Friday, February 27, 2009

Nuffnang Birthday

Short Post,
Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NUFFNANG....haha, Today nuffnang company turned 2...(2 year old), hope this company is getting stronger and stronger in the media industry! I missed the 1st nuffnang birthday party but i hope i could join the 2nd birthday party this year...xD

Today, also the last day of my school cos after today will be revision week and the week after will be exam. Went to school in the morning to complete two practical exam and i can said that overall was QUITE fine. LOL! And oh ya, in the evening, met Thiam You For Hair cut. haha my hair turned short again...*shy* lols and tats all for today!

Weekend! Time to enjoy!~


歌名:全世界都停电 (台湾偶像剧爱就宅一起插曲)
作词:姚若龙 作曲:Tank 编曲:洪敬尧

连你都会残忍隔绝 我的心能要谁了解
眼中烛光摇晃着熄灭 为何把我推向边缘
被砸坏了的一切 卡住了我让我无法往前

单独隔离 寂寞地盘旋

全世界都停了电 全世界都封了街
我所有窗子外面 被贴上黑夜
我呐喊思念 却没人听见

全世界都停了电 全世界白雪满天
才发觉在我心间 有回忆碎片
一作梦翻身 就刺痛流血
我卷着身体缩成一个圈 像一个句点

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Penguin can fly

Penguin can fly,
Nokia 5800 launching in singapore,
Yesterday/Today Blog Post.
Happy 20th Birthday ShiYong!

Yesterday Post
Hey! so happy that no school today! woohoo..haha, will write something which happened yesterday...Alright, yesterday was having free time in school cos i have submitted my project earlier but due to some fact, my friend and I edited something on our project and i think getting an "A" doesnt a problem! xD During lunch time, Me and the other 3 good friends Fazil,QiaoEr,Darshini had planned go Bunger King for meal, ordered BK chicken and so on...came one part that this conversation started by QiaoEr....
After eating BK Chicken...

Qiaoer: Wa...i am so fool (Full)
Darshini: of cos u are fool (Full)
By right at this time QiaoEr still dunno...So i explain in chinese..
Me: huh? QiaoEr why you so fool? 为什么你这么傻?
Me: lols, darshini saying Fool Not Full!

LOL! QiaoEr cant stop laughing after she heard my explain...Anyway, was enjoying having our lunch meal yesterday! haha...

Yesterday night, went to meet one of my malaysia friend, Nikita and together with her singapore friends, for a movie at Tampines mall Golden village. Btw, i know nikita through online gaming cabal last year! we watched [The Curious Case of Benjamin Button] and i find that this movie were funny,interesting and touching...haha, after watching this movie, checking time...and was 12am...LOL! So i went straight to home after the movie...haha tats all for yesterday...xD

Nokia 5800 launching in singapore
Nokia 5800 launching in singapore this coming Friday,27th February 2009. See below for the event details.
Launching PlaceZouk: carpark
9 pm: Party starts at Zouk carpark
9.30 pm: Beatboxer Stitch
10 pm: The All-American Rejects
10.58 pm: Launch of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Comes with Music 58 cents Lucky Draw
1 am: Deadmau5 in Zouk Club

I guess those Nokia fans in singapore has been waiting for this Nokia 5800 the latest XpressMusic phone...Well, i had wrote a review on this phone before...So if you are interested you may click the link below to see my review on this phone...I have been using this phone for quite some time from my friend...So far the phone are good...Click the link! check it out now!

Penguin can fly!
Before i end my post...wanna share with you all this interesting animated video which one of my friend,fazil sent it to me since last 3week...Video about Penguin can really fly? haha...we know penguin dont fly...Well, Check it out this funny animated video now!

Alright tats all for today...
Hope u have enjoyed reading/viewing/watching plus clicking it! hahaha
TakeCare People! xD
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Hokkien Prawn Mee

2 small test finished,
Good Food On My Blog Part 8
Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

Yes! i am back for blogging..Finally completed 2 small class test since afternoon and now waiting for major exam to come...i think gonna update for the past few day happening...So today will continue my Good Food Post review which i wanted to write yesterday but due to Class test, i decided to write on today!


