Sunday, May 31, 2009

Singapore Food Expo

Last May 2009,
Singapore Food Expo with Fyn and Yingzi
Good Food On My Blog Part 16!

Hello everyone! welcome to my end of may 2009 blog post. The Last day of May in 2009, was ahead down to Singapore Food Expo with Fyn and Yingzi located at singapore expo hall 5. Over crowded of human at the expo whereby there are other event such as, popular fair,wedding fair,electronic fair,great offer sale and Singapore Food FAIR!!! many FAIR...Singapore very fair hor....but i see the price like not fair leh...xD bleah~

In the afternoon, after met Fyn and yingzi, we walked toward to visit the foodfair at hall 5, people crowded as usual...we started to tour around inside the hall, try out the sample food and drink, brought some food to review it! haha...Btw, yes! i took all the coffee and chocolate which placed for sampling! hehe... *free things i always grab it* lalala...haha...

We found a place to try out the food we brought...2 food review for today are SHARK FIN and Pork/chilli crab meat Pao. Both taste really nice and delicious but the price is not really cheap...2 small bowl of shark fin and 3 Pao cost about $10...*eating gold* lols... But the Pao is too nice till people asking us where we brought it! xD *wee* haha, However, the overall event i want to say is like, things still remain the same but the price is increasing! xD

After visiting FoodFair, we went over to visit others FAIR and time near 5.30pm, we walked toward the Macau Restaurant to have some drinks there, chatted for 2hrs plus and ahead to home! haha...Nice outing with fyn and yingzi, both can chat well although they dunno one another...!

Lastly, This blog layout is changing soon! i guess some of my friends had saw my new blog layout..Well, this time round, i will be using default background template, only edited the blog header and mostly important is that the loading time is less than 3 second! haha...Likewise, Comment box also added this time for you guys to do a comment in my blog post...Theme and slogen will still be the same, as for my blog header, it will be normal picture....but flash design will be put on in soon later...xD Stay tune!

Tats all for today...
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My 1st Experience

Happy Family Day to everyone,
My 1st experience on Singapore Flyer!

Great weekend here! woohoo, today is national family day and for my today i have enjoy well with my family gathering outing..haha...Instead of family gathering day, today is somehow like cousin gathering day whereby, only my cousins,grandma,mum and sis attended the singapore flyer outing! the next few paragraph and view the picture to know more about today! xD

First of all, thank to nuffnang for giving me the 7 tickets to singapore flyer, therefore my plan for today was successfull and enjoying! Afternoon, my family met my cousin and grandma and we went to collect the singapore flyer ticket at singapore river near Asian Civilisations Museum. Outside the Asian Civilisations museum, there are quite alot of family activities whereby parent can mix along with their child in playing family games, many free gift nearby and most important is, nice photo shooting place is around the area!

Feel so excited whereby this my first time ahead to singapore flyer! after collecting the ticket, we decided to walk over toward the singapore flyer and reached there around 1.50pm. Hot sunny day, brought a large coke after reaching the sg flyer place...*saw alot of family*, Me also do some photography around the area before aboarding the wheel... *see the picture below*

We were aboard the singapore flyer at 2.15pm, took some photo along the way, haha...pass by a security check and scan the ticket for entering the flyer...Cool! Before aboarding, we was told to take a family photo by a professional photographer and bleah bleah~ queuing for the cubicle to come! Less than 10min, the cubicle came and we aboard it...haha So thank to the worker there whereby he give us the cubicle contain 11 people only...out of 11, 7 of them is my family member and 4 are outsider...haha...

Action started, camera in our hand started to shoot and as the Ferry wheel goes higher, we snap more! lols...This my first experience going toward the top of the singapore flyer and the experience was cool and fun!!! haha...we also took a group family photo at the top of the flyer and not to forget tat, we actually mixed well wif the 4 outsider ^_^ *wee*

30min inside the cubicle and its time for exit! haha...The originally ticket sold at price of $30 and the wheel turn for 30min...which mean 1min for $1...expensive sia..lols..Alright, way out to exit and we proceed on to view our photo...Result, we decided not to buy from them as it cost $18 per piece, is kinda expensive ar...haha...anyway, i had took more than 100 of photo oready and is crazy over editing those picture! xD

Soon later, we took bus and ahead to marina square subway for our dinner. Ordered 7 set of subway meal...lols, with those extra ingredient added, total cost nearly $45. bleah bleah bleah~ went back to home and we called it a day.

My review for today..., Thank to nuffnang- family contest once again for allowing me to carry out my plan successfully.. 7 of us was enjoying seating the flyer, viewing and capture nice memories. For the 1st experience i have today, i would say tat singapore is really small!!! hahaha...Well, DECS nuffnang member of Meldric and JiaQi also attended the singapore flyer outing today, too bad we went and aboard at different timing. But i guess everyone had enjoying well having fun with their family and friends! haha...

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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Friday, May 29, 2009

End of MAY 2009 Post

My Pre-End Of May Blog Post,
The Cheque is here!
Happy Family Day to everyone!

Woohoo! Weekend finally is here and i have plan to enjoy it to the max for this weekend! haha, today was in a hyper happy mood whereby quite a number of good news happened as well as tml is family day, the family week! Alright, for today i will also write out my End of May Blog Post, because for 30th and 31th, one will be family post, another one will be food hunt post! haha stay tune and proceed on to my next few paragraph!

