Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cutest Burger

Mini Outing last saturday to NDP firework
The Cutest Burger in the world!

Continue Post from my outing...also known as my mini outing during last saturday with Stephen,Jianhao and Joyce stella whereby we met for some sort of chat and dinner followed by catching up the NDP preview firework.

First of all, while waiting for joyce stella to arrival at marina square....Me and Stephen went to look for Ash just right outside the marina square mcd...So cool that saw many ppl going for the NDP 2009 preview! lols...We chat with Ash, after that me,Stephen and joyce stella, having dinner at mcd! Woohoo! Seaweed Shaker Fries! Stephen and I shake and Shake! ^_^

Ahead to watch NDP preview firework! we waited there about an hrs and Jianhao came look for us too! lols, while waiting, I took stephen camera snap here and there...especially Jianhao candid-shot...lols, can make one [JH-Candid-shot] album liao..

Soon later, Time about 8.15pm, Firework start! bomb bomb! hohoho....I took about 20 photo on this firework but only choose those best below to post up here... xD

Another mini outing happened since the days before and yesterday. Yesterday, Met kaizhi and Jiaqi at bugis for some chatting/slacking 'session'...

The day before, met kaizhi for dinner at Tampines mall mcd...I ordered double-o-fillet meal and guess wad!!! when i open the fillet box, the burger is trying to be funny and looking at me! hahaha...The Cutest burger in the world lor! lols... Bleah~ :P

hahaha....very cute right? The rarest and cutest burger hor!!! Are you addicted to the Bleah ':P' face now? :P

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ION with friends

Outing with bloggers since past 2 week
ION Shopping Mall

Hello people! finally got time to blog again! haha...Time flies fast and today is wednesday, soon later weekend come again..! cant wait for weekend to come whereby can enjoy outing and meeting friends as well as bloggers.

Recently, since the past 2 week, i have been outing with bloggers to different places and as days past by, met new nuffnanger Jacqueline and her friend Josh...This happened FEW days BACK whereby there an event called Peranakan food festival located at singapore river. Peranakan food festival food sold too expensive, Therefore, instead of trying out peranakan food, we took some photo only and we proceed on to Thai Smile Cafe for our dinner.

After dinner-ing at Thai Smile Cafe, we walked ahead to orchard road! guy will think tat we were crazy! from clarke quay walk to orchard! not near hor! hahaha....However, we still reached our destination to Orchard ION Shopping Mall.

Haha, i guess many shopaholic will turn insane when they shop at ION mall...Reason is because inside this shopping mall, all item product are branded! For your more info, ION is a new shopping mall which just open not long ago in Orchard! Below here are some of the ION shopping mall photo..xD

Welcome to ION Orchard ^_^

Stephen Touched Her ASS! wahahaha

Next, we heading to cineleisure to meet joyce stella,ming hui and joyce. Chill at Xing wang cafe,drank HK Tea and we chat about few hrs before we call it a day...Well, was a nice outing last friday! been eating,drinking and camwhoring alots with them...! haha...

Still got more outing blog post coming up! Next will be NDP preview on firework with stephen,joyce stella and jianhao! we happened last saturday! Stay Tune!

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sky Aura

Photography on Sky @ Clarke Quay

Today, gonna share some picture which i took last friday...Picture about Blue mixed with Pink Purple Sky...Picture took at Clarke Quay Central whereby i met few bloggers to the Peranakan food festival at singapore river. Nice outing with them and i will blog out the full post tml. Meanwhile, enjoy some shot below! xD

Tats all!
Post To be continues....
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kobe Asia Tour Singapore

BlogPost on 22/07
Kobe Bryant Asia Tour (Picture Blog)

Hello people...! Today gonna post about Kobe Asia Tour in singapore. Few days back, which was on 22/07, the wednesday, Met Jianhao,Stephen and Gavin at kallang mrt station and we were on our way to singapore indoor stadium to see the event on Kobe Bryant Asia Tour.

Me and Stephen got our Kobe Asia Tour Tickets from Nuffie Raine & Elaine! and after all, while waiting for Josh and Venessa to reach...We took some NICE picture before we proceed on to other place. But in between time, Josh and Venessa came but Gavin and Stephen went for their dinner...Therefore, again...While waiting for Stephen and Gavin, i went over slack with Josh & Venessa...Chat and took some picture....
Gavin and Stephen
JianHao, Me and Gavin

Me,Josh and Venessa

Time about 7.30pm, we went in stadium and saw full of kobe/basketball fans! lols...Nuffnanger sitting at A06 block! and soon later, the show started....

The Opening

Kobe Bryant Teaching some basketball skills

After about an hours, the whole event end, we bloggers took a group photo inside the stadium before we leave the place...Well, glad that could able to see kobe bryant in real life...haha...Once again, thank nuffnang for the tickets! Got good seat good view when watching it...!

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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