Good Food On My Blog Part 8 bring you to marina square [Makansutra Gluttons Bay] and today the food introduce will be Soon Lee Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee! Makansutra this place was intro by one of my classmate JiaLi as after her SG food presentation last week, i found out tat Makansutra Food stall are interesting, So last sunday (22/02)...i met my cousin Qingyi to marina square and search for the place "Makansutra Gluttons Bay". However, this place very easy to find, cos is just beside the DXO club. xD

Btw all my muslim friends, Makansutra Food are all Halal...Their mostly popular food is satay which sold at 60cent per stick, however i didnt try it...haha but had plan to go down to try their satay during my holiday time. Alright back to Soon Lee Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee...

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, first of all, i should say that their chilli taste damn nice! somehow like chilli carb taste...wonder how they do it...And the Mee and prawn were delicious as well. Overall, this tradition Hokkien Prawn Mee was the best hokkien Prawn Mee i ever eat! So tourist, if you visiting singapore one day, how about dont mind trying the hokkien prawn Mee located at Marina Makansutra. Opps...Btw, this Hokkien Mee sold at the price of $4/$6/$8! Although the price is higher then other places but i think is worth it! So try It Now! woohoo! xD


I am using facebook from now onward, anyone who want to add me in facebook, you may do so by clicking this link:
Oh...wait, after you click tat link, remember to click "Add as Friend". Hahaha

Alright, end my post here for today...Tml someone coming to SG! guess who is she? hahaha...i will blog more about it once i meet her! xD

Thank for ur reading and viewing!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Singapore Nuffnang Blogger Gathering

(I created this wallpaper)

Post about happening on 20/02,
Singapore Nuffnang Blogger Gathering

Blogger who Attended (Including Me):
HoNgPeNg aka Hp
YiLing aka YL
KaiZhi aka Aversence
Shawn aka SimplyShawn
Andy Kwan aka AndyStorm
YingZi aka Dream
(Click their name to Enter their blog)

After so many month, we singapore blogger from nuffnang finally got a chance to meet up with one another and it just happened yesterday which organised by YiLing (YL). First of all, wanna thank to YL for inviting us for this gathering and....wanna know wad interesting happened? see the next paragraph to know more! hahaha...

Time 1.30pm, I met weijie and kaizhi at plaza sing bus stop, as we gathered and went to look for yiling and alton. So we met each another, setter down at plaza sing starbuck, ordered some drink and we started to chat. Haha, YiLing also prepare some "Love Letter" for each of us who attend this session and so on, the conversation started, laughing all over the "world".

By right, kai zhi should have his lesson at 3pm but due to our "Encouragement", he decided to leave at 6pm...lols, In between the time, we do take photograph as well as chat about our studies/interest, blog view rate per day, who the famous kind of stuff...bleah bleah bleah~ hahaha...So while discussing, shawn came...just to see us and collect his "Love Letter" from YiLing...lols...well, before he leave, we also took a picture of him as an evidence to show tat he attended this session.

After tat, we continue to chat along the way...chill in starbuck for QUITE a long time...lols...Heard the starbuck staff counter keep shouting "Welcome" "welcome"...and Soon later, Andy say he coming....haha this Yiling was there omg...i haven write the Love Letter for him...*Last min write before he came* As soon as 4pm, he came! hahaha...So, setter down again and chat again while waiting for 2 more person to arrival. He pass us his blogger namecard and we do some "interview" on Andy, curious to know his view rate per day and wonder how he get so many view rate per day...I guess everyone was wowing and jealous ar...hahahha...

Still chill inside the starbuck and time reached 7pm, yingzi and Amos came...haha, great! Everyone had plan and decided to go xin wang HK cafe (新旺香港茶餐厅) for our are some picture below...

After all, due to yiling situation about on SALTY food...everyone started to LOL on the salty food itself and yiling also went over to the counter for complaint. somehow dunno why, when leaving, 3 person was inside complainting about their quality...bleah so on...i can see *chair and table flying around* lols jkjk... Seriously say ar, their way of serving their food to customer is unprofessional...felt kinda dissappointed...

After dinner, we chill at nearby plaza sing to slack awhile...see stars/clouds...camwore....lols and decided to go off at 10pm as to end our gathering session.

