Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UP Movie

Coming [UP] movie

Woohoo! Walt Disney Pixar is producing new movie again! And its title called ‘UP’! Knew this ‘UP’ trailer since one month ago and after watching the trailer, I can said that it gonna be a funny show ever produced by Walt Disney! Haha

Carl and Russell, the 2 main characters which interest me alot with their speaking. The introducing between Carl and Russel which shown on the trailer, make me laugh and the most interesting part is that, they both having their WONDERFUL adventure through a mini house ties with thousand of balloon above. Cant imagine that Carl house could survive throughout the whole journey! Fantasy!

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  1. I had watched this movie, weeeeee~
    I watch until cried (the beginning part)

  2. weehee~ i saw it in the cine ad (cinema ads). looks kinda interesting. =)

  3. This is a must watch movie for 3D fans!

  4. Devella: izzit! when u watch it de?

    Renise: haha interesting and funny ^^

    Sirei: lols...xD

    Viya: yup! totally agree! =D 3D movie great!


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