2 USA girl is flying this friday...will be miss in SG for 3 years at least...But throughout this whole event, i guess everyone had enjoyed themselves watching magic show and the chatting in starbuck...! xD

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformer Week

Transformer week

As the title say...Transformer week! Transformer 2 movie have been release since past few day and i call it transformer week because everyone is crazying...chasing about transformer show! Go everywhere [cinema] you will see people buying ticket for transformer 2 movie and as the result, the Box Office from 4th place went up to No.1 place!

Friday, I met my cousin and uncle at AMK hub for transformer 2 (Tf2)movie..My both uncle were transformer fans and they really go into collection of their toy thingy stuff! haha...I brought this Tf2 ticket since thursday and on friday itself, i went in...and i realise i brought 2 couple seat! LOL...Last row from the back and the view of the threater was damn cool man! xD

haha...let me show you how fun twitter is...

LOL...even i PS them they also want to twit...*wa piang*

Yesterday, i went for transformer 2 movie again! but this time, with blogger of Weijie,Joyce and yingzi! Joyce brought the ticket at orchard shaw house...We met at around 3pm plus, went for dinner at mcd and kfc before going for movie. Was great to watch tf2 again cos really worth it! haha...

Transformer 2 movie Review
Opps...Not really review but wanna share something on what i see..xD *might be spoiler* but i guess by now everyone has watch it...Transformer 2-Revenge of the Fallen...From the title itself, we know that the bad guy of transformer is coming back on earth to take the revenge on prime...For my review, Inside this movie, it will be on its visual effect graphic! The 3D was great and the ending of storyline was good too...

Inside this movie, i guess many people will be watching on Bumble Bee [friendly transformer] which like to help people! As for the fighting part, the prime,megatron and the will never miss it! xD Continue from Transformer 1 i could say that Transformer 2 movie was excellent and my rate on this movie...5/5 star!

Prime,Megatron and Fallen...which one die at the last of movie? haha...go watch it to find out the answer now! Best recommended movie of the week!

Alright, tml onward i nid to design the coming up bloggers gathering event poster! In July! The 4 Nuffnanger Birthday celebration (BBQ + GAME) party...haha...Still under planning on games/foods but our Max invitation only go up to 30!!! *might be increase* However, you might wondering who are the 4 Nuffnanger? hehe

Birthday celebration on that day:
Location ******
Time ******
Dress Code *****

haha...wanna join our 4 nuffnanger bloggers birthday celebration? haha...Stay Tune for the poster to be out!

Tats all for today
Thank for your viewing! xD
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Met New People

Met malaysia nuffnanger [howard]
short post for today

Hello people! i am back with some update here first...recently been going out and late came home...Yesterday just reformated my computer, in the result..many problem occur...haiz! Well, had installed photoshop and video editor stuff today but i would like to share something which i almost forgot to post since last 3 week.

Last 2 or 3 weeks...After my work, i went down to orchard look for one malaysia nuffnanger [Howard] aka innit [guaichaikid]. Quite friendly interesting person holding with his D90 camera! big and cool..haha try out some test shot and the result was great! xD Well, we also met June and Shu Fen for dinner...Unfortunately time short, after dinner..we chat awhile and took a picture before we go off...

Quite nice to meet howard...haha, i am also waiting for jackie,ev,bc,vox,nigel [The innit chatter] to come to sg for visit! Hope soon later can meet all the inniter! haha

Some people asking me...Where your transformer post? Alright...Next post will be transformer! Not really full review but wanna share my view on this transformer movie! I WATCHED 2 TIME ok!!!! hahaa...and I TOOK A picture with Bumble Bee!

Tats all for today...
Thank for your viewing! xD
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nuffnang Office Visit

Blog post on 24/06...
Nuffnang Office Visit! (Picture blog)

Hello people! today will share wif you trip to nuffnang office with Weijie! Not my first time, not the second time but 3rd time! *In heart, i alway treat it my first time* lols..Alright, Yesterday afternoon met weijie at farrer park mrt station...and den walked to one wulu wulu place for lunch!

Next afternoon lunch....we heading to nuffnang office! Weijie this guy feel SO excited due to his first time been there...So we camwore abit before we press the nuffnang bell. bleah bleah bleah~ got on lift and here how it goes...

First day stepping into office....opps

Me and Weijie in Lift

02-01?02-02?02-03?02-04? which one?

Welcome to Nuffnang Office! =D

They did a warm welcome for us


No people? see the next picture!

Group photo with nuffies:
Back Row: Huiwen , Meiyan , Raine , Cherie , Clara, Elaine and Eileen
Front Row: Eugene, Weijie, HoNgPeNg and Elise

This place is somewhere in the office!

After having fun and staying in the office for couple of minutes...haha i miss NN office~ wee
Next trip will be return on my samsung advertorial product. Mrt down all the way to raffles....

Soon later, i reached the company...returned the product and was rewarded with same $ amount as weijie! haha...Well, we not rich yet...therefore dinner at BoatQuay Mcd before going to home! xD

Was great to step into nuffnang office again! i guess weijie had enjoy his first trip to nuffnang office too! haha...Hope Next time got CHANCE to step in again! xD My ending speech: Thank nuffies~! ^^
Tats all for today...
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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