Overall, YiLing had make a wonderful blogger gathering as we shared our talks among innit society and by coming for this session, i also knew some interesting blogger such as andy,shawn and alton...Actually, truly said, i wanna know Andy since when he was a top featured blogger in nuffnang...but too bad didnt have a chance during the DXO xmas party. Nvm, now know him liao...lols...However, this gathering was very successful and by ending this post, i should say: "Hope the next gathering will have more people to attend"! xD

My post end here for today..Thank for ur reading and viewing! Next post will be Good Food On My Blog Part 8 which i run all way down to marina square with my cousin to have our dinner at MakanSutra Gluttons Bay! Stay Tune! xD

TakeCare Peeps!
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Teddy Bear Egg

Teddy Bear Egg.

Hey everyone! Yesterday i received a picture email from Nikita and saw this very cute teddy bear egg! today wanna share with you all my reader/viewer! hahaha....can u make the egg into this shape? hehe...think carefully before u answer! Egg Molds‏

haha cute right?
i guess every child is willing to eat the egg if they saw this kind of picture! haha...Interesting because i from young till now...i ever eat a "teddy bear egg" before! LOL! "one day should try it but not today" hahaha

Alright, actually on today 20/2/09, in singapore, there a nuffnang blogger gathering which organise by one of our innit nuffnanger...haha, i can say is very very very interesting! Who those Top blogger who attended this gathering? what interesting among us? and.......hehehe...Stay Tune! Will blog it up when the picture is ready! Dont run away!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Presentation Completed

Presentation Completed,
爱就宅一块 (latest Taiwanese Drama),
Tml Nuffnang blogger gathering.


Great! hahaha...Finally my group presentation had over! now can take a deep breath and proceed on to my visual basic project. Alright, today presentation, i can say was fun and i guess everyone including me had enjoyed the overall process by introducing their slide as well as video. Somehow dunno why, my group kena sabo by others group member and was called to be the first presenter...nvm, anyway, first or last group to go, at last also must present...therefore, our group was told to be the first presenter of whole class today. Overall was very successfully although some part mistake has been made but its ok, cos i am not the one who make the mistake! wahahaha *Evil smile*

After presentation, fazil and I was facing some problem now. Cos we nid to complete our visual basic project by monday! omg ar...! 3 more day left to submission date. oh nonononono!!! lols, We had finished our layout design and now left with the coding part...Seriously say, coding is the most troublesome ar! one code wrong equal all wrong. Haiz...I wonder how about other people...

Haha, put my project aside now...lets talk about firefox! lols, this morning, i upgraded my firefox web browser (portable and non-portable), by changing new theme on it. lols, one of my friends, Lester introduces me the Safari theme in firefox and it really look nice to it! hahaha...

New Taiwanese drama coming up this saturday, called 爱就宅一块 (toGETher). I going to watch it at this coming saturday, Channel U @ 9.30pm...haha...

Alright, soon later tml, there something after my school! woohoo...feel kinda excited,haha...cos there a nuffnang blogger gathering which organise by YL, at plaza sing starbuck! hehe, guess i will write more about it after the gathering. xD

TakeCare peeps!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Nuffnang Cheque

My First Nuffnang Cheque
In Happy Mood now...haha...

Woohoo! I am so happy that my VERY First Nuffnang Cheque has arrived today! Well, open my mailbox with excitement in heart whereby the letter have nuffnang logo on it! yay! hahaha...Nuffnang motivate people to blog in their life, at the same time, earn abit of pocket money for self use! So, dont wait now! Join and Support Nuffnang advertiser! haha..
Click this link to know more about it:

After blogging for so long and if are my daily reader, you will notice tat my blog have a big change in posting since last year. In 2007, i blog with chinese word, where attracted quite a number from china and taiwan...So later in 2008, i change it to more on English than chinese and from there...i also joined the nuffnang, the blog advertising community. And soon later till now...i know some friends from nuffnang innit...lols, i guess most of them are malaysian than singaporean...haha

Recall some reviews i made last month in 2009
Blogging to me not only personal life but also do write post on Review. haha, Reviews such as Drama,Movie,Food,Phone,Places...bleah bleah long as things (living or non-living) under the sky, i can on reviews it! xD So today...gonna share with you all the 2 highest view rate review on movie i had last month....and the 2 movies goes to....Red Cliff 2 and Love Matters!