Pre-End MAY Post stand for preview of my end of may in 2009...As days goes by, here come the last weekend of MAY 2009...Kinda miss it, cos quite number of interesting things happened in this month, I gonna listed out one by one below here!:

1) DECS Bloggers Soeul Garden Gathering
2) Nuffnang StarTrek Movies Screening
3) Angels and Demon Bloggers movie outing
4) Manpuku Good Food Hunt with AndyChua
5) Curry Food Hunt with Weijie
6) Night at the museum 2 Movie outing
7) Visited Nuffnang office and NAFA
8) Flavour Kitkat and Milky Post
9) HTC Diamond phone review
10) Family Picnic

These are my Top10 interesting post in MAY 2009 and with those post, my view in MAY 2009 break another 10,000! Thank for everyone who visiting and supporting here dailys! haha...Lets see my Dailys community again for last week and this week! xD

Did you see your face appearing again? haha if yes! congrats to you! *smile*
Wonder what will be happening in June 2009! haha...just 2 more days and it come June! Currently my schedule in june was kinda full now...and also heard from some malaysian nuffnanger is coming to sg soon! haha...

Alright, today actually was my most slacking day during work whereby all the manager went for their meeting and the others stay in office "partying around" make noise like nobody business..lols...Soon later, Good news for today! My Cheque for my internship and google ads is here! woohoo...*damn happy* haha...This my first time receiving cheque from google! Well, i started using google ads last month april and today it come the cheque! As for my internship cheque, in Aprils, i did work in NYP IT roadshow and the OT pay is all added in MAY cheque...haha..$^^$ *some random photo below* sry for not taking a photo on cheque, this is due to term and condition! xD

Recently, just few days back...out of random timing..i say i got a Bra Clip Ads From nuffnang but some people no believe, so for today as end of may...i gonna post it out the picture i taken down! Yes! this my first time out of sudden, my blog nuffnang ads post out a Bra Clip ads...lols, sheree randomly enter my blog and saw it too...xD

End of MAY is here and Holiday is here too! haha, As tml, 30 MAY the Family day, over here...i would like to wish everyone a Happy Family Day! the good chances to Bring your family for outing! haha...For me, i will be ahead to singapore flyer with my cousins,grandma,mum,sis....First time visiting singapore flyer, feel kinda excited now! lols...*blink wink* wondering how is my tml day! Stay tune!

Tats all for today...
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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要你有幸福 一天一天比一天像公主
梦都被满足 为你种下幸福
让今天的心你的那些朋友 笑闹着嫉妒

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finding hunt people

Finding people for food hunt,

Hello people! welcome back! Today will be a VERY VERY short post because i totally dont have enough time for today! Alright, see the next few big word!!!

Good Food On My Blog Part 16 - coming out soon...
Calling bloggers/nuffnanger to attend this food hunt with me!

If you think you can eat well, give comment, willing to eat and spending to eat! You are welcome to join this food hunt with me this coming sunday! haha...Dont worry, my food hunt wont be expensive as i always introduce Cheap and Nice Food here!

If you are interested, There are 2 ways of contact me:
First way, Email, to me latest by saturday morning!
Second way, you can Tag/comment in my Tag-Chat Box... Your msg will be reply in within 24hrs time! xD

This event will be: Singapore Food Expo
Places: Singapore Expo Hall 5,
Starting Date From: 29 May - 2 June 2009
WIll be going at Sunday (31/05/09), Meeting time 2pm at Singapore Expo!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My second visit to nuffnang office

My second visit to nuffnang office,
Thank to nuffnang for the 7 tickets!
My wrong street walking day...

Woohoo people! First thing first! Thank to nuffnang for the 7 tickets on singapore flyer! Won this through the family contest which i sent a week ago...haha Location and time will be held in this coming saturday 30/05, the family day! haha... Alright, read the next few paragraph to know the interesting happened today! xD

Evening around 5pm, met meldric and we on the way to nuffnang office to redeem our 'prize' The closing time of collection was 5.30pm, lols we reached there was like 5.28pm!!! no choice, nid to run this time...Run RUn RUN!!!! luckily ran fast, we reached there just 5.30pm on time!! woohoo! haha...*i saw new nuffie* Meldric and I collected the letter *yay* *smile* *whole body sweating* lols... Well people, below here is my family contest it to preview it! xD
Family Day Contest
Family Day Contest
Family Day Contest
As soon as we collected our tickets "letter", we took mrt all way down to bugis and have our dinner there, after that, went over to kaizhi graduation night...Well, walking over is the worst, why? me and meldric been walking toward the wrong street!!! almost walked to clark quey suay sia... Overall, we reached the NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Art) at 7.35pm, lucky still got chance to see their 'master piece'.

Basically, their graduation for today is to show out their workpiece in school, their project to the public,produce,diector of different company...bleah bleah bleah~ Well, me also do graphical design, Therefore, i was invited by kaizhi to his graduation nite, to view this project work and give some comment on it...! My review on his artwork, is that...the art of his creation, his design actually impress quite alots, esp the space master piece! i totally like its effect ar! haha...Other then tat, his portfolio on photography and photoshoot was great too! People if you are interested, please visit his project which named as TAY KAI ZHI at the NAFA grad show exbihition! is available from today till friday 10AM to 7PM! and Saturday: 10am to 5pm Check out the Map! You may visit this link for more info on his portfolio work!


Tats all for today...
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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