赤壁2 (Red Cliff 2) :
幸福万岁 (Love Matters) :

Anyway, i am in happy mood now! haha...gonna cheque in my money fast! hehehe...Oh ya, Happy mood for second reason is because, i finally completed my presentation slide for this coming thursday! Horay! hahaha....My page not more not less (不多不少)...just nice, ONLY 20 slide! added some animation movement onto the slide too! Overall, i still like it but dunno how about my group member ar....but one thing i know that, the grading wont be TOO low! wahaha...
Alright, i end my post here for today...
Thank for ur reading and viewing!
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Food On My Blog Part 7

Good Food On My Blog Part 7,
Yesterday and Today Weather,
Monday blog post didnt sound interesting.

Hello people! Finally i found time!!! to blog for today...LOL! But before i blog about happening today, just wanna share with you all the food i ate on valentine day! lols...Not couple food or singapore food...but Taiwanese food! and i do really like Taiwanese spicy food! hehe xD

Good Food On My Blog Part 7
Hey! here Good Food On my Blog Part 7, going to introduce Taiwanese Food to you all! After looking some picture above, are u feeling hungry now? hahaha...Alright *cought*, This Taiwanese Food called "台湾手工拉面" (Taiwanese Handmade noddle). Well, i ordered a set which came with chicken and it total cost $4. Quite worth it to eat it espeically the chicken, taste really nice! and the soup was delicious as well. 味道美妙,津津有味!However, this food sell in singapore located at Tampines mall FoodCourt @ level 4.

Hot Weather
Oh well, Compare yesterday and today weather, i prefer today weather because is much more COOLER than yesterday. At least today got rain awhile in the afternoon but till now still hot ar...haha...YESTERDAY, My facebook shoutout i wrote "i wanna sue the weather, Damn Hot Today". lols, afterall, i refresh awhile, i saw many ppl also write shoutout complainting about the hot weather! LOL...Seriously say, Yesterday weather was hot till....until my PC going to explode ar...真的是热到。。。。。无话可说!

About Today 16/02 usual, went school for lesson but this time abit different, cos this week and next week, will focus more on project base. Overall my lesson was quite ok, guess everyone HAD enjoyed playing with ur BLOG "tagging" lols, i didnt join in, therefore i not sure wad they write on the other person blog...hahaha

Afternoon lunch today is monday, i mostly dont like to eat in school during monday cos too crowded...Therefore, Me, QiaoEr and Darshini decided to go nearby Subway to have our lunch..Ordered Chicken teriyaki with italian bread and not only tat, with the lucky draw which QiaoEr Won...i total ate 3 cookies for today! haha...*very full lor*

Bleah Bleah Bleah~School End, went straight back to home and do my presentation slide for this coming thursday! Well, glad to say that i had completed 15 slide and is nearly complete! The rest i think i will do tml wanna take a rest first...xD * 5 more slide to go! *

Haha...Lets all for today! Thank for ur reading and visiting!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My valentine day

My Valentine Day...
How my celebration goes? haha

Hello people! First of all, happy valentine day to everyone (including single), hope u all have enjoy today! haha...For me, i am still single but my valentine day celebration goes quite well...Say boring not so boring, Say Fun also not so fun! hahaha...anyway, just enjoyed today only and nothing much else...hehe...

Morning, was happliy singing some song till afternoon 1pm, met my brothers (Jerome,JianHao & Terrence) to celebrate 'valentine' day...LOL! We watched [Defiance] movie at tampines mall golden village. This was a War Movie saying about germany, on...Overall, i can said that this movie was nice to me although it was abit boring...haha...After movie session, went to foodcourt, haunting some food to eat.

However, jerome introduce me a stall which sell Taiwanese Handmade Noddle. So we ordered food from tat stall..more info i will write it at this coming up topic [Good Food on my blog part 7]. haha...After eating, we went for drinking and shopping at tampines mall. As usual, created quite lots of 'lame' conversation and i find tat was fun....But sad to say that my valentine not accompany by girl...LOL! hahaha...*Hope tat day will come true*

Well, my valentine for this year still not bad, at least got went out with friends, and yet we managed to catch a movie at this day. Cos For today, very special day...everywhere in singapore movie theater sure FULL HOUSE! LOL! Hi5 tat i am not lonely today! yay hehe...Some couple also chosen today as the date of 02-14 for their wedding! haha, see how lovely they are...xD

Alright, end my post here for today! Enjoyed my "valentine" day...Oh oh...Btw, i uploaded one new song sing by 林俊杰/廖君 called 表达爱. *see the lyrics below*!
TakeCare peeps! xD


作词:林怡凤 林蔚利 林秋离
演唱: 林俊傑

(男) 我们擦身而过 风卷起了沉睡的什麼
情绪在怂恿 撑开了懵懂 有一种冲动yeah
(女) 决定不沉默 毕竟有感觉的人不多

(男) 眼睁睁看爱 (女)就这样过吗
(男) 至少我和你 (女)可以说说话
(合) 证明刚刚发生过什麼

用表白 换一份期待 能不能就少一点忐忑 无奈
心还 绕著你徘徊 难道 真是爱
泪水流过 才明白 爱不爱 原来心里早已 存在
幸福 不在千里外 让我勇敢 表达爱

Friday, February 13, 2009

Past 2 days been busy

Past 2 days was busy,
Happy Valentine Day to everyone...

Hey people! I'm back! haha...past 2 days was busy with my assignment and some practical exam stuff...and till now, i still got 6 online assignment nid to do. argh! 6 sia!!! nvm, dont wan to do first...i wanna celebrate valentine holiday! LOL...*Trying my best to celebrate* xD

Presentation coming up next week, and i am waiting for my friend to send me the slide for me to edit...Planned to make 20 powerpoint slide for our presentation and i wonder how big the file size lor...haha...Inside confirm got alot of photo cos our theme is on photography! Well, i hope everything can do smoothy as the presentation day come by...

Talk about school work...Today morning, was having a practical exam on Networking which also known as "Password Recovery". Overall was fun because is all about hacking into a router! LOL...Since was a pair work, i hope me and my partner (Fazil) can score well in this test...hehe...Not much time left...exam coming in one month time, followed by Holiday. *I am so excited*! ahem real ar..hahaha

Ok...Tml is Valentine Day...How you all gonna celebrate? with girlfriend/boyfriend? with family? with brothers/sisters? or alone? haha...For me, i still not sure yet...IF u see i got "interesting post", mean something happen lor, for tml! xD hahaha...

Alright, stop here for today! Thank for ur reading...although i know is free but still help click the ads beside my post! hahaha...Lets see wad interesting post coming up next!
E-2 u Style is coming soon....


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Childish activities

Happy Birthday To: QingYi (Cousin) and ShaunChan (Friend)
My Visual basic practical exam over,
Childish activities are always beautiful.

Oh great! My cousins Qingyi and one of my secondary school friend ShaunChan had successfully turn 1 years older from today onward! hahaha....Actually every month when it reaches the date 11, i will start countdowning my birthday! Today is feb 11 and my birthday fall on july 11, mean tat still got actually 5 more month to go! hahaha, Anyway...QingYi and ShaunChan, Happy Birthday to you two, remember study well and may your wishes come true this year! xD

Yo~! was having a diffcult programming exam this afternoon...althought is practical exam, program it on visual basic but everyone say was diffcult because none of them finish on time. Keep getting error and error cannot be solve! argh!! *someone beside me wanted to crash the com* For me, i did my very best and my program work BUT 2 navigator cannot work...haha compare to others, my one not bad liao lor...

Alright lets have some interesting topic for today...i hope its not lame and i hope this could entertain you all from heavy work...hehe xD

Yesterday, when i was about to slp, i received an email from one of my online friend, nikita, and this mail title called "Childish activities are always beautiful". I found these picture quite interesting, therefore i had photoshop it by adding some text. haha...(see below).

After looking at those picture, you all sure say, omg the girl so cute...lols but here come my question! Ask urself, have you EVER bully your YOUNGEST? OR your youngest always bully you? hahaha...自由发挥,我没意见!哈哈。。是,欺负还是被遗弃?

haha, i end my post here for today...thank for reading and viewing!
Hope everyone have a wonderful week!
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